INOV-8 F-LITE G 300 Training Shoe – First Look and Fit – Versus Metcon 5 and Reebok Nano 9

INOV-8 F-LITE G 300 Training Shoe – First Look and Fit – Versus Metcon 5 and Reebok Nano 9

Hi this is tim from Fit At and today we have the F-LITE G 300 the new CrossFit training shoe from Inov-8. This shoe claims to have Graphene Grip. We’re gonna tell you what that is but we’re also gonna compare it to the Reebok Nano 9 and the Metcon 5. This is a first look unboxing, so stick around. Alright let’s take a look at the F Lite G 300 from Inov-8. This is a new functional fitness, CrossFit style training shoe from Inov-8. They are calling this their toughest training shoe and they are claiming that it has Graphene Grip you can see that on the label on the outsole it also says that on the drop-in insole so real quick let’s let’s talk about what is graphene? What does that mean? So graphene is a carbon-based material – it is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms. It is very thin, it is very light, it is flexible but it is hundreds of times stronger than steel for an equivalent amount of material. And so what they’re claiming with this shoe is that the outsole is graphene infused and that there is a internal lifting stabilizer in the midsole that is also graphene infused. So first of all graphing infused means there’s some graphene in here clearly this is you know rubber material of some sort in the graphene you know is some amount of that material will it be something you can feel a difference and you’re gonna realize or is it just marketing hype and buzzwords? I’m not sure. They claim it makes the shoe very tough that definitely may be the case this is a first look this is an unboxing I can’t tell you how durable these are just yet although I will say they do feel like they will be a very durable shoe just everything feels very thick and sturdy and and well constructed. So that’s the Graphene Grip component of the shoe so with that discussion out of the way let’s do a tour of the features of the shoe so starting with the upper 0 it is a knit engineered upper it is a single layer of material at least here in the forefoot the tongue area where the tongue would be there is no tongue in the shoe you can see my finger through the mesh that’s as breathable as it gets I like this single layer knit shoes because it is lighter and more breathable and I work out in an un-air conditioned garage in Florida so every little bit helps for sure. The material is doubled up in the heel area however I don’t think that’s a issue of any sort the shoe has no tongue as I’ve mentioned there is a pull tab so that’s easier to put on I especially like that and the heel comes up quite high I am a fan of shoes that do this it fits my foot better and I’ll discuss how some other shoes handle this later on in this video. We’ve got regular laces but they are integrated with this TPU cage this is a very top but flexible thermoplastic. This is used frequently in shoes and you can basically see the function you tighten the laces and this tightens up around your foot so very secure good feel locked in fit it definitely delivers on that. I have worn these around a little bit but this is a first look so I don’t have full thoughts on fit and feel just yet you can see the Inov-8 logo on the heel and you can see that these shoes have “Rope Tec” which is the rope climbing assistant if you will. This is the outsole material actually it looks like the “Rope Tec” this is actually feels like it’s a different material than this part of the outsole but this is still top and this is right where you would be gripping a rope when you climb and so it keeps the friction from the rope off of the delicate or the more delicate upper of the shoe and that is called “Rope Tec” in Inov-8 terms you can see it also has like tread like pattern on there to help for better grip I imagine on the outsole you can see it is labeled Graphene Grip we have the Inov-8 logo you can see there’s two different materials here these are not just different in color they are different compounds of some sort for sure this feels grippier then the lighter tan or gum color does rather you can see flex grooves they call the meta flex and you can see there’s some grooves along the horizontal as well overall this is sort of your typical indoor gym shoe style outsole these aren’t very deep right this isn’t an alternate terrain pattern or anything like that but these are not trail shoes these are cross trainers that you would mostly use in the gym the outsole material up front there’s some give to this I can compress it fairly easily with my thumb’s but not too much being a training shoe this does not have a ton of cushioning in the heel this is a different story so this is very stiff I