KISS At Midnight Fan Film And A Killer Giveaway From Klick Tee Shop

KISS At Midnight Fan Film And A Killer Giveaway From Klick Tee Shop

comin up this week on kiss my collectibles hear all about the brand-new kiss fan film kiss it midnight stay up-to-date with the show and subscribe to our channel on YouTube become a member of our brand new patreon and receive exclusive updates and benefits we're here with Edie from click tea shop calm but he wants to tell us about an awesome giveaway he's doing Edie tell us about it yeah so I'm tying in a giveaway with Andrews movie that's coming out on June 28th kiss at midnight and what I'd like to do is I'm going to do a t-shirt giveaway sticker giveaway and a fine art print so you could win one of these awesome click teashop t-shirts and I have the stickers here the which are all my designs from my shop and then is my fine art that I've actually produced myself and if you're a winner I'm June 28th will announce them the the winner and place it online for everybody to see who the winner is so that that's really cool everybody loves your designs but we love them so much how do we enter this contest kiss at midnight comes out June 28th so how can you enter this contest to be a winner on June 28th yeah it's really simple all you have to do is go to click tea shop calm its click tea shop with a K and just go to the contact us form and in the contact us form and all you have to do is fill out your name and your email and just put in kiss at midnight into the comments section hit submit and you're already entered that's how it is awesome awesome so win great merchandise from click tea shop and make sure you enjoy kiss at midnight on June 28th coming to you on YouTube and Vimeo this is kiss my collectibles podcast but you know that hello everyone and welcome to the next episode of kiss my collectibles I am one of your co-host Jason Herndon and with me as always is Andrew scam body and just Joe just Joe just Joe that's a great show back in the day all right how you guys doing good how's it going good good I never know what time it is anymore because we do these on different times now and I'm always like okay this is morning this is night and this is early morning right but here we are here we are again again to talk about Locker stuff I was just gonna get to that again we never we never have any shortage of kiss stuff to talk about but just remember if you want to listen to and talk about more kiss stuff follow us on Facebook make sure you join our two Facebook groups subscribe to our channels on YouTube hit that Bell icon so that we get notified when we post new episodes and since Jason only has one shirt now it would be awesome if you guys can go on to click tea shop click with acai calm and purchase a kiss my wax or kiss my collectibles t-shirt please please remember we are funding this out of our own pockets and OJ's a little help Justin's down to one t-shirt and he just you know it's one t-shirt I mean it's it doesn't really bother him and he would has to wear the same pair of underwear because he just flips it inside out every other day so it's it's never like touching the same thing the shirt he can't flip it inside out thanks man I did since I never listened to you did you mention patreon and our patrons and all that good stuff I did not mention patreon so thanks for not listening if you want to become an unofficial member of the show get on over to patreon comm slash kiss my collectibles and become an unofficial member of the show you could win cool stuff and if you donate you know a certain amount you might be on the show yeah and we are going to start doing some special content for those patreon patrons here soon so I know we've talked about the last couple of episodes but yeah we'll certainly be doing that so jump on over contribute well be these thank you we need your money please and please and thank you please don't thank you so didn't we have stuff to show this week guys yeah for a minute yeah it's been a little bit so who wants to go first I think Joe should go first why should I go first I think Joe has probably the the best luck all right all right that's all right I'll go first start since I only have I have a bunch of things but I'm only picked up one thing to show yeah you guys know this is a condom it is not it actually is a deflated balloon that kiss used at the Meadowlands New Year's Eve 96 97 the very first kiss show I was at so a friend of mine had a whole bag of these and he gave me one of them so this is from my very first kiss show and I wasn't close enough to grab one of these at the time but I knew that they went down so it's very cool to have one of these a very cool kiss balloon from 96-97 it is cool and one of my great regrets from the end of the road tour was in Nashville I caught one of those balloons that they're dropping and I held on to it and Stacey was like great we're gonna have a balloon and then a minute later I knocked it up into the air and why I have no idea there was and she was like why did you do that I think it was it was at the Cleveland Show where I knew they were coming down and I went to grab it I was like this is fucking mind and like I just I held onto the balloon and they were tied they had these really giant knots on them so I was able to undo the knot and just and you know put all the air out of it and flayed it yeah and I kept it I still have it exploded one I threw it in the guitar case you know you guys know I'm the many episodes ago I talked about doing the Paul Stanley meet-and-greet but so I've got all the confetti and the broken bloon and all the stuff in that guitar case so that's so cool that's really cool I'm glad they give you the case with the guitar can you imagine if they gave you a good car pathetic trying to walk to the yeah but that would be something that they think I don't know if this is actually true or not but I think I remember the very first time that they were selling the ax bases like this is before they had acts based calm before Cristina and Patrick were involved I I want to say that literally somebody walked g-d's base off the stage just handed to somebody I I think I I don't know if I I'm you know exaggerated but I really think I remember that was the very first time it happened someone just handed you a basin on your way I vividly remember after the asylums show that I saw being out in the concourse and seeing the guy who had caught the Paul's body you know the guitar body after he'd smashed it so he had half of it I remember him holding on to it with both arms and sort of just bulldozing his way through the crowd to get out of there so that you know nobody else could get ahold of that Thanks so yeah you can imagine that that could be a dicey proposition if you're just walking around with a you know a piece of history as it were yeah sure yeah yeah do you see what I've got I got a couple of things I think I've kind of teased this but I you know I never really talked about