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How To Replace CV Boots – EricTheCarGuy

hi I'm Eric and I got this little show on the internet called I've had a lot of requests for this topic but I have to start by saying that I don't do this anymore I used to do this but I no longer do it and the reason is because the price of axles has come down to a point to where it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do this because by the time you get done doing all this you could have just as easily swapped out the axles and went on your way as far as saving money I may think I'm weird for saying this but don't change it if you've got a CV joint that's clicking on turns it's already done so there's no point in doing anything but changing it out for something new if you've got a boot that's ripped open I say the same thing I say let it go and the reason for this is is because I have actually taken a CV joint to the point of breaking and it takes quite a bit you can be driving along with CV joints that click for a really long time before they break in fact here's the way you differentiate the two one that's about to go as opposed to one that's still okay if you hear the clicking when you're driving straight down the road definitely change it but if it's on turns and it's not so loud yeah wait until you get the money to change out the axle and change out the axle I wouldn't bother changing the boots out but because you the viewer give me a lot of input and I want to give you what you want I'm here today to show you how to change the CV boots on an axle so this as you can see is a typical axle if I'm to guess because this thing is obviously been sitting around for a while I think this came out of an acura legend like 90s vintage and I'm going to show you both how to take apart the inner joint and the outer join and just a quick word about CV joints the inner joint won't it's effective length that's part of it because as the suspension moves up and down it needs to move in and out and the outer joint reason why it's called a CV joint constant velocity continuous velocity don't remember is so that it can pivot in all directions because as you steer the steering wheel and as the car goes over bumps it needs to basically do all this stuff step one personally I like putting my axles in a vise did I this way they're easy to work on and I can get to everything step two is to remove the old boot these are the bands you got one at the top and you got one at the bottom I just take a pair of side cutters or dikes dig in and cut now I'm just gonna tell you straight off I'm not gonna replace this boot because this axle is junk but I'm going to show you how so this is purely for demonstration purposes okay you got both of your bands throw them away most efficient way to get the boot off I just take a utility knife I've said it before and I'll say it again nothing more dangerous than a dull knife and then you can just peel it off like an orange yucky now we need to get the joint off of the shaft get your mind out of the gutter take a hammer you notice right up in here that's like the where the joint meets the axle take a hammer and some of you might yell at me for not using like a brass hammer or something like that but go and you're lucky comments below and you want a strike so that the joint comes off and me I pull the same time and there you go now your joint is off he's you're kind of cool-looking and those ball bearings really nice in a slingshot but I didn't tell you that next you need to clean all the old grease which means cleaning your shaft once again dirty-minded you are you all right this guy is really important the joint may come with a new c-clip I don't recommend changing these out leave these on reason is because I've seen some of these clips that are too large too whatever and cause a problem when you go and install the joint again so leave the clip on we also should clean out the joint itself best way to do this is with mineral spirits and a parts washer since I'm not replacing this boot for real I'm not gonna do this but now is the reason why we came here I do have this that was laying around this mock boot that at this point actually it's not even for this axle so I can't even put it on but this point make sure you put your boot on because if you put your joint back on before you put your boot back on you just wasted all this time so next you want to install your boot sometimes I'll spray a little silicone on the inside of here to get it to slide on the shaft it's easier quit it many times when you get a new joint it'll come with grease or a new booth it'll come with grease hopefully it does what I do with these is I'll just cut the end off and then take it jam it into the joint and squeeze until I start seeing it calm all around outs out of the circumference of the joint once you've done that you cleaned it you Bri greased it you're ready to go and by the way don't waste your time putting boots on a Axl that's clicking it's a waste of time now this is the part that most of you are probably watching this for this is where the magic happens now you've got your new boot installed take the c-clip and put it towards you so you can see those two little ends take your joint put it on the outside there and slip it up on there all right now you got your axle on here the splines are started now here is the cool part take a pocket screwdriver and push the ends of that in there see how that went down just a little bit push in one side pushing the other the whole time you're pushing down on the joint and that way you know it's started then just take your hammer okay and knock it down that's it if you skip this step where you push this snap ring in that will not go that easy at this point you might be like Eric I okay I got the joint on and now I know you didn't install the boot but how do I install those clamps good question this part will very clean off the outside of this and you need plenty of rags to do this job if you have and I probably should have mentioned this before if you have this style of clamp I often put these on the shaft before I put the boot on but you don't have to because you can just do that wrap it around bring it in in order to put tension on this you need said special tool this is a special tool just for doing this Blue Point ya3 0 8 0 this will goes onto the clamp like so like that and then you pinch it and once you pinch it it will draw this band tight these are from Honda and what you do with these is you wrap them around the boot and then when you get to that place where it's wrapped around you hook it in like so and push down and you take these here these little tabs and you bend those over with a hammer and that's how you do is you bend them down and tap them in so that this can't come back up there's another type that you'll need this special tool for and this one is a Kady and it's a 3-1 91 s what this is when these work I said just take this slide it through the end go into here go through that slit now that you have it in there you twist once you've got it tight and ready pull up release it pull