How To Tackle Heel Pain

How To Tackle Heel Pain

Hi welcome to Stressed Out Stress Free my
name is Vincent Woon. In this video I’m going to show you how to fix a heel pain, you know
the heel of the foot. What causes heel pain? I know the other day I woke up with a heel
pain and heel pain is very very painful. How do you get heel pain? Number one it’s
from strenuous or repetitive exercise like jumping and running. Second could be obesity.
Third is prolong standing, standing for a long time and the fourth is wearing shoes
that doesn’t fit properly, that’s how you get heel pain. I think in my case, I probably
put on some weight since the last time I went to cruise and couldn’t lose all these weight.
So I was trying to figure out how to remove the heel pain. Let me show you a few and hopefully
they help you too. For the first stretch, you need to find a
staircase, if you don’t have a staircase or a stair well, get a big/thick yellow book
yellow pages I don’t know if in the internet world nowadays I don’t know if you’ll have
a physical yellow pages book thick phone book. Now at the staircase what you do is put your
leg up, leave your bottom part here..your heel hanging like this…down up down up tippy
toes down up down up just to stretch this area here..the heel the upper part to loosen
the heel. Ok the second stretch is to look for a wall
so you can put your hand on it and stretch your heel now. Use your hands put on the wall
like you are doing push up and make sure you bend your elbow like this.
After you open your hand wide and on the wall like you are doing a push up, put one leg
forward and one leg backwards and push stretch this way like you are doing a push up. Press
this way and your leg will straighten and that will loosen/stretch the heel. What I
also do is I lift my heel up this way to get more stretch, kind of like doing a push up
on the wall but stretch this way like pumping it down forward up down, forward up down.
That will help loosen it much more than the normal stretch which is just leaning in straight
and feeling the stretch there. By lifting the heel up you’ll get a better stretch like
such, like this one, two, three. After all those stretches and if it doesn’t
work, I’m going to show you the third one which is to massage it. Ok! first you need
to take off your shoes, I’ll show you both ways.
Over here! you need to put pressure on here and move your leg basically this two back
and forth..Ouch Press down this is where the pain area so
push down push down this way push down and push make sure you stretch the ball of your
feet stretch you can feel the releases. Press on all the pain area or if you are lazy, rest
the leg on the other leg and press it here and push, very simple.
OK! if you are lazy like me, we are going to use the other heel and push it down to
where the pain area on the other heel and push it down this way and try to move the
other leg, stretch push, stretch push, stretch. Just like that… push it down and stretch
the other leg..stretch the other leg ok! Thank you for watching, these are the stretches
that helps me get rid of heel pain. If you have any question feel free to ask in the
comment box below. Don’t forget to visit my blog at

25 thoughts on “How To Tackle Heel Pain”

  1. @9744003612 You are welcome! I'm working on more video on heel and ankle pain. Do check back!:-)

  2. please do a video on hot to crack your hip joint. i feel it in there but it just wont come out. and it hurts at times.

  3. may i ask how can you prevent having scratches on the skin of your achilles tendons? cause i just bought a new shoe yesterday and i started walking with it for around 10 mins then my achilles tendons skins started having scratches :/ please help

  4. Thanks I'll try these stretches.  My heel pain is not on the bottom of the heel but on the back of the heel bone.  Is this the same thing?  I am heavy so I think it could be the weight.  

  5. And I don't want to o to the doctor what if I get a surgery please make a video I'm gonna try this video ok

  6. Thanks for your vidoes. I sometimes am unable to walk for my heel gets very stiff and painful. Can you help please?

  7. Now is my second day on plantar fasciitis treatment “remrem fetching space” (Google it) and the pain is 95% gone! I can actually walk and jog without difficulty, and I am positive by the end of the week I will be able to return to my soccer training. I guess my trainer is mistaken about saying that it`s not possible to ease plantar fasciitis in days.

  8. After seeking help from several doctors and podiatrists, the pain that made me stressed out and light headed still have not stopped. Nevertheless, my condition really enhanced right after following plantar fasciitis treatment “Sαnzοkα Mula” (Google it) consistently. This is truly a miracle program!

  9. Can you please make a video on tips to relax your body and how to prep yourself for a good night sleep. I feel like I toss and turn all night.

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