it but I got this from our friend Tommy Cimino who reached out to me a few weeks ago and said hey I've got an extra one of these do you want to purchase it and of course I do or I did and this is a very rare piece it's a it's a kiss Canadian kind of pin it so those were really popular in the 70s lots of bands just some pennants like that and these these are pretty hard to come by and but I am very very very excited to have this in my vintage collection and it'll you know hopefully go up on a wall at some point in time in the next two years a few years at the bottom of a pile somewhere no it's at the top of the pile okay I don't want to put anything on it so and then the other thing I got Andrew was in a race with me to go oh you're an ass so I got a nice another one I do have another one and but I got I don't know this one is in better shape much better shape than mine so Jason is your original one is that from the show did you buy that you know it's a bought one at the show and I sold it when I sold my original collection of Peter Arquette back in 99 and it was one of the ones that I regretted selling I should have never sold it now yes you know now you have now I have two and Andrew wants me to give him one right why yes can I ask what motivated you to have two of them was it price Jason was just like a deal you couldn't pass up or show you don't even it was price you don't even the price I'll tell ya I'll tell you okay but I'll tell you all fair what the price was and Jason I must have message this guy the exact same time and and and and and what what made me mad about that I was like Jason you haven't responded to my you know PMS all day but you're wheeling and dealing with this guy like that's why I got mad yeah I hadn't I had about 20 unanswered PS and nobody else matters except Joe and I that's it I hadn't answered anybody on anything all day long and I happen to see you know this pop up for sale and I was like oh my gosh I got a message this guy so I sent this guy a message you know and and it just so happened that Andrew was messaging him at the same time you know just oh so I got one we got one at a local record store here in the Detroit area for if I remember correctly fifty bucks maybe about two years ago yeah it just had it in this display case and yeah and that's why if you guys know what the price I know you guys if the listeners know what the price of that of that tour book can be what you know the heights it can reach it's it's a crazy good price to get that well I mean if you can find one for a hundred and fifty dollars it's a good great deal absolutely so you know and and if you got a couple of people looking for them you know they can definitely get over a couple hundred dollars maybe up to three hundred you know but you you're they usually sit in that you know two hundred dollar range or somewhere in there you know give or take but you know yeah if you can find it for under a hundred bucks you're getting a great deal yes one of the ones that was produced in very limited quantities and you know over the years especially especially of the modern tour book yes definitely I mean I would think it was the most collectible maybe uh you know the the only one that is more collectible are that Japan 2003 and the symphony because they were literally available at the symphony was available at one show and symphony is tough yeah and the Japan was that for shows and they were supposed to be stocked that was supposed to go to kiss online at the time and I had ordered both of both my orders were cancelled because there was nothing there's no stock left if I remember right it's it the hottest show I'm here that's a rare one to the hottest New Zealand Australia variant you know of that one that can be sometimes kind of kind of little bit tougher but I mean look all of these you can find an eBay pretty readily it's not like they don't exist but they're just they're expensive that's for sure yeah it's it's not like you know you're searching for the return of kiss you know dynasty to her book or something like what she never comes up so unless it's counterfeit so all right Joe what do you guys so I stuff that you get through my good friend Andrew is able to score a stack of beat Dutch picture discs and when I mean a stack it's a it's a good it's a good stack piece I think out of this group I'm missing asylum Dynasty creatures which I have I have creatures behind me right and I think that's it out of this group I just feel dressed to kill show a few of them that's to kill yeah so we've got the tabe you know dressed to kill dressed to kill is not official dressed kill was never made oh I mean there's Dutch but it's not so it's not missing then it's it's a bootleg yeah cannibalize very cool these are all great big I can flip these around too so you can see they've got and we talked about these you'll continue showing them where we talked to these on previous episodes we know that these are actual official ones because they are numbered and then the typeface in the dead wax is not handwritten that one's really cool I like the destroyer sort of background they're masked just rip through these love gun here's a couple of the there's a highly sought after one there's a couple there's a couple in the group yep nice very cool back here's here's the good one right here this is the one that everybody looks for it this one in dynasty seemed to be the most popular out of the bunch they are and I think just because this has that that circular design that just fits perfectly it looks cool yeah you know on the turntable itself I'd say I talked about it many many many times on the episodes in the past especially in the kiss my wax days one vivid memory I have of my old buddy Danny day of his collection is sitting in his display case is the Tiger record player with that picture disc on it and that was something I always wanted to have was that record player with that picture disc sitting in my display case so one record player yet yes I do okay yeah yeah tiger record player there's uh from the same guy he has asylum and dynasty as well but both of those are fully signed so he wanted to keep him yeah well he's just he's not ready to sell signed stuff yet he will rise not yet right so so yeah that's a good lot Joe those it took me a long time and a lot of money to to track all of those down you know yeah thanks to Andrew and his friend I was able to get a nice deal on them of course looked at them for a long time as I'm trying to round out the collection I'm and to be able to score all of them and one fell swoop like that for for what I considered to be a good deal I really appreciate it yeah thanks the guy you never listen to that's right that's right until you come to me and say have a great deal actually I don't think you came to me I think I came to you and um came to me so thanks for that I appreciate that thanks for keeping it in in the family for the family yeah yeah okay so on the episode today we're going