what without what up unbreakable kicks good to be back any unbreakable vow it's been a minute since I actually did a video in the vault so I'm excited to be back in here looking at all my sneakers man y'all know your boy be traveling with sneaker Comper there's no place like home so what that being saying that we back in the vault like I said in retirement has been short retirement is over you know I'm saying we back to the ground I just needed a couple days just to chill but I'm back like Jordan weighing 45 so when today we sing that the Aaron Jordan for cool grams did a shock drop today yes it was a shock drop now a couple months ago I did say that we were gonna get another shot drop and I was predicting that we're gonna get it in August but Jordan Brand surprised us two weeks earlier than I actually expected but then again Jordan Brenda's been moving around a lot of dates you know I'm saying switched up the fever for us with the Jordan fives the Michigan joints they pushed up you know they pushing up other days like the threes and just a lot of wackiness going on with Jordan Brand but if you was successful with the Aaron Jordan for cool brands if you cut them all sneakers have comment down below let you boy know if you did get that W today all sneakers out I love to see all the dummies in the comment section so let your boy know the cool brand forms was originally supposed to release on August the 3rd but they push their day to August the first so they about two weeks away and y'all know how Nike is once they get on it pairs and they know it's gonna be a big release they wanna sell on it first and leave it up to footlocker foot action champs heavy sports DTL on Jimmy jazz shoe palace you name it they want them to just get the scraps before we open up these I do also have the Air Jordan 3 tinker's now dance floor pose to see which ones you guys want us to see first and you guys voted on the Air Jordan 4 so we will be doing a tinker video either tomorrow or Thursday I know I you have the laker Thirteen's coming tomorrow as well make sure you notification about this hit so you don't miss that video tomorrow now aired 24 cool Gray's og Nike box label Reese Air Jordan four cool gray chrome dark charcoal SAS ten-and-a-half personal pair retailers one hundred and ninety dollars on these joints so go ahead and flip the lid got your regular Air Jordan for paper and scissor kicks it's been a long time coming for this man we all know that the original release with in 2004 so without so you got that white Mays black colorway maze jump man on these joints it hits perfectly with a black and white going up to the mid so you got your white missile with the paint now my OG para man is so yellow down there that it ain't even worth wearing to be honest you got your nice new buck nice suede but you got a new bug cool grey upper you still kind of got that translucent accident right here on the wane itis as well you got your chrome jump man back there on the back these are a splitting image honestly I want to say this is probably like the first time Jordan Brand has given us Air Jordan that is so close to the original same cool great laces get a cool gray on the netting as well check out the good set of shoes sockliner got a black sock line of white jump man pretty much identical to the old GeeGee what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go ahead throw these joints on the turntable and then I'm gonna jump back in front of the camera in the video wolf alright Joe got the Air Jordan 4 cool graves on the turntable as you can see standard Air Jordan for retro box joints do come with a new tag you see you got your QR code and your chip on these joints ass ten and a half retail price is 190 air jordan for retro cool grey colorways cool grey chrome dark charcoal okay and as you earlier why not take the shoes out we got your standard air jordan for paper no no none special I'll throw the joints on the turntable and again man these joints are nice if you've been waiting on the cool grand for us to come out for so long you are gonna be satisfied with this release right here outsole looks good colorway again got that black that maize yellow that white you got that white right there on the midsole all cool gray upper with that new book you got your gray netting on top of your great mesh you got your gray on the wings you got like your smoky gray I like to call like translucent gray wings right here for your eyelets you got your chrome jump man back here and the back as well man going up the tongue again you got your great net on top of your great mesh like your smoky gray laces tongue pretty much gray white and yellow just like the old G alright so back to the new pair you see we do get the the new tags in there with the QR code and all that good stuff and looking at Oh G pair this is actually the same as the og pair but it is a big difference well not necessarily a big difference but it is a difference and I'll do a short video just showing you guys the difference between the two okay the insole is it's not necessarily black all