It’s getting there! it’s still moving! this is to die for! What’s up Hunters? I’m your friend Betiux Uribe and from Playa del Carmen #WEAREALLHUNTERS! Good morning! each day is colder here in Japan! but we’re ready to face it! I’m learning how to move better around Tokyo for all the Youtubers wondering how it is to record in Japan many people think the Japanese don’t like you recording anywhere as long as you don’t film them directly, there’s no problem at all I’m fulfilling my dreams each day and I love you being with me all the way today is not about toys! it will be something crazier! many people have asked me whether I’m starting this hobby or not! that’s why I’m joining two crazy hunters that you may already know! I’m at the epic Shibuya crossing this is madness, wherever you look at, there’s people crossing the streets! this is the most important avenue in all Tokyo it’s world famous, it’s madness! this is Shibuya’s station! this is the Starbucks! in this metro entrance there are some stickers and I’d love all the people around here to take a photo with this! all over the world #WEAREHUNTERS! Which one is your favourite? I truly love my stickers, they’re really cool! I’d love you to take a photo here and tag me! Hunter Love! we’re with K-Cho! We’re truly happy! We are at the wrong station! the shop we’re visiting is a bit far from here! we’re catching the train again in the meantime, look at this! the third member has arrived! Gemu! Hi there! it’s been sometime! because you asked for it! since my first trip, you have no idea how many people told me: “please contact Gemu, he is the chap who can take you to a second hand shop” let’s do it! a lot of people have asked me the same too! really? the first day you arrived they started writing to me! cool! What I hadn’t told you is that today we’re searching for fire, sneakers, grease! I won’t collect! I keep on saying that! some of the best sneaker stores are here, and today we’re in WORM, Japan! I just found the treasures here! look at this! as you know, I’m not into this but just to think that something is locked in Japan… boom! I see amazing things here! please let me know what is driving you crazy and why? ’cause I’m just starting into this world look at those translucent, as you know… translucent toys are my favourite! they would match my collection perfectly well, don’t you think? and this is something really really famous! Gotcha! he says he’s gonna show us something really special there the fact that it comes in a wooden box, it gives them a special touch! Ueno, Sakura! these were sold only in Tokyo, Ueno! JESUS CHRIST! It’s inspired on the cherry blossoms! there are only $500 pairs in the world! that’s why! around $100,000 MXN pesos for these beauties! Japan is the place for this! thank you so much! Gemu, what have you seen? please tell me! I’ve seen something that has a caught my attention we’re truly amazed in this shop! I’ve always followed a brand called Bathing APE which made a collaboration with Adidas which is not quite common! and I haven’t seen the price yet! they look amazing! I know the gray camou version, but I reckon the green is the rare one! Are you ready? wow, $950usd! please don’t do that to me Gemu! I’m a big fan of camou clothing! mee too! you can match it with anything you want! What are you looking at K-cho? Hey mate, your umbrella is really sexy! Thanks darling! I found these with a Mexican touch, ’cause these look like zarape bits really? look! that’s true! it’s got the traditional colours of our artcrafts! that’s what caught my attention! you should know more about this, mate! I have no idea whatsoever! the only thing I know about sneakers is how to put them on How much are they? they’re more affordable, around $200usd! not bad at all! around $180usd! bear in mind that the problem here is not only finding the shoes and having enough money to buy them, but also finding them in your size which is the biggest problem in sneaker collecting! check out this collaboration! Air Force 1 Clot X Fragment these pair is really something! they look rather elegant and discreet as well and I love this silhouette, you can match it with anything! and these are in $1500usd! a bit cheaper than the others! he says’s there’s only one pair in the world! I’m speechless! I just liked them for they are translucent! look at this! he says it was just exhibited in Nike’s stand! I would wear them without socks to sport my toes! your horrible feet! they say they’re from this exhibition in Tokyo you can see the sock through in time, it turned yellow which is quite common among translucent pieces we’re having the Cinderella’s experience! nobody has seen the left shoe rumours are only the right exists these ones here are nice as well! look at this here! look at this, I think people have already talked too much about this pair but it’s still a classic, and specially for me, ’cause… it belonged to Marty McFly! this was the first and it was not authorized it’s impossible to allocate them a value to this pair these days since it’s not easy to find them he says he couldn’t give them a value… each time I open one of these cabinets I get the goose bumps we’re all drooling here! you can take this for your son! Air Jordan Eminem Encore I’m