to talk to who's this guy Andrew spaghetti yeah Andrew scam batty we're gonna our very own we're gonna talk to Andrew about his most his upcoming release of kiss at midnight his fan film he's you know the same guy that did the greatest show on earth which has tens and tens of thousands of views between the platforms that it's been on and it's been highly praised and you know he's he's always been our editor he he does all of our video work and he's fantastic at putting things together he's got private films that he's done you know incognito films he can talk about you know that if he wants to you know so but we're gonna talk to them about this thing that's coming out June 28 the kiss at midnight and we'll just go from there so before we do that yeah let's go to the land down under our good friend compatriot brother-in-arms Nicholas Buckland but before we before we go down under let's make sure you head on over to hottest brand book comm and pre-order Nicholas's great book that's coming out right now so Nicholas take it away hi hello lovely backpack I'm wearing now this is a very good piece it's quite rare this one it came out in 1980 in Australia but I'll show you that in a second I'm just going to leave it on while we talk about we're gonna go back in time to 1978 I have here the beautiful US version this is their the 1978 backpack yeah and it's got a picture from the love gun near the Barry Levine shot it's got a kiss logo on top some you can see some thermos buttons if we go in close see the thermos buttons there and if we flip it around the other way there was a little place where children could write their name address city and phone number tokens cool I like I can't like the 70s color so anyway I'll put that one down and I'll give you a good look at the Australian version here it is here it's got the very lovely reflective kind of buttons there and just sort of a normal kiss like it might a little bit dusty alright yes this backpack was also featured in the 1982 men at work video which I'm Andrea will cut in right here so you can see it featured on the back of the little boy in the big good Johnny film clip which was a big hit in the u.s. at the time so it made its its resurgent almost two years later after that in a very Australian clip I check it out on youtube if you want to see it but I do love this item it matches the leather bags and also a New Zealand today thanks Nicolas let's talk about kiss at midnight Andrew you've seen them in concert and now the demons of Roger coming to your living kids a brand new primetime special kiss at midnight see the fire the frenzy and the fantastic rise of the newest super experience kiss at midnight coming this summer don't miss kiss at midnight streaming on YouTube and Vimeo June 28 I really wanted to talk about it on this show because what you guys may not know this show is what gave me the idea and what kind of started this this whole project of many many episodes ago we had John Humphrey on and John Humphrey was showing new acquisitions in his collection and he had this really cool record called 13 biographies with Alison Steele and Alison produced 13 biographies on 13 bands at the time like the Eagles and you know all bands at that time Led Zeppelin and it happened be a kiss one so what she did is she produced these hour-long radio shows where it was her playing band's material and then her kind talking about the history of the band and there's also interviews like peppered in there of the band and I never heard this interview before I had I had the original night bird special from 1974 and then I had you know the 1977 interview the cheated on TV where it's them in San Francisco and it's their back so I'd never heard this before so I asked John I was like I really want to get a copy of this I really want to hear this so I had just finished greatest show on earth which you can see right now on Vimeo a great show North fan film and I just finished that and I'm listening to us I got man I go some of this stuff would have been really cool to include in greatest show on earth it kind of would have given the narrative a 1 it would it would have given a unified narrative because all the things I did from greatest show on earth they were pieces of everything and I I stitch them together sometimes I stitch them together really well sometimes they not so well but this this was unified the interviews in here I had never heard them before it sound like she interviewed the entire band – ace sorry there just was no ace interview in there so she didn't read the entire band – ace and then it was kind of her painting the picture of kiss and I just remember listening to us I got this is great this is this is an awesome an awesome feature how cool did have been to be a kid in the 70s and listen to this so so I said well I have to do something with this I have to do something so I listened to it maybe about a hundred times but or I decided and not exaggerating I listen to this day in and day out for weeks deciding what I was gonna do with this because the feature so cool so since we we never had we never had a discussion like a full-on discussion about the greatest show on earth on our show why why don't you talk a little bit about the inspiration to start doing these fan films starting with the greatest show on earth yeah I mean I just had this I had this idea what is a fan film for those who don't know okay because there might be yeah you're right who are in different types of fandoms we don't even know what these things are so typically what a fan film is is a fan film will take officially licensed material and re-edit or redo or just add something to a an official film there's a huge community of people that made Star Wars fan films that either remove certain scenes added certain scenes there's there's a huge movement of people to actually bring high-definition versions of the official original Star Wars movies and the way that they do that is they they they edit certain pieces here and they do that's there's been a huge fan community of Star Wars fan films for years and I'm assuming there's a huge fan community for lots of other movies I'm just not aware of them I wasn't every thing is that big enough fan there's a great example of one of those it just came out recently that I stumbled across I'm not a huge Star Wars fan I mean I guess I'm as much of a Star Wars fan it's kind of a typical person would be seen all the movies all that kind of stuff they did a recent fan film of the end fight between obi-wan oh my god are so cool in from a new hope somebody went through andrey choreographed and they replaced the faces on the stunt people who did it and if you guys haven't seen it holy cow yeah there are people there are people in the Star Wars community who are now like okay that's canon we consider that to be the real lightsaber duel between those two so if you haven't seen that go see it so so this is the genesis this is what fan films are so basically fans