How To Make Sneakers FLOAT In Your Instagram Photos! | DevanOnTech

How To Make Sneakers FLOAT In Your Instagram Photos! | DevanOnTech

what up, I’m DevanOnDeck and today I’m going to teach you how to make a shoe float in mid air Welcome back to DevanOnTECH, the series where I do reviews and how to’s a lot of you guys have been requesting this float video because I’ve been teasing it a little bit on Instagram on Twitter on a couple videos ago so it is time to get it going now now what’s your need to create this image are a few things one thing is a camera any kind of camera usually I’m shooting with my big fancy DSLR camera and the remote but today we’re going to keep it super simple what I’m going to do is straight from my phone and the second thing you need is something to put your camera on so you can have someone helps you to take the photos or you can get yourself a tripod very different ones you can get at a different price point you can get in the lowest ten bucks 15 20 bucks and get you something to put your phone or your camera on so you can take a picture of yourself and third you need some type of photo editing software so that can be absolutely phone what I’m going to show you today is a Devin on deck way that’s using Lightroom and Photoshop and last but not least you need a shoot okay and let’s explain let’s go take these photos first thing you want to do is take a photo of just yourself with this pose I’m just going to hold my hand out and just try a few different poses and just see what comes out there now as you can see I’m going back and forth from my phone and triggering the timer for every shot now when you can make this easier on yourself because you get a remote it’s compatible with your phone or using a camera or finding a remote that’s compatible with that and that will cut out having to go back and forth like I’m doing here so next what you want to do is take a picture of the shoot now the key here is to try to hide your hand behind the shoe as much as possible so what I usually do is just kind of pinch it from behind and try to find a way to hold the shoe at an angle to where you won’t see my hand as much so that there’s less for me to have to worry about cutting out so yeah I’m going to try a couple different angles see what works best and there we have it shooting is done next go over to the computer my first step always that take it to Lightroom like many of you guys know i desaturate my environment make sure that my shoes and clothes the truth look in real life and that’s pretty much it I might sharpen it a little bit or add a little more clarity but for the most part that’s basically my entire edit export this bad boy you’re going to take it over to photoshop to open the photo of the shoe zoom in here so we get close and get a good look at it and the only thing you need is the pen tool now you can access that on the left menu or as a shortcut just press the letter P on your keyboard you want to use this pin tool to trace around the shape of the shoe you want to be careful to make sure to get right on the edges to make sure it’s pretty clean this is your first time using the pen tool it will take some getting used to but trust me after a while it’ll be a breeze now let’s fast forward this a little bit so we can get to the next There we go! and now that you have the entire shoot trace what you want to do is right click on the shoe what you’re going to select is make selection when that comes up make sure you follow my settings right here press Enter or okay and you’re going to see the little ants crawling around it so now what you have is a cutout shake is ready to be now copied and pasted over to the next piece so if you’re on a Mac you can press command+C to copy… if you are on a PC ctrl + C to copy go over to the image we use in your pose and paste it it’ll be ctrl + V on Windows or command + V on a Mac and after its pasted you can move it anywhere you like to on the screen make it float super high low wherever you want it to go BOOM! that is it you just learned a few simple steps how to make a shoe appear as if it’s floating and midair and as you’ve probably already figured out it doesn’t have to be a shoe, you can literally make anything float now with the skills that you’ve learned today so I want to see you guys practice and if you’re extra brave send me a DM or Instagram email it to me tag me on Twitter I don’t care how you get it to me I want to see how you guys are doing this what objects you’ve made float… any questions, feedback responses? let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this video give yourboy a “thumbs up” and please Subscribe if you have not yet.. I appreciate your time and I see you in the next one.. Peace

38 thoughts on “How To Make Sneakers FLOAT In Your Instagram Photos! | DevanOnTech”

  1. Such an Awesome content loved !! You desaturate your background with lightroom or photoshop, or u use both? Thank u

  2. Your lessons are going to help us create new jobs, new scholarships, and new inspiration in education King Devan!!! Watch us rise @mvmnation and see for yourself. #FellowGameChangers

  3. loved this video but just so you don't have to go back and forth on your phone, theres an app called photo timer + and it allows you to take multiple photos over an x amount of seconds.

  4. Are you using the subsrciption based Lightroom and Photoshop applications? I heard you can no longer get the applications without having a subscription anymore.

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