How To Find Sneakers Under Retail! Sneaker Head Tips & Tricks!

How To Find Sneakers Under Retail! Sneaker Head Tips & Tricks!

all right so what's up everybody and welcome back to CJ sneakers so today is a kind of a video that I've been asked for a lot a lot of people ask me this question is like who's the plug or like how do you find all these shoes for cheap today I'm just gonna tell you like my process of how I find sneakers for like great deals or first Steel's or you know under retail deals so if you didn't know this this is my collection I made a video on it for the car up above more than 50% of these I found for under retail I get most of my shoes from like eBay or kik safai or pretty much any like website where people resell their shoes you don't want to search like super specific names of shoes you just kind of want to go like broad so sometimes I'll just do not sometimes I'll just do a deed and sometimes they'll just do Jordans and then you go to the lowest price and then you don't do bigs you do buy now price and when you do that it gives you like this long list the first few pages are going to be all trashed shoes you got to go through those as well though it takes time but you have to go through those you just kinda have to search like the first couple shoes are gonna all be trashed they're gonna be really beat-up or they're gonna be like just not nice shoes they're gonna be like some team Jordans or something like that but when you search for awhile you'll sometimes find gems I got these polkadot kt7 for $75 that's what I believe I got it for I kind of forgot but I made a video on these as well these were brand new when I got them but I know I got these for way under retail these are retail like – 20 or 200 like I said you just have to search for awhile and sometimes you'll find really great deals I got this pair on eBay for only $40 I believe they were brand new when I got them so you just have to search pretty much what I'm telling you is that it takes time it takes patience and you have to search for the shoes you're not always gonna find it right away some days you'll strike out and find nothing it happens but the more you search the better you get the better you get the better deals you're fine another pair I got for when dorito was these horn at fives I got these for only 49 bucks they were brand new they weren't close to brand new you know some yellowing as you can see on the soles but they're in really good condition so it's just kind of it takes time like I said you're gonna have to really search it's not always gonna be crazy prices sometimes it'll be a little bit like above what you wanna pay and then you can you know try and bring down the price and the last piece of advice I have for you guys is getting to know people so I've made a lot of friends working my job gotten to know a lot of people also I go to the mall a lot and since I worked there I get to go to shams pretty much every day I go to footlocker every day and I've gotten to know the people who work there I had a friend who worked at an adidas outlet store and I got these for only $30 now that's an amazing price for these I mean I don't remember the retail for these but $30 is a great deal in my opinion brand new and you know unworn and all that so for $30 I thought this was a great price and I have another friend who works at another place and I got these for only $100 so you just have to you know get to know people and the more people you meet the more people know it's just relationships you make relationships with people and you help each other out and then in the end you have like this friendship where he's making sales and then you know you're helping him out so you both you know giving each other something so got these for $100 which is a great deal so like I said you just have to get to know people and just build relationships so pretty much that's my how-to video of how to get thinkers from the retail how does need get sneakers for steals for cheap for the low for heels that's all the advice I'm gonna give you that's all the advice I can give you so maybe if I get more advice later on or more tips and tricks later on to make another video on that but if you guys did enjoy this video if it helped you guys out then don't forget to hit that like button it helps me out and also don't forget to subscribe if you guys are new got a lot of great content coming do my best to push out as much content as possible make really good and awesome videos for you guys but again being at so much for watching and peace out

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  1. Patience is a virtue when looking for steals. I'm somewhat of the same way. I've payed under retail for majority of my sneakers. Feels good to get steals. Nice video very informative.

  2. hi its sooooo frustrating how I cant buy from kixify even when I type in my master card number do you know how to help of do it without using PayPal? its driving me nuts!

  3. Ha fowler customs recommended me to your channel no wonder u have less than 10k subs bro u have no heat

  4. Also what other filters because when I type in Nike and only posters and laces and boxes come up

  5. Finally I've been waiting for this (just a reminder I had the minecraft logo and with you since 2 k) I watched the first one and I was waiting keep up the good work man.

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