picking up pieces and parts of other things that exists adding their own stuff and kind of giving their own twist on on the material it's basically kiss fans Don's for years they bridge the gap between what is officially released and what the fans want so I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan and one of my favourite films of all time not just favorite Led Zeppelin my favorite films of all time is the song remains the same sure and years and years and years ago I didn't kiss you a song remains the same so I remember a car ride that I was driving from New York back to Ohio here and I just turned on the Notes app on my phone I was just narrating all these notes about what a kiss fan film should be what time period it should be and and how it should be be created so one of the things I had is there were three concerts available from 1977 you know the two nights of Houston and the the night at Largo 77 so I go why don't I take those three concerts and sync them up to kiss alive too so kind of give a visual representation of KISS alive too but I didn't want to just I didn't want to end there I wanted to tell the kiss story so I took all the documentary footage that had been available at the time TV clips music videos news clips whatever I could find and I told the story of kiss from kiss I took radio interviews so kiss could tell their story about how they were formed and how things were happening and and and then I was like well this is cool but I want to I want to take you back to the 70s so I made this introduction where it was literally throwing you back in 1977 it showed all the important things from night to same sentiment showed star wars rocky the blackout of New York City and when you sat down and watched us I wanted you to think that this could have come out in the 70s and I worked in it for almost a year I didn't I at the end of it I didn't even like it I didn't know if it was gonna be good and then I remember watching it I'll always remember this I remember I put it on a DVD I put it on my TV and I sat there and I watched it and then I was like oh my god I this forget about that I created it this is the greatest visual documentary of kiss ever for this time period and then I released it on YouTube it got 30,000 views in seven days and then it was famously blocked from YouTube not blocked for kiss footage was actually blocked by the estate of Stanley there was Stanley footage in there and when it was actually blocked and taken off the timecode was footage of Stanley talking about the kiss Marvel comic so I slightly rieta did it took out Stanley and then I put it on Vimeo it's been a ever since and how many uses it up to on Vimeo it's between the two platforms is easily over a hundred thousand views yeah yeah I knew it was pretty high so very cool so that so this is the Genesis so you're you're a filmmaker at heart like this is something that you would love to be doing just in general making films like this is a this is a goal of year so you so part of the you took part of that passion took your other passion which is kiss which has happened with a lot of designers we've talked to Nicholas Buckland is one of them right yeah right people have just taken their passion for creating art or an art you know in some in some form and then transferring that passion into into kind of the technical side of what they do is well whether it's being a designer or a filmmaker or whatever yeah and and I had never anticipated on the greatest show on earth pissing people off taking off Mickey I never anticipate on doing anything this was just me having fun Tran and when people started loving it people automatically were like when's the next one when are you gonna do more when's it and I never I never ever anticipate on doing another one I never did please don't make another one there's any way you could please it seems like you know it's the nature of the beast because it's like every time we've had Alan belice on for example you know with his famous books after every single one in every episode so Alan when you're gonna do the next one you know and it's yeah I just never it's funny because you know you talk Andrew about being tired right at the end of it and as creatives so we finished something has been like we talked about last episode been in the works for a year or two years or three years or more and then somebody says hey when's the next one right it's like oh maybe they don't understand they they a lot of people become aware of the project when it either is that like a trailer drops or a pre-order drops they're unaware of the genesis of the project so grater Shauna took me about it took me about 11 months to put together and this one took me about six months to put together when I decided I was going to do it and then when I had to you know finally you know get everything away but but anyway just to just to go back just a little bit I never anticipated on it and then people were asking all I should do when a dynasty want you to do one little I've and then I kind of looked over at the the collection and I looked at what kiss is officially put out and I go well there's a ton of Cobo Hall 76 footage that's out there there's a full concert on kiss ology Volume one there's also a bonus disc of it as well from the first two nights and also peppered across the official kiss videos most of the time when they're using a Cobo Hall clip and those official kiss videos you know expose kiss my ass so and so forth it's from the third night so there was a ton a ton of footage available so and I didn't want to just create all let's create Oh kiss had another movie let's create another kiss movie so I didn't want to do that I great a show on earth is always gonna be the kiss movie that never happened and then kiss at midnight which is coming out on June 28th on Vimeo and YouTube is the kiss TV special that never happened and I really wanted to give you a feel of what watching TV in the 70s would have been like you have the lame little bumpers you have the commercials you have I wanted to create a hole I wanted to create an experience that's what these are about I'm not giving you any new footage I'm not you know doing anything that's that's not out there I just wanted to create an experience and when you hit play on June 28th I hope that people get that same experience too because there are seventies commercials in this feature they are there there are little bumpers I even you know NBC being a guy from New York I always watched NBC as a kid so it's like what if NBC aired this so I went back and I looked and I found the original NBC logo from 1976 and I include that whenever there's like a commercial break or just to let you know that you're still watching NBC and it's it was just about creating an experience and so but before I get into how I created it what I did where it came from I know both you guys have seen it so I want it I want to hear what you guys think of it I don't like it yeah now here's