How thick are Saucony Jazz Running Sneakers?

How thick are Saucony Jazz Running Sneakers?

Hi, Big Rob from CelebHeights here,
with a wee video looking at a pair of Saucony Jazz Running sneakers. The Jazz were first released way back in 1981
and were a very popular sneaker in the 1980’s. In the last couple of years they’ve had a
bit of a resurgence and today we’re going to find out exactly how much height they give us. Rob, you’re sweating quite a bit, is everything OK? No it’s not Jenny, it’s been a month since
I last measured myself and I think I could have shrunk. Huh, Welcome to the Club. So just How tall are we in Saucony Jazz? Barefoot 174 centimetres. And in our Saucony Jazz 177.2 centimetres. Giving us 3.2 centimetres
or 1.25 inches of height. For a running sneaker, that’s a pretty decent
boost. Thanks for watching and keep walking tall
like Rob Paul.

22 thoughts on “How thick are Saucony Jazz Running Sneakers?”

  1. Rob lets say you have boots that gives you 1 inch, but the left sole/heel is completely worn down and the right sole/heel is in almost perfect condition, how much height would you lose from that?

  2. Hey Rob, have you seen Keemstar ridiculously claim he’s 5’11 in a recent podcast? The podcast is called Cold Ones and at around the 40:16 minute mark Keemstar’s height gets brought out. Look at how they measured him. With shoes on, a hat on and the tape measure bent. I know they were drunk but still it’s amusing. What are your thoughts on the measurement and what it could really be?

  3. Rob are the measurements on celeb heights, lunch time, afternoon, evening or nighttime measurements of the celebrity?

  4. Rob what 12 noon heights would you consider tall, average range and short in canada, us and the uk? Please use the imperial system and include half – inches.

  5. Rob you should add Cody Ko, he claims 5’8 3/4 and google lists him as 5’9. But he looks short in pictures with other celebrities. I think he could be about 5’7 3/4 or 5’8 flat.

  6. How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal? It seems like when Conan O'Brien measured him barefoot he was 5'9 3/4" but Conan said 5'11". It seems like he was being really generous.

  7. Rob does all inch tapes measure height accurately because I’ve measured my self at home I’ve got 182 cm and when I was in school in grade 10 they measured me by a stadiometer I was 185 cm and now I’m 20 years old and everybody says that I’m more than 194 so what’s the problem I’m really confused

  8. i think steve harvey has shrunk some more he doesn’t look a strong 6 foot like you have him listed currently what do you think

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