– How much you pay for them? – [Latoya] Alright, so
the slides were 800. – What?
– [Latoya] (laughing) – You flickin’ crazy? ♪ I’ll be waiting, won’t give up on ♪ ♪ You, you ♪ ♪ I am waiting, always waiting for ♪ ♪ You, you ♪ – Good morning huntys and huncles! Say goodmorning! – Yo, what’s up huntys, huncles. – Listen, I am so
excited right now because LG just sent us this TV right here, it’s called the LG OLED
4K TV, I am obsessed, we just got it installed,
you guys, it’s 4k, you guys. – [Adam] 55 inches. – [Latoya] 55 inches and
look at how thin it is, I was so shocked, when
I saw pictures of it, I’m like, Adam, is it really that thin? – It’s dope.
– [Latoya] I don’t believe it. But then we got it in person, and I’m like yo, that is
not even real what it is. Anyways, you guys, look at
that honey, look at that honey, look at how real that honey look like I just wanna lick it right now. (laughing) It’s nuts and it has this crazy cool technology called Thin QAI, where you can simply just talk to the TV just by pressing this mic
right here on the remote. So, when I press it, watch, hold on, let me turn you guys around. Look at how crisp that is,
I’m so excited about this TV, I want the TV in my room, actually. But anyways, okay, let
me press the microphone. Turn on Latoya’s Life on Youtube. Watch this you guys, how
dope is that, you guys? That is so cool, I am so lazy
and I hate searching sometimes like manually, I’m like L A T O– this is an amazing technology and I think it’s so
amazing for people like me. – [Adam] Show me, show me
movies with Will Smith. – [Latoya] Watch this
you guys, watch this. Isn’t that insane?
I love it, I love it. (laughing) It just looks so real. I watched a movie on this TV the other day and it’s like you can’t
even go back to regular, basic TV anymore, you know. This is a 2018 4K television, like, it doesn’t get better than
this in this household, you know what I’m saying? You guys, I’m about to make some lunch, Adam, he never knows what he wants and I never know what I want, so it’s like we’re out here just starving. So do you have anything on your mind? – Just eating air.
– Just eating air, nothing. – Um, I don’t know, pasta.
– Pasta? – Something with shrimps, I don’t know. – Okay, let’s get some help here. Um, what should we eat you guys? Turn on chicken alfredo recipe. – On Youtube.
– Yeah, on Youtube. Yes, look at all those
recipes that popped up. Gordon Ramsey is really good. – [Adam] I want that rasta pasta. – [Latoya] Where? Oh, ha! That’s probably some jerk chicken, yes, jerk chicken alfredo, okay.
Adam? You have some– – Rasta pasta it is. – Rasta man, go put on the
rasta man wig downstairs. – (laughing) – Anyways, shout outs to LG
for sponsoring today’s video, I’m so excited for this television and I’ll leave a link in
the description box below so you can check out
more features on the TV. Why am I so close to you guys?
Anyways, let’s start our day. (mellow dance beat) – Say good morning, Derome. – Morning, what’s up? – Yes, so anyways, we’re in Saks Fifth and I’ve been dying for these sock shoes, these Balenciaga sock
shoes and they’re so cute. Do you guys think I should get them? Look at these, I feel like
every Instagram thot has these. (laughing) – You’re not gonna wear them
like the Instagram thot. – Okay, I feel like the
reason why I want them is because the way they
rock them is so fire online. – They’re so fresh. – So they inspired this decision, which I don’t know why because
they are quite expensive. – I don’t know, I feel
like they’re so fresh, they’re sporty, so– – [Latoya] Okay, so I should get them? Damn, you look good in
this lighting right here? – Oh, really?