what I would say about it I would say it feels really authentic that's what's cool it almost feels like somebody popped the case open on an old piece of tape from this from the 70s we're like oh man we've unearthed this thing what is this and they put it on the reel and they start to run it and there's this kiss you know this kiss special that never that never aired it's really cool it's got the quintessential sort of 70s veneer over even the Alison Steele voiceover is it's it's very sleepy it's and the other thing that's interesting that I found interesting about it was for the time period you know there were a lot of people who were very critical of kiss and we're saying yeah this band is never gonna be around they're never gonna last their music sucks they're nothing but hype and gimmick look people still say that today right not that they're not gonna be around but but in any event at the end of the at the end of this thing you know Alison Steele says and they'll be around for a long time and they should be so it's like kind of optimistic at the same time so so it's cool it is it's a really nice has a really nice warm kind of nostalgic feel to it well you know for me you know I know that Joe isn't like a bootleg guy you know and so you know he's got that perspective you know I know he's probably seen some or parts of these shows before but that's my audience though because member of the brood he's small right but for right for someone like me and Andrew who you know that's what we do we love collecting bootlegs and watching bootlegs and and analysing these things and taking them apart it's really a really new interesting perspective to watch these three nights at Cobo Hall again because we've seen them you know I've had you know Cobos night 1 & 2 since 1987-88 you know and watched them thousands and thousands of times you know so it's a really interesting way to reimagine and re-watch this footage and find it interesting again because you know it's not often these days that I go throw on a night of Cobo because I've seen it so many times you know I were constantly digging for something new and different but this makes those fresh again and makes it new and different for the bootleg community while it it it works for towards people like Joe who's more of the casual viewer of kiss footage and says this is great you know so for me that it made it fun to watch those shows again you know I actually watched the thing all the way through instead of you know putting on Cobo and skipping songs and and all of that stuff you know I watched the thing all the way through and it's just really really stitched together very well and takes just highlights from those shows you know and and really amplifies them and and makes makes them really cool to watch let's take a look at a clip right now and this is the first time you're seeing a clip of kiss at midnight each costume in the entire show was carefully worked out before it was sprung on an unsuspecting New York even though New York in the year 73 was in the midst of a glitter Rock trip they were relatively unimpressed with such an outrageous assortment of characters Jean the vampire type whose tongue confounds even though spectators in the balcony Peter Chris as a whiskered pussycat Ace Frehley as the silver eyed spaceman is not exactly your average boy next door and Paul Stanley's star I'd sex symbol had never been even fantasized before it's two things that that we're dealing with here you're dealing with the consular footage and then you're kind of dealing with the documentary footage and I want to talk about them very differently because I approach putting them together both very differently the very very first thing I did even before I decided what parts of this Alison Steele special I wanted to use to tell the kiss story I knew I had to pick the songs that I wanted to use and then I had to make sure how am I gonna stitch all this stuff together how am I gonna make it look like it all happened in one night because when you're watching concert videos you're supposed to people say oh this happened this night but what a lot of people don't realize is most concert videos are shot or over multiple nights to get to get all the footage so the first thing I did is I watched all those Cobo Hall shows again for the hundredth millionth time and I just decided that I thought by my ears night two sounded the best so then what I did is I picked the songs and it was easy to pick the songs because I only chose songs where I had all three nights available so I combed through all those kiss videos from the 90s got all the songs from there and I said well these are gonna be the songs that I'm gonna use Deus Strutter come on and love me hotter than hell a hundred thousand years but I didn't use the whole song of that she and Black Diamond so those are the core songs that I knew that we're gonna be included in here because I had the the most footage for all of them so the very first thing I did is I put them all in a timeline and I painstakingly synched all of the nights to the night to footage in that way once I had them all synced together in video adding terms I created a multitrack I create a multitrack edit so I have one piece of footage but I can see all three nights at the same time right and I cherry-pick the best footage from each night to be able to use because I wanted this to be I wanted this to be good there are some shots that are out of focus in Cobo Hall there are some camera moves so I want to take all that crap out and I wanted this to look like an amazing concert video so I had the three nights all synched up and that's the very first thing I did I made all these songs look really good and not only that I color corrected them all to make them look like they all came from the same night a lot of the footage from the kiss-my-ass video look like they were it was transferred very hastily and looked at they use a dirty head on there because there's a lot of smearing in there so I did my best to take out some of the smearing and then I color corrected everything to look the same there's a the Cobo Hall jurors have like a very blue like you today yeah and I know over the years people have tried to take that away in an end up turning like green and very murky so I wanted to keep that blue the bluish like hue because everything looks the same and I didn't I didn't want to mess with it you know from that I basically took night two and I said I'm gonna make everything look like night two because that's gonna be my main my main source so sync them up color corrected them and then I just listened to this Alison Steele show over and over and over and over again now have you guys heard the 13 biographies from Elsa Steele no I have not heard the whole thing I haven't either yeah so that makes us even cooler cuz this is like to something new that you guys I've never heard before so there are there were positives and negatives about the both both they're both positives