Jayson Tatum’s Unbelievable Sneaker Game

Jayson Tatum’s Unbelievable Sneaker Game

Having your own shoe is the
ultimate sign of NBA success. And there are a lot of them. But one player, Jayson
Tatum of the Boston Celtics, is taking his sneaker game to
a level previously unreached. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] ANNOUNCER: They said
it was impossible. They said it couldn’t be done. They said a basketball
shoe couldn’t cost $1,000. They were wrong. Introducing the Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand, the first basketball
shoe that costs $1,000. $500 each. ANNOUNCER: The Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand is the first shoe scientifically
engineered to cost $1,000. Its aerodynamic design lifts the
money right out of your wallet, making you lighter to
increase your vertical leap. That’s just money science. ANNOUNCER: The Jayson
Tatum Baby Grand. Isn’t it time
you spent $1,000? ANNOUNCER: Available at
Rich Dick’s Sporting Goods. [APPLAUSE] Congratulations for finally
tearing that wall down, Jayson. If you like that video, click
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42 thoughts on “Jayson Tatum’s Unbelievable Sneaker Game”

  1. I wonder if they shot this way ahead of time assuming Jayson Tatum and the Celtics would be in the finals right now… or would be be looking at "Million Dollar VanVeekers"?

  2. WOW! love Jimmy Kimmel. When I watched this video there were 666 views, and it is !2:15 am. He should do a youtube shoutout

  3. How dare you copy Apple's USP of spending/paying $1000 on something useless

  4. I wear only the trendiest sneakers made in the poorest countries by the youngest children. Sure, they only cost $1000, but a human life is priceless, and 3 minors died due to poor working conditions in the factory on the day these were made.

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