this through bend it over then make your then make your cut you know after you after you hold it down so that it's locked in and you're done I think that covers some of the bands but that's obviously not all the bands but okay Eric what about the other end okay let's do it the principle is exactly the same take your side cutters dig in cut those clamps out careful they're sharp I give a little twist at the same time same drill as before once you've got that cut off get your knife out peel it off no longer need that inner CV joints don't have clips but they do and I would normally use a cleaner rag for this but they do have cups that could fall out so before you take an inner CV joint off have a rag handy to catch some stuff that might be falling out let's see the inside of that way different so these cups just pull off these are the actual bearings this is the this is be the heart and soul of the joint this one has three most that I've seen also have three I take those and just put them into the other joint for like me to find and of course in this case I would also be cleaning out the inside of this really well cleaning up those bearings really well and cleaning up the shaft if you clean it for more than five minutes you're playing with it keep in mind I'm just doing this for demonstration purposes I'm not actually reconditioning this axle showing you how it's done so you may be thinking hey Eric how the heck am I supposed to get a boot past that well let's do beard I have a solution for you once again it involves a special tool this is a Mac tool it's a p20 to a pair of pliers and these are for snap rings okay this is also a snap ring you take said snap ring pliers slip them in like so then try to grab it with your fingernail but if you can't do it with your fingernail just perfectly okay to grab like a pair of or a pocket screwdriver how embarrassing normally I just do this and it comes right off there we go and then I just do not lose this it's very important then all you need do is sometimes it requires a little convincing but and there you go this thing is neat looking looks like art so now your shaft is ready to accept its new boot and to do that you would just slip the boot over here you may encounter some resistance when you get down to this snap ring I take set pocket screwdriver and slip it up under the boot like this and go around the circumference so I can push the boot down the rest of the way now that you have your boot and possibly your clamp depending upon what clamp you have so put the clamp put the boot on now you can go back to well back to your little friend here once again you may require a little okay if you're gonna do this use a plastic or brass hammer if you use like one of these hammers you could break something I'm gonna come out I know there's probably somebody screaming at me right now but here is here's a hammer then it's designed not to Mar any of these surfaces so it's either plastic or brass and those people that are yelling or right so feel good about yourself you made eric the car guy wrong good job to install said snap ring and is just the opposite of what it was when you D installed it slip the tool in spread it apart push it down make sure it's seats in if this does not seat in it will be a bad day indeed so make sure that that gets into its groove because the groove is in the heart these guys are cool because they normally these will be all clean and ready to go you install these back onto our assembly and without grease they won't stay on so keep that in mind so if you want if you have this at a slight angle like this and you're trying to get it on and these won't stay on take a little bit of a new grease and put it on there now these accurate joints are weird because if you'll notice on this one side is tapered and the other side is not so you want to make sure you get your tapered side in there just right these these are kind of goofy to try and put together you'll also notice that inner joint grease is yellow do not miss inner joint grease with outer joint grease there are two different types of greases so you don't want to mix outer joint grease with inner joint grease because really they should be two different greases grease is grease grease now it's simply a matter of reinstalling your cup okay like I said these are weird you have to make sure that they're all lined up the same the same orientation or else this is not gonna work the joint back on amending to spend some of these around it's strange then once you get one to go down keep spinning the next one until it goes down until they all submit voila it truly is the boot that holds this whole assembly on so if you overextend this joint like sometimes people do when this is on the car sometimes you got a heck of a time getting things back in here but there's nothing holding this on but the boot keep that in mind if you've got to get these out of the car make sure your pride back here and not try to just yank it out because it's not going to happen so the same thing on the bands on this I'm just gonna take it as you understand those how those bands go on because I showed you on this applicant all right I always like it when I can fill requests a lot of people have requested this once again why bother personally like I said I will I'll just put a whole new axle in it because you can get axles relatively cheap these days and it solves the problem and if it's clicking when you're going on turns you can get really nervous about it and replace it and I'm not going to yell at you for it but I can tell you from personal experience you can go quite a ways gonna click an axle I don't could I don't consider a clicking axle a priority if you got bald tires and a clicking axle put the tires on the car to me it's simple but in case you have a boot that's ripped and it's making the inside of your really pretty wheels dirty or whatever here's how to replace that boot and if the axle isn't clicking go ahead do this it'll probably last a good long time you know probably until the next time this needs to be done because honestly if these joints are properly lubricated they last a good long time so it's normally what happens is that boot rips open dirt and other contaminants get in there and start to make the thing into one big mess so if you have good CV boots then you'll keep this stuff out of here some some auto manufacturers are more prone to ripping CV boots than others I can say Honda's are pretty good for ripping CV boots I'm done talking i'm eric the car guy you can always visit me at air cargo comm because i like it when you come see me there you can also follow me on facebook and twitter because some you'll find out when I'm shooting videos just like this or sometimes I just want to talk about stuff or you can find other stuff over at my other channel eat ECG one that's not mechanically necessarily mechanically related and you want to know more about what I'm doing if you care until next time try to enjoy the daily and stay dirty because it's fun doing this you're gonna get Turkey so enjoy

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