Keeping Classic Sneakers Fresh With Chicago’s Teen Cobbler

Keeping Classic Sneakers Fresh With Chicago’s Teen Cobbler

(whimsical music) – When I tell people I fix
shoes, they kind of laugh, they’re like, oh, but I
thought this trade was dead. And I sometimes feel
offended like nah, it’s not. I’m trying to rise it up,
I’m gonna bring it up. I have a phrase called turn
your beaters into heaters. A lot of people beat up their shoes, and I can make it look
into some fresh kicks, I can make them look brand new. Like wow, you can actually do this. Yeah, I can bring your shoes back to life, I’m Fix Your Kicks, that’s
what I do, fix kicks. (light electronic music) My name’s Joshua Marin. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a cobbler. I grew up in the north side
of Chicago, born and raised. Growing up, I would always
go to my father’s shop. My father’s a cobbler, my
grandfather was a cobbler. He taught me everything that I know. I was like, you know what, I’m gonna take this to another level. I’m gonna bring my
sneaker culture into this, and I’m gonna go hard. I’m gonna do this for a living. (hip-hop music) When I started, I would
go to thrift stores, and I would find shoes,
and I would fix them up. I would repair them, touch them up. It was one time where
I found a pair of XIIs, a pair of Jordan XIIs. So I bought them for I think $21. I cleaned them up, I painted them up, put new laces on them and sold
them for like around $180. After that, I got influenced
into the sneaker culture. I’m like, hey, you know, I
could make a living off this. I could clean up the shoes
and I could sell them. Cobblering is like a art form, you know? People live for this, people are artists, people that design their own shoes. A lot of teenagers, they’ll be like, I want this colorway, I
can’t find it anywhere, you know, can you please
provide this for me? I’m like, yeah, sure, you know,
I could paint it up for you, I could make them look how you want them. It’s always a good feeling of, make people smile, make
people pleased with my work. Because I’ve helped them
out, and they help me out. (light hip-hop music) I feel like I like to represent Chicago, just because that’s home. You know, it’s home,
this is where I belong, this is where I have to represent. I opened up three shops within a year. A lot of people think that’s crazy, a lot of people like, how’d you do it? You know, what are you doing? I’m just hustling. I get a lot of support
from the neighborhood. When people come in the shop they’re like, oh, who’s the owner here? They be like, oh, you’re the teen cobbler. I’m like, yeah, that’s me. So, it makes me feel like home. You know, it makes me
feel like I belong here. I’m purposeful for this,
this is what I’m meant for.

100 thoughts on “Keeping Classic Sneakers Fresh With Chicago’s Teen Cobbler”

  1. Respect his hustle but 600$ an hour ouch thats a lot of money especially if u just wanna get your jordans cleaned or yeezys

  2. Respect 2 your hustle. U the real legit street husla not these clowns on the streets selling dope to our kids love and respect from Australia keep the good work church

  3. What I like is his father taught him everything now he is expanding on a family tradition it's great to see a young man with vision and a future good luck to you kid

  4. Keep doing what you do, you a very good example for this young kids to do the rigth thing my friend, you got my subscription, I support you! Hands up!🤙

  5. I prefer to keep my kicks mint and brush them shits with a toothbrush and wipe them down. For real. Mitch from PIF taught me that shit

  6. So, by painting the shoes is gonna last just like a new fresh pair? Or just for a matter of time…? i mean cause its cool maynne but gotta know wether its worth it before restoring and re resell for 💰 💰

  7. I'm gonna do this too.. it's just tricky dyeing and being patient takes hours to do this would love to chat with this guy how he sets his pay tier up

  8. We need people like him to represent the city he loves,not all them rejects we have in office who r only after their own self benefit.

  9. #FuckYeah ✊ Glad to see #Family traditions and #Legacies are alive and well #Kudo #Props all that. Keep up the great work man! #Love #Tradition #Legacy

  10. I'm so glad I never gave away my old Jordans ,

    I don't know where you are
    But I will find you
    And I will bring them to you

  11. Good guy. As much as anything it's the eco aspect that's great. This short clip just shows us how much stuff we throw away that needn't be.

  12. 95% of all sneakers are butt ass ugly. Bulky with to much going on.. in o be fair it’s not like he making brand new shoes from top to bottom. He is restoring shoes which tons of people do now days.

  13. Really like this dude but can’t stop laughing at his turkey neck beard lmao beards are worn on your face not your neck young man

  14. 🔥 This was amazing! I’m just…in awe. I loved how he is still a part of his family’s tradition of being a cobbler but put his own spin on it! 👌🏽 so dope! Does he take online orders 👀 👀

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