about this show sometimes she's just talking and then sometimes there's just band member interviews but sometimes she's talking over songs so I knew right off the bat I couldn't use her talking over any song because she'd be talking over studio tracks and to try to Machop studio tracks with this live foot right it would have been impossible to do and also to I would have been popped immediately on YouTube or Vimeo for using those studio tracks so that it's a gray area with this live footage because I'm I it's not one piece of thing it's everything is different so an argument can be made that I created my own thing from this so and the evaluation copies have been on YouTube for a couple weeks now and if they haven't been taken down so I was worried about using studio audio because I didn't want to get taken down immediately because it just would have been one strike and they would have been gone so I had to I had to figure out how I'm gonna make Alison make sense because she has some she's talking over some great pieces like over Strutter or she's talking over the end of Black Diamond there's actually a really great Paul interview where he's talking over the end of Black Diamond saying how Peters drums didn't nose used to go up and it he says yeah sometimes the drums wouldn't go up and we just look back hope and pray and say goodnight you know it's just it's things that I really wanted to use but I couldn't use them because there would be no way for me to marry that with a piece of video because you have a music that underneath that you can't eliminate when the when the but when those tracks are combined and you don't have the original pieces you you can't separate them yes it's almost impossible to do and I even tried I tried putting it in mono and I tried you know eliminating some frequencies I couldn't do it and it just it sounded like somebody messed with it so I had to I had to edit the whole specials about an hour and I think I edited it down to I think maybe eight or nine minutes of actual her talking and bandmember interviews so I took I took out quite a bit you know right off the bat I took off all the songs I mean she had songs in there that I just able to take out like Strutter Black Diamond and there's live tracks and and the other thing I took out too is this 13 biographies was released in early 77 so she had gone all the way up to and including rock and roll over so I knew right I knew that I can't this is gonna be the kiss alive era so anything after kiss alive I'm just gonna get rid of all that stuff I made sure to get rid of it and the only thing I did keep is since this was a radio broadcast sometimes she would say we'll be back in a minute so I did keep those in there cuz there a couple times which is we'll be back after this and then we cut to a commercial so I did keep those closer on later on because those are just like for me like that was the most fun part sure was cutting to that so I had I had the songs I had Alison talking and I just had to figure out how I was going to mesh these together cuz at first I was look at this and I was like there is no way I'm gonna be able to because I I still wanted to be a narrative in there and some of the some of the stuff that she says it's like I had to make it out of order I had to cut certain things Ida I didn't want her to sound like she didn't make any sense because that would have taken you out of it immediately and so I I had to I just sit there had to play with where am I gonna put this how am I gonna use this like what footage am I gonna use here and how am I going to do this I'll tell you what the funniest thing about this there's a part in there were she's talking about right when they hit the road and I'm using footage from the so it goes documentary that's on kiss ology Friday 1 what you guys don't know is the original bed of that audio has some German guy talking over it they hope the host of soco's he's talking about this and I knew I couldn't use that so I took out the audio I was just using the video and it was just Allison talking and she's talking and you're you hear talking and you're watching this video footage but you're not hearing any sound from the video so it didn't feel right like she's talking but I don't hear anything and a lot of times when someone is narrating over something you still hear a little bit of the actual video right like you'd be hearing like clips and clanks and then putting that stuff together so I'm like what am I gonna do with this how can i how can I do this I don't know how this happened but I was just I was scrolling through YouTube one day and someone posted my day working with Nickelback and it was them building Nickelback stage and all it was was just sounds of karts being rolled things being welded together so I looked at I go oh my god it's perfect I took some guy working with Nickelback I took the audio of that and I put it underneath the so it goes footage could tell the difference that's pretty cool man so once I kind of had everything together it was just like it was like playing puzzle like this doesn't fit here maybe this fits here I don't know if I could use this here and it was like I didn't I didn't I had no idea what I was doing until you put one thing together you're like oh my god that works and then it is like it's noble funny that you say puzzle I had this this visual in my head of somebody getting a puzzle right somebody taking all the pieces out of it putting it on them table and then taking the box away and not having a picture but now you've got to kind of piece these these remaining parts and almost create like a different picture out of it yeah that's that that's kind of that's kind of how this works you have these things like I remember like working on this timeline it was a mess for a long time or like had a little live footage you know over here and then I had all the the narration over here and just kind of trying to weave it in together I'm like how am I gonna do this I think initially one of the very first edits that I had it was just people outside Cobo Hall that I took from the vh1 specials right and I'm just walking around that was the intro and I was like this is this is boring like it just it didn't it didn't and I remembered it by complete accident I created the intro where it was Alison Steele going I'm Alison stealing and coming up next you'll find out about kiss and I just it was by accident and I was like well I could put that over Strutter and I could do this and I could do that and then I was like okay that kind of works that kind of works and once I got one thing that kind of worked I was able to just move on I do want to give a huge hats off to Casa Punta for creating the kiss at midnight logo they also created the greatest show on earth logo but once they kind of created this logo which was they I just kind of told Mike oh hey this is kind of what I want he sent it back and it was amazing so once the logo was there I it took on a life of its