How to Walk in Heels + Hacks for Beginners | Shekia Renea

How to Walk in Heels + Hacks for Beginners | Shekia Renea

how to stop walking like a t-rex [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey she babes AKA boo things it is your favorite Sanibel slash youtuber on the youtubes Shakya we're now back with another helpful beginner-friendly tutorial i didn't hold a little while back and i asked you guys what should be my next upload and to my surprise a lot of you said that you would like to see a how to walk in heels tutorial so this is that and that is this now I am going to deem this the best beginner how to walk in heels tutorial on the YouTube just because I like to be great out here in these streets highways and byways before I get into the you know full you know whatever be sure to thumbs up subscribe and turn on your notifications to receive all of the notification not occasionally not none not some but all cuz YouTube don't want me to be great out here they're not letting you guys know when I'm uploading and you know help us us to win hit the all button so that you guys can see everything I upload and that would be greatly appreciated so I'm gonna put you're here because you want to learn how to walk in heels so I'm going to give you a couple of tips on what I've learned along the way and how I moved on up from a wedge to a stiletto and what all it requires for you to do the same the very first heal I would recommend that anybody starts out with would be a wedge mainly because a which is a platform shoe it is much easier to walk in as you can see it has all this space here which allows you to maintain your balance this is a really really really nice beginner friendly heel most people don't consider wears heels but I definitely do I mean if it gives you a little inches that is a heel but this is the easiest shoe to start out with and I want to show you guys and demonstrate you know technique wise when you are walking in heels you always want to walk heel to toe like you don't want to walk like a dinosaur you don't want to walk stomping your feet it's always heel to toe heel to toe so just like a wedge any chunky heel the shoe is really nice for beginners mainly because again you get to keep your balance one of the hardest parts about walking in heels is especially when you start wearing stilettos is maintaining your balance you want a tip over you don't want to be a little tea I'm a little t-shirt and stop tip me over and break my ankles you don't want to break your ankles okay so get something that's comfortable for you too beginning a good beginner heel would be a chunky type of heel again mainly because it allows you to keep your balance and you are walking heel to toe Oh as you can see my heel touches the floor first and then my toes follow so that is what heel to toe means now the one thing I can warn you about when you started walking in heels is like if you have sweaty feet or the material is like a plastic not plastic the plastic and your feet start sweating you know they tense a Crouch on down in here and your toes hanging off the shoe like you know you're digging like a dirt diver and you're digging in the dirt one way to combat sweaty feet is still I use an antiperspirant like a deodorant to spray it on your feet and it was just keep them dry if you want to learn how to walk in heels the best way to do it is to walk around your house to break them in and just to get used to them a lot of times do you buy new heels and you go out there and girl and you have never worn them the world knows because you look like a newborn gazelle clapping and stomping around so try to break your heels in first I personally feel like close toe heels are easier to wear than over so again just because your toes can slip out and you got like some clouds going on now as you progressing you graduate on up in these streets you will move on up to a more of a stiletto type feeling this is a stiletto so I have graduated and I am on two stilettos and as you can see you don't have very much whip in your heel space at all you know so it's not chunky heel at all it's all about balance the main tip that I want to give you when you walk into the stiletto the negative that I want to give you about the letõs again heel to toe heel to toe and of course as you can see I have footage demonstrating how to walk in each but heel to toe is the weight so now of course there are different types of stilettos as you can see this is just your more you know regular everyday stiletto I don't know what you would call it I think this is like a basic stiletto and this is like a stiletto step left oh hello the difference between the two as you can see this has more of a platform and even though this is super tall it's actually really easy to walk in because of the platform be sure to cross one foot in front of the other this allows for weight transfer from one hand to the other it looks more feminine and we're sexy when you use this technique also it allows me to keep my balance or maintain my balance even though these babies are six feet tall I don't know then that makes me table they make me feel six feet tall it's all about posture my Pentium posture all these shoulders back suck your stomach in and struts you guess the stress now a lot of us are familiar with the strappy type open toe heel and I recommend the issue for a beginner just because buying and having this strap it allows your foot to stay clicks okay your foot is not sliding all around us I'm moving all around as you can see this is more of us to let toe shoe so I think this would be more intermediate to professional heel walkers um but it's also more beginner friendly because of the strap so you want to look for shoes that have straps that can kind of keep your feet in place so you're not slipping a slide every whichaway okay whoo so that is it for this video I hope you guys found my tips and tricks to be somewhat helpful I tried to demonstrate more so than talk because I don't know if you're anything like me I'm more of a visual learner than a vocal like I when I was in college and in high school and the teachers like up their top and eyes is my way but if she would like draw it out if I saw a picture or something up said oh I get it I get it you know so I am a visual teacher I like to show you guys rather than tell you but if you guys need anything else oh you got any questions feel free to write me down below in the comment section I do love reading your comments and I like to respond as well be sure to let me know down below if you guys want to see other girl Lea you know tips and tricks and videos on how to walk in heels you know my girly girl stuffs because a lot of us used to be tomboys I know I did back in the day I was a little rough around the edges and now you know it's nothing more ladylike than a classy lady like lady if they may sit I don't think it makes sense at all there it is well yeah definitely me know if you guys want to see more videos like such if nothing else I will see you guys in my next video adios peace out in

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  1. Hey SheBabes aka Boothangs 👻! This is a beginners video on how to walk in high heels. Be sure to thumbs wayyyyy up & subscribe! While you’re at it turn on all those notifications 🤗💕💕 🤔Did Mrs Kitty aka kitten heels dislike this video? 🧐😂

  2. I've been trying to walk in heels more but it sucks because I always ruin the soles due to not really knowing how to walk in them. Even when I don't walk in heels. My soles get ruined so I'm thinking it's a balance issue. I need help!

  3. Got my first pair of proper heels for prom they are thick heels with a strap as i didn't want to get something too hard and your tips have really helped me thanks a lot I'm gonna kill it at prom!
    Edit:I killed it at prom wooo even danced but took then off so i could dance even more 😂

  4. Omg thank you so much for the heel to toe tip it’s helped me so much!! 💖 & yes girl post more girly videos I’d definitely watch and give a thumbs up 💕

  5. My pretty feet problem is that my toes don’t have the ability to hang out from shoes 😂 as long as the shoe is the proper size, I’m set

  6. From my experience, open toe has been better for me as the shoe isn’t compressing my toe. The ankle strap keeps my toes from sliding forward. My problem is that I push my toes back

  7. Hey sugar so I'm a whole year late lol i hope your able to reply so I'm a 40 year old a woman that has not put on heels and some years I've had a couple of slip and falls and now I have a injury to my left foot around my ankle and front bone but I am going out this weekend and I would love to be in some heels wedge or what have you can you give me some pointers on being able to stay in my heels for some hours without having pain to my foot and or falling lol

  8. Walking in wedges around my house which is carpet is very scary LOL. I hope with some more practice I wont look like a t-rex

  9. I also put non skid on the bottoms (I've several embarrassing falls). And non slip inserts inside the heel!

  10. so i’m a tween, and i got these huge platform stilettos that are for my continuation/graduation, and i was walking pretty weird/different in them than when i wear my normal shoes (vans) but i already knew how to wear heels, so it’s weird. thanks for this video. really helped me.

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