[HOT] Brave Girls – HIGH HEELS, 브레이브걸스 – HIGH HEELS Show Music core   20160702

[HOT] Brave Girls – HIGH HEELS, 브레이브걸스 – HIGH HEELS Show Music core 20160702

100 thoughts on “[HOT] Brave Girls – HIGH HEELS, 브레이브걸스 – HIGH HEELS Show Music core 20160702”

  1. These girls really should have promoted "Whatever." It's the perfect song to come after Deepened. Brave Brothers were just scared to promote it. They thought that by changing the song into something that sounds like an AOA song, it would automatically help them. Nah, Brave Girls need better promotions. If Deepened had better promotions, it would have done well on the charts or at least with the general public. It's a song I can easily imagine hearing in a drama when the characters are in a mall or something. Their comeback back then wasn't even hyped up. It's so annoying but I still wish them success. Hopefully, in the future they will be able to go back to that style.

  2. I like this song !!! I dont be a fan but i hope it's more popular !!! I think this comeback is better than On the road and Wonderland of DIA and Gugudan !!!

  3. is it me or their dance was simple yet exhausting ( hopping in heels ) making it so hard to sing because they need to catch their breath or BB's high pitch??

    P.S BB's song are always catchy and fun! GO BRAVE GIRLS!

  4. How do people overseas support these girls?? Loving them since the new members came. 😍😍😍 They were cool before toooo of course

  5. People who always say "deepened is better" can gladly leave the fandom anytime or just go watch the deepened repeatedly, do that. don't comment on every performance of high heels that yoi prefer deepened cos honestly no one fucking cares and that wouldn't change anything. God, why can't fans just support Brave Girls?!

  6. The more you listen the more catchy it becomes and fun. Brave girls just like any group are open to doing other concept. This concept goes well with the season. Deepened was amazing but for people to NOW say that was the song they liked the most is like WELL WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE PROMOTING IT. Plus its just brave girls redebut so we can expect a lot as time goes by. Be patient and support these girls as much as you can.

  7. i believe they will get no.1 soon, i know maybe not now but i believe if brave brothers manage them well, they will be big.

  8. son geniales las chicas , unas voces estupenda. de seguro en el futuro seran mejores. la music es genial.

  9. ironic that two girls groups from this company both have same  song titles name high heels ,High heels for unnies and high heels for rookies loll. I like their heels tho so cute

  10. Never thought they can pull off this kind of song..because I'm so in love wit their previous comeback Deepened..but honestly this song grows in me..MinYoung scream give me life..please support them..they deserve it..Brave Girls hwaiting!!
    #fearless #highheels

  11. I hate how at the end during the end pose Yuna is the only one not looking at the camera. She should switch legs so she can look at the camera. She gets no limelight

  12. This summer bop is really slaying me. Im balding with how flaw free this is. I'm spending all my data just to watch the dance while I wait for my bus.

  13. this song is so addictive~ i can't stop listening and it completely stuck in my head 😀
    dance looks super hard OMG i can't even walk on high heels and they are stomp in them O:

  14. one of the few songs of the summer that doesn't make ears bleed. Thanks brave girls 🙂 also I am loving the short blonde haired one

  15. I listened to their MR removed and they sound soooo good live!!
    Plus the song is super catchy. I hope Brave Brothers will keep giving them good songs so they can become more popular.

  16. So proud of how loud the cheers have gotten.
    Brave Girls is one of.my favourite girl groups and i am so proud of how much fans they are continuing to get.

  17. They remove the "catching heel move" from their choreo right ? Or it's just for lives ?
    I really liked this move…

  18. they are sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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