cannot compress this with my thumb’s like I can in the forefoot and this is exactly what you would expect in a modern cross trainer – stable in the heel minimal cushion so that when you’re squatting, when you’re dead lifting, when you’re doing cleans, jerks, snatches you can do all those things with heavy weights and you’re not smashing your foot around in the in the cushioning of the shoe but at the same time you have more cushion up front so when you’re sprinting, running, jumping, jump rope, etc you get enough cushion up there so that again pretty par for the course for a training shoe in the year 2020 the other feature is there is a sort of a toe guard here good for burpees and things like that where you’re on the contacting the ground with the toe when this will help make the shoe extra tough in that regard as well and that’s our basic tour of the F Lite G 300. Okay so let’s talk about fit and feel and again this is a first look so I’ve only worn these minimally – these are a men’s 11.5 – they weigh 12.8 ounces which is par for the course for a training shoe. These are usually heavier than running shoes because there’s more to them more stable materials all this kind of stuff that adds up adds weight how does it fit and 11.5 fits me well and that’s the same size that I wear in the Nike Metcon 5 – it is a tiny bit long for me I could probably get away with an 11 but the width feels okay. Inov-8 has a fit scale it’s a 1 to 5 rating on how wide the shoe is – they give this a 5 so this is one of their widest shoes so if you have wide feet you can see the toe box is pretty wide this is probably a pretty good shoe to try the heel to toe drop on these that is the difference in height between your heel and your toes is 6 millimeters so that is sometimes called the offset or the profile but I call it the heel to toe drop. Six millimeters that is significantly less than most running shoes that come in about 10 millimeters it’s a lot less than a “lifter” like the Nike Romaleos 3 which is 20 millimeter drop – but it is a little bit more drop than the Metcon and the Nano shoe line the fit and feel of these is pretty good again it’s a trainer shoe it’s moderately heavy it’s not like like a like a running shoe would be it feels good it feels sturdy I’m happy with an 11.5 although it again it might be a tiny bit long I would say you probably want to order these in your normal size and I think that’s gonna work I don’t think these are exceptionally narrow shoes or anything like that so let’s now compare the F-Lite G 300 to the Reebok Nano 9 you can see that there are a lot of similarities in the basic layout in shape of these shoes both are from a knit or weaved type of material the main difference with the G 300 this is here in the forefoot this is feel it’s it’s single layer it’s pretty thick but it is definitely a single layer material the Nano 9 is FlexWeave of course a very tough good material but it is like a double layer so there’s a interior kind of I can pull the Flex weave material away from the other inner layer of material and to me and it you know it makes it a little heavier it makes it breathe a little less well again this is first look having one of these extensively but that’s usually my first take both shoes have regular laces the Nano 9 has a thickly padded tongue the G 300 does not it is less padding and there’s no tongue really the G 300 incorporates the TPU cage to ensure a secure fit the Nano doesn’t really have the same sort of mechanism or equivalent but I typically like with laces I don’t really have an issue with these not fitting tightly or securely for the most part the heel in both shoes comes up pretty high I like that in both that feels good for the particular shape of my heel at least both have a kind of a front guard on the toe both have a sort of wraparound area for rope climb. I do think the G 300 looks like it would be more effective for that purpose though so the Nanos got some wrap around here it’s got the rubber protection wrap but you know it doesn’t it doesn’t look to me like they really designed this specifically for rope climbs if that’s an issue for you most people don’t climb rope so it’s not a big deal anyways for the outsole a lot of similarities the Nano 9 uses a two-piece outsole that provides better heel to toe movement at least that’s why Reebok claims it’s on there and both are an indoor style outsole so again not deep lugs there’s flex grooves they’re relatively flat grippy because you want stability in traction when you’re lifting heavy weights you’re jumping running etc, on concrete that’s kind of the thing that you want in the toe box area the it’s it’s hard to tell here but the the Reebok and I can’t really measure this maybe I should but the Reebok Nano 9 