Jennifer Hudson Threw Her Shoe at a Contestant on The Voice

Jennifer Hudson Threw Her Shoe at a Contestant on The Voice

on your first season as a judge on “The Voice.” Last time we saw you,
you were just about to start. -Yes.
-And are you enjoying it? -I am having too much fun. -Too much fun.
-Too much fun. -That´s great.
-It´s amazing. -Do you have a strategy?
Have you developed a strategy? -[ Sighs ] Yes, I have. But I don´t want
to give it away, ´cause I know Adam and Blake
both are watching. -Yeah.
[ Light laughter ] You think like —
So, now, you think… [ Laughter ] …they´re so —
they´re so set on winning that they´re following
your every move. They´re watching tape on you. They´re saying, “If we can find
out anything” — Yeah. -They might want to watch J-Hud,
you know, ´cause everybody wants to win. And then you cannot forget —
they´re — they are the vets. They´re the bookends
of the show. -Yeah. -So they´re a bit
ahead of the game. And I´m playing catchup. And when I do,
oh, they better look out. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, interesting. -[ Chuckles ]
-Interesting. Do you — Did —
Now, is someone like Blake — He´s a very kind person.
-He really is. -He´s been here, so I know he´s desperate to win,
but, also, very kind. Does he gave you any advice
on the coaching side? -Yeah, he told me once that
I didn´t pitch hard enough. He´s like, “You got to —
You got to fight, like, battle.” And I´m, like, one minute,
I think I´m coach– I think I´m pitching, and I think I´m, like,
battling it out. And he´s like, “Jennifer,
you´re not pitching hard enough. You´ve got to go harder.” And I´m like,
“I´m not doing enough?” Because Miley —
she doesn´t stop. -Yeah. -Like, that girl
is a firecracker, y´all. -Yeah.
-Like, she goes on and on. And I´ll say my piece, I´ll say
two cents, and I think I´m done. And Blake is like,
“Jennifer, keep pitching. You´re not pitching
hard enough.” And I´m like…
And she´s still going. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Well, that´s very —
I mean, that´s exhausting. Trying to keep up with Miley
must be exhausting. -[ Chuckling ] It is.
-She is — -She can talk!
-She is — -I can talk, too,
but she can really talk. -She can really talk.
She has boundless energy… -Yes. Yes. -…in my experiences
with Miley. You had met her years ago…
-Uh-huh. -…at
Pharrell´s birthday party. -[ Chuckles ] Yes. -By the way, that is where
I want all cool people to meet. [ Cheers and applause ] Like, that — that´s
the best place to meet anyone. -It is,
because Pharrell is cool. -Yeah, he is the coolest.
-Yeah, she was twerking, though. -She was twerking.
-She was twerking. -And how — when you saw
her twerking, was your — Did you think, “Oh,
I should go twerk with her?” Did you think — -I tried it.
-You did? -But that is not for me.
-It didn´t work out? [ Laughter ]
-It did not work out. -Interesting. -I will leave it to Miley.
-Whoa. -But she had it down. She was
on the floor, everything. -Gotcha.
[ Laughter ] How quickly —
-Sorry, Miley. -How quickly into your twerking
did you think, “Oh, this is not for me”? -I gave it up quite fast,
because nothing moved. -Okay. -My knee.
-Your knee moved? -Y´all don´t want me to get up
and try to twerk. I don´t even know what that is. But, no,
it didn´t work out for me. -I think, yeah, if your knee
is the only thing moving, you´re doing it wrong.
-That was the only thing moving. -And I know very — I know
very little about twerking. [ Laughter ] But I know enough
to know that´s not great. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -I want to see you twerk.
Okay. -Oh, no, you don´t want
to see me twerk. If you see me twerk, I will have
to get my ACL replacement. [ Laughter ] You did something on the show
that I get — I will be honest — you —
you — you threw your shoe. This is a photo of you. Someone was singing.
They finished their song. I believe it was
“Try a Little Tenderness.” Was that the song?
-Yes. -Which is —
was incredibly well sung. And then you threw your shoe,
which — I will be honest — if I was onstage
and a shoe came up… [ Laughter ] …I´d think that was
an unsatisfied customer. -No!
-Okay, interesting. -It is a compliment.
-It is a compliment. -Well, at J-Hud Productions,
it´s a compliment. -Gotcha.
-Come on, now. [ Cheers and applause ] If you move me enough that I remove my shoe
to throw it at you, you have done something
just amazing. -That´s fanta– -Like, it´s equivalent
to a standing ovation. -Interesting.
-Yeah. -Has this been your — Has anyone
ever thrown a shoe at you? -Oh, yes.
-Okay. -I did — I had an audition
for a tour with Barry Manilow, like, I don´t know
how many years ago that was. And I sang a song. And the people who
I was auditioning in front of — they literally threw everything
at me off of the desk. -Wow!
[ Light laughter ] -And I was just standing there
like, “Oh, my God.” It was shoes. It was notebooks.
It was pens and everything. They was like,
“Girl, you better sing!” [ Laughter ]
-That´s great. -So when somebody´s singing
for me… -You get — yeah.
-…you might catch a shoe. And if I could get this boot off
right now… -Yeah, well, that´s —
[ Laughter ] Now, this is interesting, because was noticing your boots
as you came in. It would seem — Now, do you
ever think before a night, “Hey, I might see something
I really like. I should wear shoes
that are easy to get off”? [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, I´ll say this. If I — If I — the next time
I go to see you live, I´m just gonna wear Crocs, ´cause I want to get them —
get them off. [ Laughter ]
They´re soft. If I should accidentally hit you
in the head, you´ll be fine. -Maybe I should carry one
in my purse. -[ Laughing ] Yeah, exactly.
Well, that would be great. A purse shoe —
that´s what you need. [ Laughter ]
-A purse shoe. -And then people will say,
“Did Jennifer like you?” And they´ll say,
“Well, she threw a shoe, but it was in her purse.”
-“She threw a shoe.” Right, right.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-But I would bring one. But, no, I don´t,
because it´s — it comes from, like — music is
so moving and powerful to me… -Uh-huh. -…that it literally dictates
my every emotion. And I don´t even know
I threw my shoe at you. -Oh, really? -And if you´re close enough,
you might get hit. But it´s a compliment. -Oh, so you´re like — You, like, have a moment
where you are out of body. -I am out of body.
-Yeah. -Like the time when I threatened
Blake and Adam on the show and I told them,
“Don´t you turn around.” -[ Laughs ]
-Like, that — It was like
an out-of-body experience. Like, “I´m so sorry.
I didn´t mean to hit you. I didn´t mean to threaten you.
I didn´t mean to throw a shoe.” [ Laughter ] But it´s just how
the song moves me, music — Y´all might understand —
the band. -Yeah. Yeah.
-Like, music moves me in a unique, special way.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Well — -But it´s all
out of passion and love. -And I can say,
of the times that I´ve been lucky enough
to see you sing live, there is no one who is as moving
when they sing as you. -Thank you. -And so, it is just such a
pleasure as always to see you.