– [Latoya] Yes, you fresh. Okay, are we gonna get them? We’re gonna get them,
right huntys and huncles? Do you think Adam’s gonna
kill me, does it matter? – [Derome] Adam’s gonna
want a pair for himself. – He’s gonna want a pair? Okay, I think we should get him a pair. – You matching? – [Latoya] On your card, right? (slide whistle)
(laughing) – [Derome] You know what? – Okay, we’re gonna get these for me. I seriously can’t with Derome, we can’t be friends anymore because– – You guys– – Everything that I like, he likes. He’s supposed to help control my spending. – I thought I would be able to help you, but I feel like we convince each other. – [Latoya] Yeah, we do, really do. – I’m like the worst. – Because, at first, he was
like no you shouldn’t get these. Look at these, you guys. These Balenciaga slides,
because they’re quite expensive, but then we were like, no– – I was trying to be
practical and then she– – Can you hand me that?
– Exactly, they’re fire. – They’re fire. – [Derome] She showed me a
picture, they’re gonna be fire. – Wait why can’t we just get
the ones from H&M, though? And then, black ones and
then write Balenciaga on it. – Bruh. Bruh. – We just went up into the fur
coat section, tell me why– – They’re the price of a car. – Yeah, no, literally
$46,000 plus tax, bruh? That’s at least 60k right there. For a coat?
– That is crazy. – For an animal? That is so mean, I can’t wear fur. – Yeah, sable.
What is a sable, you guys? – What’s sable, you guys? Comment below if you know
what animal sable is. Is that an animal? – I don’t know, it was just really soft. – Must be a luxury, like,
extinct kind of animal. That’s going extinct. – But can we talk about how
she came out of nowhere? – Out of nowhere, yo.
– She was like, hello. I was like, um, excuse me. – She was ready, she was ready
to get that commission, bruh. – I know.
– Then she saw me. (laughing) – And then she was like–
– Nevermind. Let me just go back to
my behind the counter because she aint’ buying
shit, you’re damn right. Fifty thousand, (dissapproving noise). – That is too funny.
– That’s crazy. – [Derome] What do you think of this? Because I know you said
you like this, but– – This is cute, you know
what, I’m gonna try this on because I’ve been wanting this– – [Derome] Latoya, this is more fabric than there is of you, like– – I could rock this with
a cute little mini skirt. – [Derome] (laughing)
– You know, like– – [Derome] Why do you look like– – Where did that mirror go?
– [Derome] No, no. I cannot deal with you. (laughing) – This is cute. – [Derome] No, you need to put that back. – I wanna wear this out. – [Derome] First of all,
are you a firefighter? (laughing) – It really does look like that. – [Derome] I know. – Are we acting hood up in this store? – [Derome] Who cares, there’s nobody here. (in store music) I cannot deal, okay, this
is the runway, let’s go. (in store music) – That’s how they walk.
– [Derome] Okay, Naomi. – She ain’t got nothing on me. – [Derome] (laughing) – Her, Winnie Harlow, all them. Ain’t got shit on me, I’m coming through. – [Derome] Right?
– I’m the next supermodel. – [Derome] The next supermodel of Youtube. – (laughing) – I just want to say that we are under the budget that you set for me. – [Latoya] Yes, we are under the budget, so we’re good.
– By a lot. – We’re under the budget, we
got some really cute stuff. – [Latoya] Yeah, we got two pair. We got the sliders, the
slides and the sock shoes. So yeah, I’m happy
because I’ve wanted these. – You’re like Cardi B. – [Latoya] How does the song go again? – I want the Balenciagas, the
ones that look like socks. – Right, there we go.
– [Derome] That’s you. – That’s me, ah. It’s about time, because every
time I went to the stores, they always were sold out of my size. – Like girl.
– Yeah, so. – So, it was just meant to be.
– So, it was meant to be. – [Derome] You know
what, it was meant to be. – I’m happy.
It would have been perfect, like I could have ran out
in the red Balenciaga jacket and I could have put out
the fire with them, dog. That could have been me, man. I could have been a firefighter today. – You would have tripped
over the material, it would have been like what
is that floating jacket doing? – [Latoya] (laughing) – It would have caught on fire, you’re creating more
problems than helping. (twinkling tone) – [Latoya] Okay, we’re at
Afla and Amanda’s house. Zara, come smile! I thought you were gonna take a picture. – Okay! – [Latoya] Okay, smile!
Say cheese! Samiya, say cheese!
