Keanu Reeves Doesn't Like To Take His SHIRT OFF ★

Keanu Reeves Doesn't Like To Take His SHIRT OFF ★

I will search for you to a thousand worlds and 10,000 lifetimes until I find you I will wait for you and all of them do you think people were more romantic back in the days than we are today um that's a that's how in the past I mean there's certainly very rich traditions of romantic love and you know I don't mean a romantic time don't know there's it's certainly um you know I think romance might go out of fashion but it doesn't go out of flavor uh ya know I think you know we'll always be in love with love but in terms of its articulation yeah we don't have any romantic troubadours anymore but there's certainly a lot of love songs out there there are so why don't you age like the rest of the world I do right it doesn't look like it at all really Megan yep I mean your face you just look exactly like you did like 20 years ago really and I don't know I'll go think my ancestors or something like that yeah yeah I haven't makes up a body yeah I'm Chinese wine English they tell me I'll have to go get one of those DNA swabs and go get a chart yeah and in this movie also have to take your shirt off at one point I did yeah man when you see that in this group now do you think oh my god I not have to go to the gym yeah absolutely yeah you go okay well that's one of the responsibilities for sure yeah they're taking off the shirt I don't know if I'm like oh yeah I get to take my shirt off tomorrow you know quite at that one so I think I've read somewhere were you saying that after the matrix you were in so much pain that you were laying in a bathtub with ice oh yeah yeah sure during some of the action sequences yeah you do ice is your friend I thought you wanted intensity I mean for me it's really you know these are opportunities to you know with physical acting and do these kinds of sequences the intensity hopefully you know often times for me there you know I've been lucky being too involved where the action is connected to character development and so the more that you can do and be there that you're bringing the audience with you and I also love movie fighting and fake fights and you know because again it's character and emotion and must be a little painful to enjoy the pain a little bit yeah absolutely it's fun it's good yeah because you've ought to struggle and I can't even call it struggle I mean it's really the intensity of that you know to to intensity of training the focus of it I really enjoy the application and hopefully you know you get to get good enough at it to be able to articulate the story so this is also about people's inner demons do you believe that we all have inner demons that we we have to fight you know I guess inner demons and fears and things you kind of just try to see them conscious of them and and address the consequences and ask questions so do you fight your inner demons how do you do that um I use God they they usually win um I mean yeah the inner demons win that's just you just wake up and you're like what you [Applause]

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  1. Am I the only one who noticed the wedding band? From my understanding he never married after his gf and daughter died which only makes me think he wears it in their memory 😭💔 oh Keanu such a gentle soul the world doesn't deserve you

  2. The most humble man alive " A humble man will never say he is humble others will say it for him"

  3. He never ages because this is what happens when you’re an unproblematic, sweet educated person and show respect for everyone.

  4. I find it ironic how I see so many men with massive beer guts going around shirtless without thinking, yet somebody who seems to have a fine physique like Keanu prefers to wear shirts!

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