serious like a maybe that dark charcoal yeah dark charcoal insole with the white jump man that's not black it's definitely not black man it's like a smoke not even smoky great it's just I'm just going dark charcoal okay so I don't confuse myself and you guys alright again this is a size 10 and a half Yeti joints another good spin like I said man the e joints are a must pop retail being 190 ain't bad I cannot you see them you know I thought they was gonna do like a 200 retail for these joints I need go stuck I really did you got your Regular Air Jordan for laces the flat laces nuts especially that way either I was surprised at the price point Jordan Brand decided to go with these so that's cool you know I'm saying I'm not trippin at 190 I'm sure everybody else is liking that the price tag is 190 on these Air Jordan for cool gray so that's about it man is pretty much you know is just a cool gray nothing special as far as wackiness in a colorway it was very close to the og I thought you know I'm saying I thought it was very close to the og but I don't want to tell too much man it's some minor small detailing that's you know different than the og what are the net man let's go back in front of the camera after this final little 360 and then we can end the video off all right George now that we've seen at Aaron Jordan for cool gray 2019 let your boy know how you feel these are must come if you're Aaron Jordan fan if you a fan of the cool grant colorway these are a must cop again having seen this colorway in 15 years so Jordan Brand has given us a treat about bringing these back in the og form nothing different nothing changed Jordan Brand gets the 100% cop rate on these joints again that shock drop cat it threw me off guard today simply because I expected the shock drop to be in like a week or two I'm gonna keep it 100 maybe a couple days before the actual release my sneaker plug hit me up early this morning is like something dropping is not the MCAS those are still supposed to be dropping but he was like something dropping I'm not a hundred percent sure yet soon as he let me know around 8:15 I like the cool brand forest then j23 Twitter it out the bunny and I don't have no time to grab my phone grab my wife phone but I already knew that I had a pair to do a review on saw wasn't really tripping and I didn't have the opportunity to let you guys know to be ready so but y'all know how yeah I want to come to this early info once I get it I like to let you guys know asap so again we got the era touring for cool greys this is an A shoo right here I don't see any crazy glue stash anything of that nature even though it's gonna be a gr it still produced correctly this shoes has better quality than the Travis Scott force now we don't have like the bootie backstroke motions on on these like we're doing try to stop fours but just as far as the craftsmanship nice shoe I'll also keep you guys updated on all Travis style information complex Connors this weekend I will be there at least on Saturday I don't know if I'm gonna do both days but I know I will at least be there on Saturday so y'all let me know how y'all feel about these in the comment section below also let me know if you did end up companies air jordan for cool greys let me know if this is a cop let me know if it's a pass for you just let your boy know in the comment section how you feeling about these I'm happy to actually add these back we're not necessarily back by have a paradise wearable you know I'm saying a lot of people bad on Bradley your way you kill your boyfriend pulling out heat for sneaky Connor the only time I really rock my kicks it's for sneaker con you know where it's actually a shoe event so it's fine like a gr prolly won't be worn that's making condo time so I'm still going through the heat but this is definitely a shoe that deserves to be one foot so again let your boy know how y'all feel about these in the comment section below another Donette you got your boy unbreakable good to be back in the unbreakable vote unbreakable army stash strong like always shout out to JC for the Urbanus st merch and we have I hid a breakable footage eases eat a blood than what I need him he's oh stuff let he get amazing yours old temper season the most beefy looking like to love – less cuz you're we're sticking down


  1. "So yellow down there they aren't worth wearing"
    That gives the character bro I have the 2004 pair and I still wear them with them yellowed it gives them that vintage feel

  2. Them money $izes disappeared quick. By the time I realized I needed to search for it smallest size left was a 9 and that was gone 5 seconds later, I’ve never ever hit on a shock drop …

  3. Man screw Jordan and his shoes. I don't know how black people still support this fool after he was asked to make his shoes in a factory built here in America to the many unemployed black. He said no.

  4. It may just be the lighting of your video but I’m really liking how the waffle looking things are more of a true black on the retro

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