How To Pack A Carry-On Suitcase For A Short Business Trip – Packing Tips & Hacks From a Travel Pro

How To Pack A Carry-On Suitcase For A Short Business Trip – Packing Tips & Hacks From a Travel Pro

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette!In
today’s video, we’ll discuss how to pack a carry-on suitcase for a short business trip. First of all, if you go with air travel, I
suggest you go with a spinner suitcase with nice wheels that roll very easily so you can
maneuver it very easily, but it should also be stable so you can put a little briefcase
or another carry-on item on top of it while you walk with it. Packing a small carry-on suitcase is very
different from packing a larger spinner suitcase, so if you want to see how a larger one is
packed please check out this video here. So how do you pack a small carry-on in suitcase? First of all, put out all the items you want
to bring on your trip onto your bed or maybe on the floor, if the bed is not large enough. Remove all excessive items and only bring
the bare bones you really actually need. If it’s just a one day business trip, you
simply need one pair of shoes, and I simply suggest to wear it. If it’s a two or three day business trip,
you want to bring another pair of shoes but that’s it. I always suggest to go with black cap toe
Oxfords, may be Balmoral ones that add a little decoration, if you have very big feet, maybe
a derby shoe is the way to go. To learn more about the differences, please
check out this video here. If your business trip is not super formal
or if you want a second pair of shoes, I suggest to go with a burgundy pair of shoes because
it can easily be dressed up and down. It’s always appropriate and you can wear with
anything else you bring in your carry-on suitcase. To prevent your shoes from soiling up the
other clothing items in your suitcase, I always suggest to go with a shoe bag or a dust bag. If you can put each shoe in a dust bag, that
gives you more flexibility in terms of packing. At first, I fold my socks and roll them up
and put them in my shoes, maybe if you have space, you can also put your underwear in
there, or a rolled belt. No matter where I travel, I always bring a
travel shoe horn because it protects my shoes, it helps me to get into my shoes at security
and I never want to miss it because it’s such a small item that can save you a lot of dollars. I’ve struggled many times with a carry-on
and a suit and so I tried different techniques and this is the best one I found. First, let’s start with the pants. You want to fold them in thirds because that
way, it fits into your suitcase. lay that on the flat side of your carry-on
suitcase. In this video, I’m using a small houndstooth
suit simply so you can see better how I fold it. If you got a business trip, probably a solid
navy suit, or charcoal, or light gray, or gray suit, are the better way to go. Second, if you have a three-piece suit with
the vest, you simply take the vest,fold it in half and make sure the top ends align,
as well as the bottom tips of the waistcoat, then you simply just roll it up. Again, you have a nice little fabric roll,
now put the roll aside. Now, it’s time for the jacket. Take the left sleeve and pull it inside out,
make sure to pull it all the way through. Now on that same sleeve, go to the shoulder
and push it, and fold it inside out, this creates the perfect shape and it fits right
into the opposite shoulder that wasn’t folded. We do this to protect the shoulder so doesn’t
get crushed and wrinkled. Now take the rolled-up waistcoat, and stuff
it into the shoulder area so it gives it additional support and prevents it from wrinkling. Now you fold up the jacket so it lays neatly
in the case on top of the pants. Usually, there’s a little gap on top of the
shoulder, I use that to roll up some ties and ideally, knit ties because they’re less
prone to getting wrinkles. If you have additional space, you can add
some pocket squares there but stay clear of any heavy items such as a wash bag, or toiletry
bag, or maybe your jewelry kit, or chargers, or anything else that would squish the suit. It really pays to have a separate compartment
in your carry-on suitcase so it doesn’t get stuffed, because if your suit gets crushed
chances are, it will wrinkle. If you have some room, you may want to add
a dress shirt. Folding could have a huge impact on how your
clothing wrinkles. Dress shirts are delicate and wrinkled very
easily, therefore, you should fold them and not roll them. The best way to do that is to put the shirt
flat down with buttons facing on the floor or the table, fold the sides inwards with
sleeves on both sides and fold over the hem and fold in half or in thirds depending on
the size of your suitcase. Do that with all your shirts and then stack
them with the colors opposite from each other maybe at just one shirt or maximum two shirts
on top of the suit because if it’s too squished, you get wrinkles in your shirts and in the
suit. Now, it’s time to close that compartment and
let’s look at the other side of the suitcase. The socks, underwear, and undershirt, that
didn’t fit into my shoes now goes in between the telescope mechanism so we create a somewhat
flat surface. I put in the shoes sideways so they use up
as little space as possible. Maybe if you want to bring a sweater or a
cardigan, now is the time to put it in here. If you want to bring a long sleeve polo shirt
for a casual evening outing, I usually roll it rather than folding it because a. it’s
quicker, b. it saves me space, and c. it’s not prone to wrinkling as much as let’s say
a dress shirt. If you want to bring any other folded items
such as a t-shirt, an undershirt, I would roll those as well. Once you’ve put all the things in, it’s time
to fill the gaps. Maybe you want to bring suspenders, they should
be rolled up and you can stuff them in a gap. Usually, somewhere around the shoes, wit a
belt, you can also roll it up but if you don’t have enough space anymore, you can simply
unroll it and lay it around the edges, that way, you’ll maybe fit even more things into
your suitcase. If you want, you can also bring your watch,
maybe you want to bring some cufflinks in a jewelry case, maybe some collar pins, or
collar bars, maybe collar stays, maybe tie bars, all those things should be in a neat
little container, so you don’t have to search for them and they don’t get lost. Of course, it’s also handy to have a little
travel manicure kit with you just so you look presentable at your business meeting. You want a great one made in Germany with
high quality stainless steel tools, check out this one from Fort Belvedere. You want to add a long pair of casual pants
to your wardrobe, I suggest you go with seersucker because it’s lightweight and it doesn’t wrinkle. When it comes to suit material, a great fabric
for travel is either a heavy flannel, but if that’s not appropriate for a warm summer,
I suggest you go with a fresco wool. In this video I’m wearing a typical summer
travel outfit it consists of a single breasted jacket made out of a light gray fresco wool
which is a little heavier but it has a very open weave and the yarns are over twisted
which also helps to really make it wrinkle resistant which is perfect if you wear it
on a plane or if you have to fold it into your suitcase I’m wearing it as a combination
with a pair of seersucker pants because they don’t wrinkle and they’re very lightweight
and perfect for summer weather the seersuckers are from polar Ralph Lauren and the jacket
is from A Caraceni in Milan my shirt is a very light blue which goes well with my seersucker
but provides enough contrast to my jacket and I intentionally didn’t wear any cufflinks
or metal accessories because it makes it easier to get through airport security the time wearing
is a silk knit tie from four Belvedere I liked it very much because it has a two-tone Sheen
and so depending on the angle of the light it will always look different it also doesn’t
wrinkle because it’s knitted and the pocket square picks up those colors of navy blue
and red and add a little paisley pattern to make it different my socks are blue with red
and white clocks so it picks up the other tones of my outfit provides a contrast to
my burgundy red shoes which I usually like to bring on a business trip simply because
they are so versatile If you enjoyed this video make sure to watch
the other one on how to pack a large suitcase like a gentlemen and give us a thumbs up and
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