86 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson Threw Her Shoe at a Contestant on The Voice”

  1. Didn't it start with dancers? I've seen a lot of dance clinic videos and after the dancer finish their routine, people threw their shoes

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  3. I think if she threw a shoe at someone who audition for the voice even if it was Miley show she should be fired from the show and so should Miley because it was her show the voice is not the same with them two on it

  4. Don't throw a shoe in Iraq or any ArabMuslim nation. Wow! The USA and around the world are 180 degrees difference. Oh, which reminds me…what if a contestant is Muslim and performs outstanding.

  5. The article from @Variety brought me here, by the way you guys would like to proof read a article BEFORE posting it. If they pay you for grammatical errors eye wood lyke 2 bee hyrahed.

  6. Anyone that hasn't watched her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden…do it now! Watch the entire clip because the end is so unbelievably good…Corden gets tears in his eyes. Go! Now!

  7. Stop coming for Jennifer please, shes the most successful person on the voice panel and dont @ me because its not up for a debate,leave her alone and let her be great,if shes so annoying then dont watch her on the voice, I love u Jennifer樹歹

  8. this guy Seth isn't funny, relatable, cool. Why does he have a Late night show. Thank god there's #JimmyKimmel #JamesCorden

  9. YOU LOOK SO GOOD JHUD! I just watched that movie where you play whats her names assistant. Carrie Bradshaw right? Love ya! <3

  10. The negative comments a few said she couldn't sing true cz this lady can saaang her behind off and has a lovable personality oh and someone said she ghetto really sounds like hate to me! JHud keep up the good work u are amazing!

  11. this season is going to be good great coaching throwing a shoe she should get little shoe awards to hand out to the member of her team

  12. In less than formal settings, petformers are often paid little to nothing. To make up for this, and to show their appreciation, audience members threw money at the feet of the performer. In liu of money, some throw clothing, toys, jewelry, etc. As an homage, as well as for comedic effect, some throw shoes as if admitting jealousy.

  13. She's the WOOOORST on the voice….I've watched SEASONS of the show and not heard Adam and Blake sing ….can't go one episode without hearing this loudmouth…. SHUT UP ALREADY!!! If I wanted to hear you sing, I'd buy your CD.. ugh, annoying!

  14. Shoe throwing and twirking??? Incorrect English and sleazy comment from crazy Miley, this whole show is sinking fast to th e low level of American Idol….l've wasted enough time even listening/looking at this anymore. I used to enjoy it but it's sinking sinking on its was to sunk !!!! No more fore.

  15. I think her advice and critiques of the contestants is always SPOT ON and right on the money!!! She is TRUE COACH! But I think the other 3 are great as well-they know their stuff,for sure!

  16. Please show some damn decency for this women. She is a very successful woman and black at that. Lift her up and don't tear her down. Putting your mouth on people comes back. She is a role model for these young girls and many others. She can sing dammit she's extremely gifted by God's grace & she acknowledges it. Please stop. She's so successful and I am proud of this woman right here. Not many have the "IT FACTOR". She has it. So keep praying and lifting her up instead of tearing her damn down! Thank you Jesus for this vessel right here!

  17. Not feeling that dress on her. Sorry. Maybe in another color. The dress and makeup not blending. Needed softer makeup colors. Trim the hair ends if brought forward. Love your voice.

  18. Everyone hating at her, please she is the one who stole Noah and not only this, she is a great coach, no one becomes a singing idol just. Only thing is that she is outspoken. At least not like Miley, who went on to strip and let others touch her vagina at concerts.

  19. So impressed by JHud. She looks fantastic. She's funny & great on her show. For someone who was dealt such dire tragedy, she is a powerful example of how to forgive and move on.

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  21. Jennifer is incredible. I love her personality and outfit. Her hair is beautiful too. She is such a sweetheart and I love the throwing shoe thing. I always throw my shoe when I hear a favorite artist of mine slay a song and when they snatch my wig.

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