How to Style Combat Boots 4 Ways | Men’s Fashion

How to Style Combat Boots 4 Ways | Men’s Fashion

Hey, what’s up guys! Welcome back to my
channel. My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style In this video I’m going to be
telling you how to style these classic combat boots. So, I have here the Doc
Martens classic combat boots. These are classic, timeless and I got these in this maroon leather color. There are really good for the fall because it’s a great way to go to switch up your boots rotation. Definitely more on the casual
side. So, for these boots, I actually did an Instagram poll all on my Instastory and I put together four different jackets that I really liked for these boots. And um you guys voted it and it was very even. You guys all liked the different looks so in this video I’m going to show you all four ways to rock them. First up, I have this burgundy top coat, so of course, a no-brainer I was looking for a jacket that had the
same color and this more of a tailored menswear piece to go with something that’s
more casual or street style look. Just kind of have that mix of high/low.
But what I really love in detail on the back of my coat this red really pops
with the same color here and I think even though it’s similar color but it
really complements each other Next up I have this Belstaff
motorcycle jacket. This is like a wax-coated jacket. What I really love
about this is the brown details to go with the yellow and brown details on the
shoes and when I was preparing this look I was thinking that this is also
from the UK and so both brands are UK based so to kind of match them together. What
I love is that this navy is really great for fall and so is this blue color
and they both stand out on their own, but yet complement each other really well. And for this one I went with this black leather jacket. It’s a little different with the details on sleeves. I like there that there’s the pop of red on the sleeves to go with the shoes and that’s the matching detail of the jacket. This is definitely more of a street style look with these boots and
keep it sharp and clean. Last thing, I have this brown leather jacket. Brown is definitely my go-to color in the fall and they compliment each other well
with the brown details on the boots like the back tab here and the stitching on the side so I think it really complements well and they go
together Let me know what you guys think! Which
one of these jackets and outfits you guys like the most in the comments
below. Please like, subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Not much of a fan of boots however I love that Burgundy Topcoat and the Blue Roadmaster Jacket is really nice as well!

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