Hydro Dipping  (HOW TO) AirPods, Vans shoes, & Planter + (giveaway)

Hydro Dipping (HOW TO) AirPods, Vans shoes, & Planter + (giveaway)

what up so today ima’ show you how to print out
whatever image you want and hydro dip it to anything anything anything anything WHAAATUP… so here’s the thing I want to figure out
how to print out my own custom sheet for hydro dipping, so in a previous video I
did that… and I hydro dip some planters like little skulls and also my face 😬 and
it looked cool but the design.. it like melted off it got warped, and
didn’t stick. So that’s what we need to figure out is how to print off your own
custom sheets and get the design to hold its place on your object.. and also I
wanted to figure out how to hydro dip anything so we’re gonna redo the skulls
and I have some vans I want to try out and AirPods ummm.. are AirPods waterproof? So… two
problems I guess. one we got to figure out how to get your own designs print it
out and make them stick so you can show off your custom things and two how to
get those air pods waterproof. If I can hydro dip these air pods and they work
afterwards we’ll uh give them away so hopefully I don’t mess it up and before
we get going let’s let’s take a moment to appreciate how nice my hair is growing
back from that fiasco oh wow cool anyways let’s go so I thought I’d be able to just print
out whatever I wanted then rip off the white protective backing put the film on
the water let it react to that water then add a hydro dip activator and then
I’d be able to dip it and it’d be good but because the ink in my printer is a
dye based ink it just drips right off as it dried because it was still gooey so
we’re gonna try that again. So the first thing I need to do is is repot
these plants and I took some acitone and just rubbed off all that hydrodip
film stuff and did that to all three of them until they look nice the next thing
I forgot to do on that first try was coating it with like a primer and I just
used this spray paint that was a paint and primer and thought that might work
so your film needs to be waterproof and the ink needs to be waterproof mine wasn’t
because when I licked my finger and put my finger on the film that you just
rubbed off so I thought maybe if I took some clear spray paint
I could put a coat on that top maybe that would work cuz now it’s waterproof
so let’s test that out I also cut a hole in my table so I
could put a camera down there and get a bottom view of what was going on and
that made for some fun shots I also used a fish tank just because it was clear on
bottom and on the sides so I could get some good angles but really you could do
this in whatever you want the water should be from 80 to 90 degrees
Fahrenheit but if you don’t have a thermometer that feels like warm to the
touch but too cold for a bath and the film has that white protective
sheet that you just peel off and then you put the film face up with the
ink side on top after the film is sat for like 30 seconds you’re gonna spray with
this hydro dip activator and you’ll see the film like turn liquidy and that’s
when you know you’re good to go but because I used that spray paint it didn’t
really turn liquid and when I was pushing it through it kind of felt more
like I was pushing through a bag that makes sense and water it was dropped it
was a bunch of issues but I was hoping that spray paint was gonna work and make
the ink waterproof so th at this would hold its image and so far it looked good
so we’re gonna put that away to dry and I had my friend print out a sheet on his
laser printer and that uses toner so it’s naturally like waterproof so don’t
have to use spray paint or anything and I was hoping that that was gonna work so
I guess we’ll give it a try so place on the surface of water let it react to the
water add the activator and dip it you kind of have to like roll it to get
these objects that are round round objects kind of suck I think I talked
about that later but we’ll see I also rinsed off with some warm water
afterwards to kind of get rid of the gooey film and clean up the tank so I
could be ready for the next dip and why that dries I want to put on another film
on my inkjet printer and the film has like a glossy clear side and then the
white side and you want to print on that glossy side I didn’t know which side my
printers print on so I put in a normal paper and just marked it with an X print
out a test sheet the external on the back so I knew that I had to put my film
facedown to get it to print on that clear side so did that I printed another
one out I wanted to try to figure out a way to use these inkjet printers to
print out the film’s because that’d be super convenient but once you have the
film printed out next thing you’re gonna do is add tape just on the edges what
this does is it helps your image stay in place because when you add the activator
it turns liquidy and you don’t want it like floating off and so yeah
I also clean up the edges just so it looks nice that’s not really necessary
but cool so once again I added a coat of that clear spray paint on top to try to
make the ink waterproof and this time what we’re gonna do instead of putting
it the film face up we’re gonna put a face down and see if that makes the
image stay but because that ink side is waterproof because of the spray paint
the film wasn’t reacting to the water so I put some on top hoping that wouldn’t
make it work added some activator but the water on
top made it sink I tried it anyways and it just wasn’t working
it’s like I was pushing into a bag and then it also was on the surface so there
was like a layer of water in between the film so I could just pull right off and
nothing really stick so I don’t know if thing jet printers work but we’re gonna
let those dry and we’ll check back on them later and for now I wanted to make
a custom design with like my food logo with leopard frame and one important
step when working with words or logos you need to flip the image so it reads
like a mirror I also made a custom little camo with my logo in there change
it so it looked like camo repeated the pattern and try to peak color I also
also thought it would be funny if I had to dip my face onto something so I asked
you guys on Instagram what I should do got a bunch of great answers and then
asked what color I should do for the camo and we’re gonna go with that one
the skull planners are now dry and the film that we printed on the laser