– Cheese! – [Latoya] Ya’ll are so cute. – Yes, huntys and
huncles, what is going on? Second time back at Afla’s
house in like three days. He was arguing and complaining
that I never visit, so here I am again, ya feel me. – Baby number three.
– Oh, wow, no. – She’s, such a good bubba.
– She’s such an amazing baby. – Why you so good girl? – She’s just, watch her smile, ya’ll. – Look at her, she just wanna smile. – I like babies.
– Isn’t she so sweet? – I like babies.
I like to play with babies. – You love to play with
babies, give her a huggie. – [Adam] Nice and gentle, though. – You want another sister?
– Yeah. – Or brother?
– Yeah. – You want a sister or brother? – I want a girl like this. – (laughing) You want a girl like this? Okay. – Afla.
– [Afla] Yo. – Come, please.
Say hi to everybody. – Hi everybody.
– [Latoya] Can I have Mia? – Please take her.
– [Latoya] (laughing) – Because you have no problems
producing more, I know. – And she’s such a good bub. – [Afla] Why, you got
problems producing, brother? (dramatic noise) – Listen, I’m gonna act
like I got a problem, sure, I got a problem, I ain’t
producing no more babies, yes. I’m gonna leave that all to you. – [Latoya] Let’s go pick
up Zane, I miss him. – God has given you this strength, you gotta use it, brother. – ♪ Stand up for your
rights, stand up, stand up. ♪ Listen, when it stand up, I
tell it to sit yo ass down. (laughing)
– [Latoya] Yeah right. You definitely don’t.
– What? – Lord.
– Why you [Unintelligible] – You definitely don’t. – When it stands up for its rights, I say sit down for your left. – He’s a jack rabbit, you guys. – I say sit down for your left. – [Afla] Lit. – [Adam] She looking at me
like you lying son of a gun. (laughing) (mellow hip hop beat) – [Latoya] Grandma?
– Uh huh? – [Latoya] What do you think
of my new, my latest purchases? These are called Balenciagas,
they’re sock shoes. – [Grandma] Yeah. – [Latoya] And then I got
these Balenciaga slides. Do you like them? – Yeah, they alright, how
much you pay for them? – [Latoya] Alright, so
the slides where 800. – What?
– [Latoya] (laughing) – You flickin’ crazy?
Or stupid? – [Latoya] And the–
– Eh? – [Latoya] And the sock shoes
were nine hundred and fifteen. – Okay, come, let me take you
to, come, to see a doctor. You going effing crazy,
something wrong with you? You no, no, no, no, no.
Nah, nah, nah, nah. I wouldn’t even pay 99 cent.
– [Latoya] (laughing) – I wouldn’t pay 99 cents
for them flickin’ shoes. – Yeah but grandma, you know
that I live in like slides. And so, I thought I would invest in a good comfortable pair of slides. The running shoes, it was just something– – Eh, look how good, comfortable, here. – [Latoya] (laughing) Oh,
those are nice and warm. I like these, how much
did you pay for these? (cash register ching) – Three ninety nine. – (laughing) – Who the–
Are you crazy or stupid? You going out your effin head. You stupid? No, no no, let me get off
on you here, tonight, today. – [Latoya] Should I return them? – I’m gonna change my clothes and then I’m going to the mall. – [Latoya] Should I return them? – Yes!
– [Latoya] Huntys, huncles, do you think I should return these shoes? What do you think?
– [Grandma] What the hell– – [Latoya] Did I make a bad purchase? – Bad.
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. What the hell?
Are you kidding me? They have no style or nothing? – [Latoya] (laughing)
– Look at this. What the hell is this? (shoe hitting the floor) Are you kidding me?
– [Latoya] (laughing) – I think you going off. You going off, Toya,
no, no, no, no, no, no. No, this is not a joke.
Money is very hard to come by. How the hell you could buy shit? – Grandma they’re so cute
and they’re comfortable. – [Grandma] What, so? – [Latoya] So we’re keeping them, we’re gonna add them to my collection. – The money that I would take
to buy those pair of shits, I would put it on my bank account, that’s what you should do.
Because they’re pure shit. (“Pretty Brown Eyes” by 11:11)

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