Keen Utility Pittsburgh Boot  SKU:7742399

Keen Utility Pittsburgh Boot SKU:7742399

Hey guys, my name is Richard And today we’re checking out the Pittsburgh Boot Steel-toe Waterproof from Keen Utility These steel toe boots have a waterproof nubuck leather upper with Keen dry breathable membrane on the inside to help keep your feet nice and protected You also have this removable insole that pops right on out It’s made out of a really lightweight EVA material to give you some added comfort These boots also feature an EVA and polyurethane five-point midsole construction that will give you great lateral stability comfort and flexibility And here on the very bottom, we have this 90 degree heel with an oil and slip resistant non-marking rubber outsole to help keep you steady They also meet ASTM and electrical hazard safety standards Last time I checked, you didn’t have two left feet luckily Keen has created these asymmetrical left and right steel toes here to give you additional toe room and keep your feet real protected Find out for yourself why they are Keen’s number one seller Check them out today

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  1. I bought a pair of these today because I'm in the Diesel Mechanic program at my local community college and it was required to have steel toe boots and so far I like the fit of them but I'm not really a fan of the exterior look of them but they are pretty nice boots

  2. I did my homework on these boots for months and was greatly impressed with all the reviews and all of the neat features that the Keen Pittsburgh had to offer …. So I purchased a pair. Was not a fan of how they look, but that’s not what I buy work boots for. I buy them for the durability and comfort. After a week of wearing them I come to find out they have no ventilation in them, so my feet would smell after wearing them which had not happened in the entire time with my other boots. And there is not enough cushion on the ball point of meet which aches my feet. Other then those three flaws their alright work boots. They’ll probably spend most of there time in the closet now as I continue to stick with my Redwings boots …..

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