own I was able to use that logo and able to reference that logo and and start making trailers and start making things and you know I worked kind of backwards on this you know that the trailer was done before in a single frame of this project was put together right now the original trailer I released way back in March when we were promoting our vault giveaway and I'm sure some people forgot about it because I've been it you know I had almost nothing done at the time and all the footage in the trailer ended up being replaced when I actually released the final trailer so once once I had once I had that little introduction and then I had the logo just things they just started falling into place almost by accident like once like once one thing was said and I go oh yeah that's that's kind of good the other things started taking shape and started falling in together almost by accident now did you ever consider I don't have asked you this in private but you know to get this out did you did you ever consider using the sinking in up with the live one audio like you did with the greatest show on earth what alive – well I think a lot of the flack that came from the greatest show on earth was because I synced it to that official audio I think that I mean it was immediate I mean I they the owners universal music monetized greatest show on earth even before I put it live it was still private right so I I didn't I didn't want to play with fire twice I didn't I didn't want people not to see this because I wanted to say get to live and furthermore it would have been incredibly difficult to do that because the way that I approached the greatest show on earth is I had the music there and then I was just trying to fit in the part to sync it to that music with this one I had significantly more footage to do that so I wouldn't have been able to to sync them together and do a multi-camera edit I would have I would have had to preach ooze the clips that I wanted to use sight unseen and then try to make them fit to that to that official live album and I mean maybe a lot of people don't know there's two people that especially don't watch bootlegs like like Joe kiss sounded very different in the 70s than they did on the live and alive two very different oh sure yeah you know the songs were either slower or faster it was just it's it was very very difficult I remembered the hardest song to edit in greatest show on earth was Christine 16 because alive too was so much slower than what they were they played it at a breakneck speed they did yet and I'm right to slow down all the video footage and it was just there's no formula for that I go well but if I put this at 98% maybe 97% definitely 96 percent right you know it was just it was trying to find that that balance and and the band never played to a metronome so that was like this the band kind of played like this so it would have been extremely difficult for me to put this two alive also to as an aside they would have never marketing just didn't exist like it does today in the 70s they would have never have released something with the kiss of live audio on TV at the time they just never would I know they did it in 93 with kiss confidential where they had all those alive three tracks right that was a home video release I just don't think that editing will had enough foresight to want to put the same thing on TV as you're hearing on the record I just I just think there were completely separate entities at that point good point so I had to I had to I had to kind of take that in consideration I mean that's kind of been my mantra about this whole thing what would they have done in the 70s if you notice this one doesn't include gene spitting blood either because I don't think they would have had him vomiting blood on TV or in the movies in the 70s so I made a conscious effort not to include that and and one of the funniest things is I did include gene spitting fire but I flashed across the screen don't try this at home don't try this at home don't judge home because that was a real thing in the 70s people were putting shoe polish on their on their faces for the makeup and people were blowing fire and even Jean said in many of those interviews in the 70s don't try this at home so I thought it'd be kind of cool to include there so I threw it in there and I got a couple chuckles out of some of the people that that that watch it it's pieces and parts of that that make it feel authentic you know it's it's it's those kinds of little little things that you've added in that that gives it that veneer of authenticity which is really cool it just doesn't feel like oh it's been stitched together from pieces and parts and you know it's just it's just some sort of fly-by-night thing it's very lovingly recreated for sure it has that it has that nice feel to it I mean you could definitely have imagined turning on channel 4 back in in that in that time period and watch and just to be clear so people know it does feel like a TV show so when you're watching it she she bumps out to a commercial the commercial runs and then we get back into it she introduced so it feels like this nice capsule piece and it's a nice sort of if I remember about 28 or 29 minutes long yeah the whole thing from beginning to end is 31 minutes but member there's that trailer at the beginning and there's that there's that warning sign that began to it's I think it's actually I think it's almost to the second where it runs 30 minutes to the second of actual like program yeah yeah so it feels like a real TV show it's very right so Andrew what is your endgame here what I mean obviously you're doing like that evitable I am iured but you guys didn't see a phase end game no I didn't see Avengers so somebody died in it I can't remember Iron Man didn't he die no no spoilers who cares I'm never gonna watch it so anyway what I'm never gonna watch it's not my thing anyway so you're in game here obviously this the stuff that you do like this this is you know it's a labor of love you're a fan of kiss you're a fan of editing you know that that's you know it's a passion project rights very good very good you know term for it so but do you have any other s you know aspirations here I I would love the band to see it and you know and like it or I would like the band to say hey this is great what can you do with this yes that's I mean that's all of our end games you know it really is so I think I think I have the right connections where that might be able to happen I mean I I don't know I you know but grudgingly I will say this they'll have to physically stop me from doing these this is something that I believe in this is something that I have a passion for and I I I don't see that I'm hurting the brand I'm not taking money from anybody I'm not selling these I'm telling people you want to see more of this footage this is where I got it from go out and buy this or if you have it ready and you love this so much go ahead and buy a kiss t-shirt or