How to Walk in High Heels : Walking in Pageant Shoes & Very High Heels

How to Walk in High Heels : Walking in Pageant Shoes & Very High Heels

Hi! I’m Yvette Parish, and thank you for
visiting Today, we’re going to be talking about high heels. In the
pageant, when I did Ms. Ethnic World in Washington D.C., I was one of the most petite contestants.
I don’t want to say the shortest, but I want to say I was one of the shortest contestants.
The shorter you are, the higher the heel you really need to wear. These are 5 inch lucite,
clear pageant shoes, I guess you can call them. To do a beauty pageant, it’s very
important that you’re able to stand up very long and lean, a very proud, suck the tummy
in, you have a beautiful heel. This elongates you, so these 5 inches made me 5’7” on
stage. Maybe with tall hairstyle I’m 5’8”, but that’s about it. If you’re going to
prom or some special event, and you want to wear high pair of shoes, and you can look
your best as well, kind of work your way up to wearing a height like this. If you’re
not used to wearing any kind of heels at all and you’re always wearing flat shoes, and
you go from feast to famine or famine to feast, and you go from a flat shoe to a 5 inch heel,
you’re probably going to hurt yourself. It’s like walking on your tip toes. So,
I would get maybe a starter pair in the middle. Maybe get 2 or 3 inches, and wear those even
around the house for about a week; get used to it. Get a very inexpensive pair but a higher
heel, and not as high of course as your 5 inch, but get something in between. Work your
on that for about a week. Walk on carpet, walk on floor, walk up the stairs. Get used
to the feel, so when you get a 5 inch heel or 6 inch or 4 inch pair, they’re going
to be much more comfortable. I do find that you’re going to have to get your arch on
your foot a little bit used to walking on the tip toe. So if you’re used to not wearing
any heels or always flats or tiny heel, you’re going to have to train the arch of your foot
to walk on your tip toes all the time. So, you’re really are walking like that. You’ll
hurt your feet if you just go from feast to famine. So have a starter pair, have one while
you’re working, and then have your final pair. By the end, after a week or 2 and your
practicing, you’ll be a professional in those heels.

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  4. Wow, I was walking in high heels by age eight and I had mastered DANCING in four-inch heels by age ten…..and I was a 'boy'!

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