printer worked but the one on ancient did not so now we know after seeing your
guys’s comments I thought a air pod would be funny to do so we cut that bad
boy open and I also wanted to do some vans I’ll be cool and I only wanted to
do parts of the van like I won’t wanted that little swoosh done and so I do is
you just cover up with like masking tape the parts that you don’t want to be
hydrated so I cover that up and cut out the little squish
and then also said that the what are these called the shoelace holes thought
the shoelace holes would be cool and a little bandit crossed so did that all –
one shoe and taped off the second shoe added a clear primer and then let it dry
check out some silicon ear plugs to waterproof the air pods but also they
come with a free tattoo so I had to get them and we’re just gonna plug up the
holes and hopefully hopefully this works planted some tape over the top just as a
safety precaution and cut it off so that I could close it and add it’s more putty
to the charging port there like a razor to cut off the excess and then did the
same thing to the actual air Potts so once I got those all plugged up I added
some tape to that bottom part where it charges inside the case and then taped
off the hinge on the case and my hope with this clear primer is that it will
also cover cracks and help it be waterproof so without those dry and
started on those vans I only used half of the sheet of the film because I was
only gonna be you doing like half the shoe at a time you want to dip your
stuffs low and try not to get air bubbles and then once you have it in as
far as you want it just shake the thing you’re dipping and pull it out and I’m
do you know how to empty all the water of the shoe and that first half looked
pretty good so clean out the tank used a paper top of that and then add it the
next film and dip the second shoe then I dipped the second half of that first
shoe and in between dips I try to dry off the side that was dipping and like
give it a little bit of time to dry just hoping that that will help the the film
stick to the parts I want better so I put the shoes away to dry and time to
try out the air pods with that beautiful mug I try to dip at
an angle then the image didn’t match up perfectly and like I said I’m so shaky
but I think it I think it’s working so I clear off all the film around it
pull it up and time to set that aside to dry
next we’re gonna do are the air pods so I just got out little pieces of film to
match the size of their pods and dip them on in
I was holding it at the part that was taped off that way hoping to make it so
my fingers didn’t block off any of the spots where I wanted to be Hydra dipped all right so we’re gonna let those two
decide and dry and the last thing I did was this face on the bottom of my shoe
and those are hard because there’s a lot of places to get air bubbles I also
covered with a bag to help protect at the top and I tried to dip it at an
angle and really slowly trying to not get bubbles but we’ll see so then I did
the second shoe and when I put the film in it got some water on top and so I try
to read put it in and then and it just broke so I do that again this time I
thought was that if I dip the shoe and even more of an angle and even worse
though maybe that help even more earth air bubbles but in doing that I kind of
missed my mark and just got like beside my face which it’s it’s still fun all
right we’re done with that water so now with the shoes all dry I’m just gonna
add a coat of this matte clear and that’s gonna help protect it from
water and then I have to do the same thing to the air pots then once that all
dries I’m ready to take off the tape there are some spots where the spray
paint the top layer spectrum is trying to rip off like the entire hydro dip so
I had to be a little careful overall thought it looked good so just have to
do that the second shoe and add some shoe laces the air pots were a little
more tricky but for the most part I just took some of that earplug stuff and
smushed it against the other earplug stuff to pull it out on the spots where
it has been covered with spray paint I had to like cut the outside layer to get
the spray paint layer off and then I couldn’t use the putty to pull it out so
same thing with the earpods cut off that top layer and it seemed to work pretty
well hopefully it was sold up enough that it was waterproof and I didn’t ruin
these but the lights on so that’s a good sign
all right so I feel like the skull planter turned out pretty good it’s hard
to tie dirt it by totally random objects because like here on the back it’s white
so that’s one thing I learned also you have to use a printer that either uses
pigmented ink or toner this is a new jet printer so it did not work it’s water
soluble so it just ripped away when it dried and honestly I think my favorite
thing are bought on my shoes there were a bunch of air bubbles as well maybe if
I dipped it slower and more on an angle I would have felt better but I’m also
really pumped with how this removed leopard print turned out because I had
to do it one half at a time there is like kind of a weird seam on the front
and back but I don’t feel like it was super noticeable when I showed Romney
she told me I should dip the Aglets and so that’s we’re gonna do real quick it’s honestly such a rad touch it might
be my favorite thing about the leopard-print now well if you can see
them but pretty rad and as for the air pods I did the face I put it right there
on the seam I did that so I can make it talk and then their plot itself it I
thought looked pretty good there is a white spot but it’s on that side that’s
not gonna be seen so I’m not too worried about it but now to see if I didn’t ruin
them just getting that reactions fake I knew they worked because I had to sync
them to my phone and everything but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be giving away
and we’re gonna do this giveaway a little differently than how are you
doing good what have you guys do is share this video so like below the video
there’s that little button where you can either like copy the URL you can share
with a friend the message is someone Facebook
Instagram whatever and then leave a comment and I’ll pick one of you guys
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you think I should put on it

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