I Broke Dumb Laws In Front Of Police

I Broke Dumb Laws In Front Of Police

Is this like an anti-establishment thing or something? Britain is an old-fashioned, weird place. Every November, we burn a wooden effigy of a dude who tried to burn down Parliament hundreds of years ago. We turn people we like into Knights. However, the most ridiculous thing that we have is our laws If you wear a suit of armour in Parliament, they’re legally allowed to cut your head off This is ridiculous. That’s not the only dumb British law We’ve got tons of them, and I don’t even know if anyone takes these things seriously. So today I’m going to test that and try and break as many ancient British laws as possible in one day in front of policemen and hope that I don’t get arrested. Do you think that this is a suspicious fish?
– oh definitely You know, there’s a law where it’s illegal to handle a salmon suspiciously. I’ve got the salmon now I have to act suspiciously with it. He’s checking if his car’s locked. That’s how fucking creepy I look. – What’ve you got a fish for?
– Does it look suspicious to you? It doesn’t look suspicious but it looks interesting. It’s not suspicious? Alright I’ll I try harder to be more suspicious. The fuck is that?! Ladies and gentlemen, Would you like to see a man walking past with a fish? Pointless You don’t know if there’s a library nearby do you? Apparently, it’s illegal to gamble in a library. So me, stinking of salmon I’m gonna go and try and make someone bet with me in this library and break that law. ‘Scuse me, Do either of you gamble? Yes, gamble, like Blackjack. We don’t have to play for money if you don’t want to I’ve got a Sashimi-quality fish. ‘Scuse me, I’ve got a great game of Blackjack Sorry if I smell. How come you’re doing this? I’m trying to break as many ancient laws as I can in a day. You going again? Oof, bust. 10p for me. I was gambling in a library! I’m gonna walk right into that building there in a suit of armour. Something that apparently you’re supposed to get your head cut off for. – Hi there
– Is it a public gallery? Yes! Um, not sure… if the armour-
– you haven’t got a real sword have you? No, it’s plastic. Sorry, this has never happened! Have a look at the sign, make sure you don’t have any of these.
– I definitely don’t have any of those Why are you dressed as a knight? I’ve just been filming around the corner doing a kids TV thing. – Okay
– Amazing! I just went into Parliament wearing a suit of armour and I still have a head. Right, next one. You can’t shake out a dirty rug in public and also can’t wear an outrageous double ruff or be be sock-less within a hundred yards of the Queen Just shaking the rug Alright wearing a double ruff, being sock-less Is this like an anti-establishment thing or something? Are you filming now? There’s a law against singing a lewd ballad in public. I’m pretty sure Tony Blair lives around here. I’ll try and do a bit of improv. Just gonna sing a song – I’ve written a little song, if that’s okay? If you do it on the other side of the road, yeah. Okay Tony, Tony How are you today? Tony boy Tony, please come out and play You look like a marshmallow Our eyes meet over the piano. Oh I’d love to nestle my head on your Fluffy chest Tony boy, Tony come out and play Well I sang about hooking up with Tony Blair to his window. I guess that’s lewd – that’s another law broken another off the list So stupid I’ve never been to Downing Street before 10 Downing Street: residence of the Prime Minister

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  1. I've lived in England for a couple of years, and I have learned that the British law-enforcement are the most respectable people you will ever come across. Truly there to protect and to serve. The whole world can learn from them when it comes to law-enforcement standards.

  2. misleading to say that the police did not act. The salmon wasn't really that suspicious. The song wasn't obscene enough. The man was only allowed in parliament after police learned that the armour is just plastic. He hasn't been caught gambling in a library. He was confronted by the police about he rug.Only the cop at No. 10 really failed his job.

  3. Question One: How would one go about holding a salmon "suspiciously"? Would putting a hand in its mouth and a finger in its butt at the same time be suspicious? Question Two: What happened in the past to make this a law?

    Inquiring minds want, no, need to know.

  4. Did the Officers seriously just watch him carry that salmon suspiciously??
    Honestly, our law is in shambles…

  5. 5:27 in Washington youd be shot dead, then handcuffed,tickled and feathered if you dares to even think about knocking on the white house door…..'murica!!

  6. how can you say you went into Parliament wearing a plastic suit? its not armor at all….
    and suit of armor doesnt mean just the armor it means with a weapon too

  7. I am honestly lying awake at night, terrified of the prospect of what Ooba Butler will do next. This man is outrageous. I assume at some point there will be a youtube video of "Ooba Butler visiting his youtube comment critics with a film crew", completely disregarding any EU regulation about data protection.

  8. Last one with the police man laughing was my favourite, they must witness all kinds of stuff at 10 downing St but to see a simple knocks and an abscure run off might make their day, it seemed to

  9. Person in Video: If you wear a suit of armor in Parliament they are legally allowed to cut your head off.

    Person in Video: It's plastic.
    Person in Video: I'm doing a kids TV thing.

    LMFAO. Plastic suit and obviously plastic balls instead of balls of steel.


  11. Knock a door and running is still happening. It's anti social behaviour. You've never been a kid in brittain if you've never done it 😂

  12. I just watched some intense documentaries about drugs that make you lose your free will and this was perfect to make me kinda forget that

  13. You may be in your own home, but that does not mean you can swan around naked. Yes, it is illegal to be naked in your own home – but with a caveat. Under Section 27A of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, Chapter 184, a person cannot be naked in a private place while being exposed to public view. This law came into effect in Feb 27, 1996.
    This is a wierd law in Singapore

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