still feels like the widest shoe you can get for a cross trainer the only exception being maybe the Free x Metcon 2 is pretty wide as well but then the Reebok to me this is a size 11 men’s 11 by the way so still very wide the G 300 again rated on Inov-8s fit scale as a wide shoe is also wide not quite as wide though if I just if I had to eyeball it which I am you know that’s where I would say 12.8 ounces this is mid 13 ounce so you know typical training shoe weights and as far as feel on the foot the Reebok Nano 9 is a belief it’s a dual density midsole there’s a thin drop-in insole in here but it feels pretty good it doesn’t have the difference in density though like the Metcon 5 the does at least for me you can’t feel as clearly the difference between the heel and the forefoot which is very pronounced in the met con fly in the G 300 and again first look just got these you can feel that lifting internal lifting stabilizer that they’ve built into the midsole you can feel that it feels like a block in the heel and you can feel there’s a definitely tangible difference between the forefoot in the heel and so you know it doesn’t feel as seamless so to speak but you know what do you want do you want that really stable heel then this definitely has that so I have not lifted in these yet but I can tell you absolutely this is going to be fine for squatting, deadlifting, clean, jerk, snatch dumbbells, kettlebells, all that stuff this shoe is absolutely going to work for that running I’m not sure if it’s gonna be it’s a trainer it’s not gonna be a stellar running shoe none of them are because they don’t have very much cushioning I if I had to guess I’d say it’s not gonna be a awesome running trainer like the Free X Metcon – in my opinion the G 300 it does have this thin drop-in insole this is very thin and grippy this doesn’t do a whole lot because it’s pretty small as you can see the midsole that internal lifting stabilizer is here in the shoe you can’t remove that part or anything like that okay so let’s compare the F Lite G 300 to the Nike Metcon 5 in my opinion the Metcon 5 is the shoe to beat in the CrossFit shoe game for the year 2019 and 2020. It is very good and you’ll notice at first there’s you know a lot of similarities there the same basic layout the upper on the Metcon 5 is there’s a mesh with a 3d haptic print that varies in density so you get more print down here we have where you get less print here where you don’t have as much wear for better durability this is a dual layer material and I mean there’s an inner layer that I can pull apart from this outer layer so it’s a dual layer material contrast that with the G 300 again single layer pretty light pretty looks breathable especially in the tongue area you can see my finger through their regular laces on both the metcon 5 has Nike’s FlyWire system integrated with the laces these might look weak like weak little threads they’re not there Vectran filaments they run through the body of the shoe if you can see that there so when you tighten up the laces it tightens up the fit I like Flywire a lot I like regular laces I like FlyWire the g300 of course has this TPU cage it’s big it’s tough and it does the same thing so FlyWire versus the cage this probably weighs more than these little Vectran filaments but this is a 12.8 ounce size 11 and 1/2 men’s 11 half men’s this weighs mid 13s about 13.6 ounces so this the metcon 5 is to have your shoe and part of that might be you look at the “Rope Tec” on the g300 it’s not huge it’s huge on the metcon 5 and it’s not bad because it looks good but I do think that extra amount of this tough outsole I do think that’s one of the things that drives the weight up on these shoes and how many people actually climb ropes? so you know do you really need that do you care you’ll notice both have a very similar tread pattern on the rope climb area and I would imagine both of these are probably pretty good at rope climbs but again I don’t rope climb I don’t have a rope. Otherwise a lot of similarities again these are trainers the heel is firm the forefoot is more traction more cushioning and that’s done in two ways in the Metcon 5 there’s actually two different rubber compounds in use in the heel you get RS001 which is more firm more durable up front you have RS004 for sticky better traction but less durable as we mentioned earlier the forefoot rubber this is compressible easily with my thumb right to about here and then I can’t compress the heel these expect to be very good weight lifting shoes because of that because of the heel two different compounds in use this gum colored in the actual outsole part I imagine this is the part that is graphene enhanced or infused and you can see that there are flex grooves in the forefoot on