if you've always wanted a high-end pair of boots but could never afford them you've come to the right place and if you've always wanted some sr4 you lace is available at sr for you lace is calm but I've been waiting for them to go on sale now is your chance because from now until July 4th 2019 if you use coupon code you live for at checkout you can get 25% off your entire order and free worldwide shipping on any order of 1699 or more hello and welcome to another episode of deals of the week the series on my channel where I go through all of the best online retailers that sell only authentic products and I pick out the very best sales that are happening right now and I put them all together on the deals of the week page of my website which you can access by clicking a little pop-up in the corner of the screen or the very first link down below in the description on that page you'll find everything listed in the form of individual Buy It Now links with a picture of the product the sale price as well as any coupon codes that may or may not be required in order to achieve that advertised sale price so I'm gonna highlight some of the best deals in today's video but if you want to see absolutely everything on sale first link down below go ahead and check it out and just to be clear everything linked on that page is 100% authentic by the way if you guys do enjoy the deals of the week series on the channel and want to see it continue whenever possible don't forget to support this video with a like and if you're new here watching for the first time I don't want to miss out on daily football boot content for me make sure you hit that subscribe button along the little Bell notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live so we're gonna get into the seven top-end boots that are currently available for $80 or less but I didn't want to start off by mentioning that all new releases are a minimum of 20% off so the brand new tiempo legend 8 leat 20% off all of take down models 20% off the brand new Puma future 4.1 another brilliant name for Puma 20% off same goes for the Puma 15.1 the Puma king platinum you can get for 20% off and you can also get the made in Japan Mizuno regular 3 at 20% off and what else is new the Nemesis and the ex you can also get at 20% off basically if it's new its 20% off hopefully I've made that clear but if you're on a tighter budget you can get the following boots for some ridiculously low prices the Puma 119 pointone now technically the previous generation normally $200 on sale for $79.99 or if you prefer a speed boot you can get the previous generation adidas ex 18.1 normally 225 dollars on sale for $79.99 the adidas nemesis 18.1 normally a two hundred and twenty five dollar football boot on sale for 50 $5.99 I'm not good at math but that's like eighty percent off the Puma future nineteen point one low normally a two hundred dollar football boot on sale for $79.99 the adidas Predator 18.1 normally two hundred and twenty five dollars on sale for $79.99 and finally the nike premier 2 normally a $110 football boot on sale for less than half price at fifty $1.99 so if you're on the market for some new football boots and you never had a high-end pair before you have no excuse now and there's tons of other boots that are on sale for really good prices as well Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 elite from as low as 127 99 super flies from as low as 140 399 hypervenom venom hyper nike phantom Venom's the elite model so normally two hundred and fifty dollars on sale from as low as one $59.99 in multiple color ways the made for california calf skin variation of the tiempo legend seven elite normally 230 dollars on sale for a hundred and eleven dollars and ninety nine cents the Puma future 19.1 mid normally two hundred and twenty dollars on sale for one 1999 in pretty much every single colorway like I said lots of great deals you have to go and check out that first link down below though do you want to see absolutely everything just a couple things about these sales they are mostly from us-based retailers and that's because these sales are happening in celebration of the fourth of July which is of course a u.s. holiday which also means that all of these retailers have the prices listed in US dollars and the sizing is in u.s. sizing as well if you're wondering about shipping most of them offer free shipping within the US but if you're looking for international rates go through the checkout process and it'll give you an estimate on the cost of shipping if you an international buyer also because I know people get confused about this while the prices are listed in US dollars if you're an international buyer as you go through the checkout process it will convert the currency anyways guys that's it for another episode of deals of the week again if you're interested in anything that I talked about in this video or you want to see other items that are on sale because there are tons and tons of great deals to be had right now it's the first link down below all the information you need is on that deals of the week page so make sure you go ahead and check it out give any questions or need any boot buying advice leave it down below in the comments and I'll do my best to get an answer to you while these sales are still happening which most of them run until July 4th so you have a pretty good chunk of time to take advantage of these deals also keep in mind that if you guys enjoy the deals of the week series and want to see it continue on the channel don't forget to support this one with a like that lets me know that you want to see more subscribe if you haven't already for daily content on all the latest and greatest soccer gear follow me on social media that's all linked down below as well if you don't do that already nother than that guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next

39 thoughts on “HOW CAN THESE BOOTS BE 75% OFF?”

  1. which laces (color/reflective or not…) do you recommend for the puma future one with the netfit in the red edition?

  2. Josh I have a quick question Are Returns available for these boots ?Just in case a incorrect size is purchase


    which is better
    AMO laces or SR4U laces?

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  5. I want puma future netfit with multi-ground plate. And, of course, they’re available only in Europe. Not surprised

  6. Thank you thank you thank you Josh for the deals of the week I finally got the Mercurial Superfly 6 LVL UP just now

  7. Hey Josh! Got any plans on reviewing the Nike Premier 2 in the indoor/turf variation? Haven't seen any proper review at all anywhere.

  8. So you are telling me that the amazing srfu laces that make u run faster and make you play like a pro are 25% off…. Instant Cop

  9. Hey josh, what do you think is the best ball for your money right now?⚽️⚽️ Love your channel!!!👍

  10. I haven’t watched the video yet but I got Nike mercurial superfly 6 elite women’s World Cup colorway recently and I’m scared

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