with so many leather football boots coming out over the last couple of months a lot of you guys have been asking me how to take care of leather football boots in fact some of you are so concerned about this that you're actually afraid to buy the leather football boots with this idea in your head that they're gonna be very very difficult to take care of yeah it's just not true so with that in mind here is everything that you need to know about how to take care of leather football boots the do's and don'ts also on the topic of leather care and just because I know a lot of you guys will ask if you're interested in purchasing a leather care kit the first link down below will take you to a couple different options that are currently available so if that's something that interests you be sure to check that out by the way if you guys do end up enjoying this video and perhaps would like to see more regarding boot care tips don't forget to support this one with a like and if you're new here watching for the first time I don't want to miss out on daily content for me make sure you hit that subscribe button along with a little bail notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live so I guess we'll start with the most common questions do you need to apply leather cream to your leather football boots no not if you don't want to but think about leather boots is is actually the skin of an animal and just like your own skin it can dry out calf skin kangaroo skin bacon skin there's lots of different types of leathers out there but you pretty much treat them all the same way so you don't need a specific product depending on the type of leather football boots that you have either way it's possible that the leather over time will start to harden ever so slightly if you feel that that's when you would want to apply leather cream but before that point there's really nothing that you have to do which leads me into another very common question do I need to apply leather cream to my brand new leather boots know if the boots are brand new you really don't have to touch them but there is a situation where maybe you bought some brand new leather boots that are 5 or 6 years old now and just from the boots sitting for a little while the leather has hardened up ever so slightly in that situation you could apply leather cream to brand new boots but otherwise just wearing the boots one time having the heat applied to the upper should soften up a brand new pair old or not do I need to apply leather cream at all not really modern leather football boots are a lot different than the ones that we had 25 years ago that your dad probably told you about the treatment process for the leather basically meaning how they've come to the final product it's a lot better than they used to be meaning that the leather itself is a lot more resilient to the elements water dirt heat cold basically all you need to do for modern leather football boots is what you would do for any pair of football boots if you're trying to take care of your boots just take care of them keep them relatively clean let them dry out after every single use don't let them sit in direct sunlight don't apply excessive amounts of heat to them as long as you do all of those things especially letting them dry after each use then they should be perfectly fine but there are people out there that are really into the softness of their leather boots and if that's you you may want to apply leather cream how often you do it is totally up to you once a month I would say is sufficient for most football boots but if you want to do it once a week or once every other day that's perfectly fine as well the logic behind leather cream and what it does in the first place if you're wondering is it's just like natural skin if you have some dry skin you apply some lotion to soften up that area it's a hydration thing it's the same thing with leather football boots and leather cream the leather can harden up a little bit that means that there is a loss of hydration or moisture in the leather you apply the leather cream and it kind of gives it that soft sponginess again ever so slightly the difference is minimal a hardcore leather guy will tell you that the difference is extreme but again it's not something that you realistically need to do if you're not that concerned about having these soft as possible leather boots and if you don't have access to leather cream mink oil also does the same job and for those who will ask about using leather dress shoe products I've personally never used any of that I'm not really sure how that would work on a pair of football boots my suggestion would be if you have some expensive leather football boots that you're trying to take care of invest $20 in a proper leather care kit and you have nothing to worry about so let's say that you do want to use leather cream which again is not really a necessity how do you actually use it it's actually quite simple the first and most important step is make sure that your boots are clean I would personally recommend using a toothbrush to clean the leather part of the upper especially if it has stitching making sure that's as clean as possible is important otherwise you're going to be rubbing dirt around the leather part of the upper once you apply the leather cream step two is just put the leather cream on the boots typically if you buy a leather care kit there's going to be instructions on how to use it usually there is an applicator cloth and or sponge you put a little bit of leather cream on it and you just rub it into the leather only on the leather part of the boot a very common mistake that people make is they have leather at the toe of their boot that they're trying to soften up but they're for some reason applying leather cream to the synthetic and knitted parts of the upper as well just making a complete disaster it's not gonna hurt your boots but you only need to apply leather cream to the leather part of the upper again follow the instructions of the product that you're using but based on my experience use as little product as possible as you're applying it's only a little bit out of time rather than one giant glob because if you do a giant glob it's very easy to put too much and then you're kind of making a mess because there's just more product than the leather can possibly absorb at which point you gotta have to clean them off after you've applied the leather cream or if you use just the right amount of product by adding a little bit at a time you kind of just rub it in it's good to go you don't see anything you let them dry over the course of an hour and they're pretty much good to go but again this is only something that you need to do if you really want to do it I have worn I don't know how many leather boots over the last I don't know how many years and I can't remember the last time I applied leather cream to my boots another misconception about leather boots and leather cream is that the leather cream will make your boots last longer that is not entirely true it's I guess possible that if you're taking better care of your boots they might last longer and if you're applying leather cream regularly you're probably taking pretty good care of your boots but all the leather cream is really doing is maintaining the softness of the leather not making it more durable and then finally what if your leather boots have ACC does the leather cream still work ACC only repels water not leather cream so the moral of the story here is don't be afraid to buy leather boots because of the leather care the leather care that's required with modern leather boots is minimal at best if you want to apply leather cream that's great if you're really into your boots it's probably something you're going to enjoy but if that's not your seam and you don't really care to do that you don't have to anyways guys that's it for this one hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to support it with 'like again if you're interested in purchasing a variety of different leather care options there is a link down below in the description where all of that is available so be sure to go ahead and check that out give any questions regarding leather care or any suggestions for other boot care tips that you'd like me to talk about on the channel leave all of that down below in the comments and I'll take a look at what you guys have to say if you're not subscribed already make sure you hit that subscribe button along with a little bail notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live all my social media information is linked down below in the description so make sure you follow me there if you don't already know than that guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one