both shoes for the midsole again the midsole on the g300 is built into the shoe you can’t take it out there’s an internal lifting stabilizer in the heel that is graphene enhanced and in the Metcon 5 we have the dual density drop in midsole which is removable and if you haven’t seen this this is what it looks like it is very clearly two different pieces of foam this up here very soft very squishy this back here very durable or excuse me very firm and you can see that the difference so that is one of the things I like I like about the Metco 5 I do like the softer forefoot i but I do like the heel because I do lift a lot of weights I would have to say I do more weights than I do jumping, running, sprinting, box jumps, jump rope etc but then metcon 5 very versatile shoe for that reason because of the dual density and I think it’s a shoe to beat this year so you know this again being a first look I’m not going to try to give a definitive pronouncement on which one is better but they’re similar I think this will be an excellent weight lifting shoe as well and I think it’ll be passable for cardio jump, jumping, running, etc. Heel to toe drop on the Metcon 5 is 4 millimeters. It’s 6 millimeters here probably not a difference you could feel but technically they are different and also the Metcon 5 comes with hyperlifts This is a wedge you drop in and it adds eight millimeters of heel to toe drop. In the women’s shoe it adds six millimeters of heel to toe drop in the women’s shoes so the wedges are smaller for the women’s but you can see how that works so basically this gives you more heel raise makes it more like a lifter and then all those deep squatting movements the shoes will you know it’s easier that’s that’s why lifter says have a huge heel because it’s easier to get deep on the squats especially in the movements that require a ton of ankle flexion like pistol squats. so pistol squats, one-legged squats ,people are using the hyperlift for that move in particular because it requires such an extreme amount of ankle flexion as compared to say like a squat if you’re not going far below parallel you don’t need a ton of ankle flexion so that is a cool thing about the metcon 5 that it comes with the hyperlifts what I don’t like about hyperlift is once you put this in your foot your heel sits up higher in the shoe I don’t like that this is not doesn’t come up very high in the metcon 5 in contrast to g 300 the heel comes up very high I like this better this would work will work it feels better for me on my foot in but that’s personal preference it’s not like my foot is gonna pop out of the shoe but it does especially when I have the hyper lifts in it feels like my heels gonna pop out of the shoe it’s somewhat uncomfortable the heel part on the g300 pretty unremarkable there’s nothing really special here it’s something you know it’s stiff it’s firm so it doesn’t deform when you’re lifting heavy weights there’s just the regular sole material here handstand push-ups on the Metcon 5 you have a knife edge and this is meant to minimize drag against the wall that slick TPU there don’t really have anything here but this to me doesn’t look like it would be too bad I’m not really sure how well that part works on the Metcon 5 anyways and so that’s our comparison of the g300 to the Metcon 5 alright so in summary the F Lite G 300 is the newest crossfit style training shoe from Inov-8 . It uses graphene carbon material to enhance both the outsole in the midsole combined with a very firm heel this should probably make a very good weightlifting shoe. Again ,this is a first look haven’t used them yet but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess they’re gonna work just great the forefoot has more cushioning as you would expect in a training shoe and we’ve got other features like the TPU cage these fit nice they feel like they would accommodate a wide variety of foot widths this is rated as one of Inov-8s widest shoes and overall they feel pretty good they are expensive right now they are a $150 which is significantly more expensive than the Metcon 5 or the Nano 9 but overall I think they’re pretty good so check back in a few weeks we will have and on foot test results comparison and more thoughts about these shoes if you like this sort of stuff please subscribe we post new hands on shoe reviews regularly thank you have a good day.

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  2. I have trail running G260s and graphene is amazing on dry surfaces. I have hundreds of miles on them and there's literally no wear on them.

  3. Like them but they look extremely sturdy…are they good for movements like Burpees, box jumps, running? Thanks and keep up the good work!

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