go and buy a end of the road concert ticket at this time support the band I think as fans I think we really could send a message to the band at this point by supporting not only this project but projects like this projects that come from an extreme love and agile ation where someone who knows every nuance and is just creating these things that a passion we support these and say hey I'm buying this because I watched that and this is great you got to see this if enough people said that we could create we could do something I mean there's I mean we've talked to Ed from clique tea shop calm he's got these awesome designs you know Nicholas with his book I mean don't tell me that Nicholas having a passion with everything kids for years and years and so many people saying this is great don't tell me that that didn't inspire the book or didn't put the book where it is because it absolutely did you know you know we we can all of us can collectively send a message to this band instead of us just being online bitching about what the band didn't do or oh my god they edited this out of here or they diss this here and there's a glitch and love gun here instead of doing stuff like that let's all talk about stuff that we like one of the when I was promoting the greatest show on earth I said you know ignore what you hate promote what you love so let's just I mean if and again I'm not saying this is the greatest project of all time if you if you enjoy it and if you love this project as much as I love putting it together go and buy a kiss shirt go send kiss online and email and tell them about this project or share it on your YouTube page share it on your Facebook your Instagram or just share the project show it to your friends but make sure you support make sure you give the correct owners credit of this buy kiss alive again I'm sure it's gonna be coming on a vinyl again soon why not there's a huge funnel so buy that again and say I'm buying this because I watched kiss at midnight so I'm hoping that the band or the organization finally takes heed and go okay something is going on here cool you know so cool yeah I have to ask then yeah what's next in the pipeline okay okay so and they creative jumps out a window at the right before I decided to do this I was collecting footage for a 1990 home video style kiss documentary that's why I asked that was gonna use all that kiss exposed to unreleased footage so that that was what I was working on when this kind of just when this idea fell into my lap and I had to run with this because this idea was too good to let go this idea was too good to let go so that'll be what's next it's not gonna be immediate I didn't you know yeah this one isn't even out this isn't even out yet so this one this one I so what what's today's date I just finished this I think two days ago where I finally put the final stamp me the version you guys saw was about 98% done I've changed some of the fonts and I just I like I tweaked very very little but I finally put the stamp on it that this is fucking done and I haven't been on the computer for two days it's been glorious June 28th June 28th on Vimeo and you are you going to put it on YouTube yeah I am gonna put it on YouTube they're the greatest show on earth does have its own YouTube page right it will be on that one so if by chance it gets taken down or somebody blocks it none of our pages are gonna be you know right nothing is but it will be on Vimeo and there will be links for the either one on either site there is a great image us out there I also released an image with Alison Steele on there because you know especially this day and age we need a strong female role model not just for the women either but for everyone and and no better than Alison Steele I mean she was she was a hip lady she loved the music and she had an incredible late night show on any W in the seventies in the 80s and this is just I I it hurts me that not more people know who Allison Steele is so I want to release an image with her because I want to give respect to her because what she did was incredible and without her this project wouldn't have happened I she passed away in in the mid 90s so but if she hadn't passed away I would have found a way to get in touch with her and I wouldn't want to have sent this to her sure this was kind of my my tip of the hat to to Allison and obviously to kiss but you know if you if you're bored one night go on YouTube and just look up Allison steel there's some cool cool stuff great interviews sometimes she would read poetry over like instrumental music and maybe it was just it was it's a different time it was cool stuff so anyway June 28th on YouTube on Vimeo there are tons of images out there right now so share them with your friends watch the trailer watch this exclusive clip and you know I'll be on literally every single kiss podcast promoting this leading up to it except for awesome except for one set for one alright alright so well I'd like to thank Andrews can Betty for joining us today maybe we'll consider having him back sometime me be me I'm here I'm here too right don't you throw me in that like will interview you next time on your interview he got his interview collection no I sit on his passion project so there I have Joe on to talk about his new record store coming up soon yes we are yes we are yes we are and that and that is that adult bookstore that you're working on yeah right no but seriously Joe is opening a record store yeah record club it's right you and and we'll all be there for the grand opening well I know I'll be there I don't know if Jason will be there open to the public I'm just gonna drive my happy ass up there open to the public except except I'm just gonna get what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna buy a lot of fake mustaches and then all those people are gonna have like no Kissel and then the whole side like my crotch starts knocking no no kiss alive to kiss alive too but anyway just to say it again make sure you check it out kiss at midnight we'll be live June 28th does anybody know why I chose that date because it's the anniversary of the first time I saw kiss on the reunion tour it's the anniversary of kisses first reunion to her concert June 22 Tiger Stadium yep Tiger Stadium anniversary these are gonna be it was either gonna be that or I was gonna release it on the anniversary of KISS alive which is the temp I don't want to wait to September yeah all right thanks Andrew sounds good June 28 check it out everybody Joe thanks appreciate it I did nothing as usual good questions Joe yes good and we'll see you next time what was that that was my clock [Laughter]

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  2. Episode couldnt have come at a better time. Its raining and Im bored. Hey Jason, over the weekend I stopped at a local antique store and found camel label pressings of Alive! and RARO. The RARO still has the sticker!

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