How to Buy Cowboy Boots

How to Buy Cowboy Boots

How to Buy Cowboy Boots. Find cowboy boots you can feel comfortable
wearing. You will need Toe shape Proper width and heel
size. Step 1. Buy a boot with a toe shape that feels most
comfortable. Cowboy boots are available with pointed toes,
boxy toes, and rounded toes. Step 2. Select a boot that matches the width of your
foot. The widest part of the sole should match the
widest part of your foot. Buy your boots at midday. Feet increase in size during the course of
the day, and at midday your foot is about half way between the extremes. Step 3. Consider the heel size. Lower heels are usually chosen for general
use boots, while women’s boots often have higher heels. Step 4. Try the boots on. Make sure they fit snugly around the top of
your feet. If your boots fit properly, you should be
able to wiggle your toes slightly. Did you know Cowboy boots were invented after
the Civil War to meet the needs of cowboys on long cattle drives.

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  1. Lol how cast you never even mentioned that the boot is supposed to slip on your heel slightly if they don't then they don't fit properly

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