  1. My care program is, lever off any debris on the sole of the boot at the training ground with an old screw driver, no bashing the boot on the concrete which you see quite often. Once home I use an old brush and give the boots a quick
    brush, remove the inner soles and leave them to dry naturally. The next day I wipe over with a damp cloth. Every so often if the leather begins to harden I will rub in leather conditioner to soften the leather up again. My boots seem to last a long time with this approach.

  2. All 4 of my football boots are leather and there all amazing
    -Nike tiempo legend 7
    -Adidas copa 19.1
    -Puma one 19.1
    -Nike premier
    I don’t put cream or anything on them and there amazing
    And I’m 14

  3. There is another option if you don't want to use the cream and that is saddle soap. Saddle soap will help you to clean your cleats and at the same time it will soften the leather. Optional if you want to polish them!

  4. Hey joshephine, I'm looking for a good deal on an Adidas X 18+ in a UK 10 (US 11 I think)… Any ideas? 👋🏼

  5. To sum it up, modern leather boots aren't going to last long enough for the leather to wear out, they will fall apart first. In contrast to my leather Nike boots in the mid '80 which lasted a couple years with only replacement of the screw in studs. Those werr the best until my feet grew and split them apart. (Those are the cleats your dad told you about) 🙂

  6. I did everything i was supposed to do with my rebulas but somehow the leather turned super hard and The got big holes in the leather. Still do not know why this happens after only 3 months of wear

  7. Hey josh , you should throw a propane tank in your fireplace for the next video. I’m sure everyone would wanna watch that lol .

  8. Josh, could you please say the prices in Australian dollars as well because everytime you say a price in American , I have to go to a different convert and it just takes longer

  9. 2:10
    Water, Earth, Fire, Air
    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished ( you should've looked for acc it solves all problems lol ). A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar an Airbender named Aang and although his airbending skills are great he still has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone But I believe that Aang can save the world

  10. Clean the mud of with water and a small soft cloth. Then I let them dry and put Chelsea leather food on them once they are dry.

  11. Hey Josh,
    Which one would you choose between Nemeziz 18.1, Copa 18.1, Puma one 18.1 synthetic, Puma 19.1 leather ? And does the stud pattern and sole plate make that much of a difference for different positions? Eg: Can I play Second Striker/Winger/CAM with Conical studs of Copa 18.1?

  12. OG copas do benefit from leather cream / dubbing as they get older (the water resistance is reduced quite a lot after a while).

  13. first decent leather boot i owned were copa mundials. Never cleaned/or washed them… id say that's the same for 99% of the wearers… Next time notice how dirty copa's are that are worn by guys over 40+ lol

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