How to Write Chinese Symbols for Furniture : How to Write “Shoe Cabinet” in Chinese

Let’s come to another type of cabinet which
is “shoe case” – “xie gui”. We know that if you want to say any kind of “cabinet” in Chinese
you can say something “gui”. So, “gui” is cabinet. And “xie” is definitely “shoe”. The
left part of “xie” is like this [writing on board]. The last stroke you put is a very
long vertical that cross all these strokes. And this part is meaningful, because it means
“shoe”. As a radical, we called this a shoe radical. And the right part of “xie” is written
like this [writing on board] and you need to repeat the same structure but here, it
looks like it is just a one vertical stroke, but actually it is not. You can’t write a
long vertical stroke, that is wrong.
Follow me to write “xie gui”. This is “shoe cabinet”, “xie gui” in Chinese.

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