How To Hydro Dip ⚽ with Hydrographic Film! Boots & Cleat Custom!

How To Hydro Dip ⚽ with Hydrographic Film! Boots & Cleat Custom!

[Music] hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team and today we are going back to Hydra dipping but you guys have been asking for it a lot, so this time we’re using proper hydrographic dipping film and the activator spray and I’ll be dipping with this rather than the spray paints that you may have seen in previous videos. I’m going to jump into it straight away there’s a few different pairs of boots that I am going to be dipping we’ve got a lot of sheets a few different covers we’ve got some carbon fibre we’re going to do a carbon fibre soleplate on some boots. Let’s just get straight into it alright so before we jump in and do it on a proper high-end model let’s have a go on one of these cheaper versions I’m going to tape off, I’m going to tape off this Nike swoosh just so then we can try and leave like a swoosh detail to the upper and I’ll cut that out and put that on then we can pull it off afterwards and we can see what it looks like. We’ll use these as our first attempt and I’m going to spray-paint them white so we’ve got a nice clean base to work with [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] all right so I’m just going to cut a piece out, that going to be big enough to take over the whole of this and I reckon probably about there will give me loads. So let’s cut a bit of our film out, good news is this is going to give me loads more for later. [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right so this bits going to go in here yep happy with that [Applause] [Music] All right let’s get this water in, so we’re going to check the temperature of our water and it’s a bit warm and we’re looking for 27 to 30, more about 40 at the moment. So I’ve got to cool this down. All right well that rounds down to 30 so I’ll take that. Time to do it, put this film in for 30 seconds, it’s going. All right, here we go See that expanding out? Little bit on the soleplate too. Are we all ready? Five seconds already here we go [Music] I forgot my gloves next time we’ll do the gloves [Music] all right whoa! I wish I’ve done the whole thing! The whole thing carbon fibre.. Look at that, oh my days, love it. Alright so we’re going with this kind of oily look [Music] We give that a count… [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Ok we’re coming out, ready? All right let’s put the flames in, I’m looking forward to this one I’m going to try and put the boot in a slightly different angle, obviously this is going to be the yellow boot going in this time. Right we’re ready and go the flames wait the 30 to 60 seconds for the activator. Sorry, bit of activator on the boot [Music] Okay so this time I’m going to start at the front and make my way to the back see if that helps it go on [Music] Now I’m going to try to keep the soleplate relatively clean. I’ve got my stick get off the excess. Whoa! whoa whoa, I’m excited to see the rest of this that looks amazing already. Just trying to get rid of this excess so it looks as good as it can. Alright give that a bit of a shake in the water [Music] here we go [Music] Tell you what you guys were right we needed to do this, look at that, absolute fire can’t wait to peel that Nike swoosh off and have a look at these. Alright let’s give this a go let’s take off the Nike swoosh and see what this looks like underneath hopefully it’s not going to peel off the print itself. Alright pretty decent it’s a tiny little bit touch I’ve needed in a couple of spots okay let’s look at the other two and then you can tell me what your favorite is out of these three. Let’s try and get the flame one off [Music] [Applause] Alright so there’s that one so imagine laces in these boots got three to choose from now which is your favorite design? Do you prefer the carbon fibre soleplate? Maybe I should have done a whole carbon-fibre boot maybe we should do that in another hydro dip video maybe we’ll give that a go what else we got we’ve got this flame one okay there’s a poll card up in the top right-hand corner now vote for your favorite or the oil which is your favorite out of these three boots? let me know, let me know any other suggestions for videos you want to see any customs any painting anything you want to see with boots let us know on the channel in the comments below thank you very much for watching make sure you signed up for the notifications hit that Bell icon so you’re going to see these videos as soon as they come out thanks for watching Go Enjoy Your Football!

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  1. The blue ones are my favorite. Good stuff and thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it 😃😃😎

  2. I don't understand why if you don't want it on the sole you don't just tape it off. Or even stuff the inside of the boot aswell to stop it leaking inside the shoe, it makes no sense at all…

  3. Hey pendejo por que los borras hijo de tu perra puta mesera madre si no vales verga la neta me vale 4 kilos de ñonga parada enserio que asco de ser humano

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