learning a lot of things today, it’s not quite common in Japan that people allow you to record and explain you things in English! if you don’t use them, they get deformed in time as well and if you use them, they get damaged, so… What would you do? I would definitely use them a lot! they will look worn but they will appear in several photos at least! Air Jordan 5, Tokyo exclusive, beautiful! let me ask if they’ve got this in my size! that’s what I told you, once you’re ready to buy something, they haven’t got your size! I’m just thinking that with the money of a couple of these sneakers I could afford an entire video game collection! very true, let’s go home! the good thing about collecting this is that, it adapts to your budget! there are shoes from $1500MXN to half a million pesos or more! you can choose what you can truly afford and enjoy them! I think that’s cool for the hobby! I liked these three here… Which one would you take? Gemu, if you could choose among these, which one would you take? I already know, why do I ask you? besides this, ’cause I definitely love the brand and I would pick it up! I would choose this ’cause they’re rather flashy! rather flashy! You’ll never go unnoticed I think this pair will definitely make you shine! these are the pimps! Are you ready? he lives in a pineapple under the sea! the coolest thing is coming here with my friends! I feel like in the secondary school when you saved some money to buy a good pair! and your mates were there to help you decide, and they even borrowed them! I’m next in the list! the winner is the Air Max 1 Animal Print Deluxe! they’re beautiful! look who is here! we were caught in the act, mate! We’ve got here the good old Alex Fernandez giving us some intensive courses he’s telling us that the Air Max 1 has got pieces from the most important Air Max! the most important in the Air Max’s history there’s a white version that was only sold at the Friend’s and Family and there are just a few pairs the same shoe in white? the Friends and Family only sells to very close people they make a short list and they go: “friends, family and Alex Fernandez”, don’t they? I’ve never been that lucky to buy one of those! thank you very much! If you ever come to Worm Tokyo please ask for Kento, it’s time to have some more, Would you like to see more Japanese fire? you caught me on the move, I’m buying a gift for my lovely wife it’s a crazy looking pants from this rude cat! Rip and Dip total madness! incredible design! I hope she likes it, it’s rather difficult buying clothes for your girl! but I think it’s one of the best gifts we can give them! go for it, if it doesn’t fit, it’s time to look for another girl! I found the perfect backpack for the hunt this is the perfect size for shopping in Japan! our second stop is Atmos, a pretty famous store here the good thing about this store is that we can find shoes in retail price! it’s one of the stores that have these exclusive Japanese designs which later go on catalogues and become more expensive people come here, do some tourism, take some exclusive designs from Atmos Japan and they wait for the prices to increase! this is an example of Atmos exclusive designs! you can only find these here! they’re not supposed to be in any other Nike Store! How much are they? they’re around $150usd! the good thing here is having a good eye so what you buy here becomes rare in the future something exotic! I’m in love with this pair here! it’s the perfect mix, they look like camou mixed with animal print! these are in $150usd! around $140 and $150usd! cool! many Japan exclusives are rather cool, look at this! these are in $131usd! I liked these ones , I even got scales too they look rather cool, how much are these? Air Max is 14,000 yen which is around $130usd! that’s an exotic pair, that’s really cool! lately I like less bright colours such as pastels these are in 20,000 yen around, $182usd! retail price, not resale! this Atmos in Shinjuku hasn’t got only great pairs but also some art toys here and a cafe! but that’s not all… there are also vintage toys! look at this, people are getting crazy here! in this corner, very well hidden a Popy Spiderman! but there are no accesories! look at this art here! late 70’s! this is Toy Porn! around $58usd! what really caught my attention is over there that’s an Ultraman bowling set! that’s a beautiful piece ’cause the pins have got Kaiju heads! but they say that’s not for sale, so… that makes me so sad! but this is crazy ’cause we came looking for shoes… and we found vintage toys vintage toys! Gemu, what do you remember having played in your childhood? I mostly played Saint Seya the vintage version is what I played the most what I’ve lost the most as well and now that you’re here, have you recovered anything from your childhood? but you know what the biggest problem is here there’s no space! among collectors we usually refer to the “Japanese style collection” just a few pieces but of great quality! I love figures a lot but unconsciously due to space constraints, I went for videogames, instead! look at this, where is this from, mate “Homerito Cagon”? Made in Mexico! this is part of a Japanese ghost folk tale! it’s an art toy made by Secret Base I’m taking this for my friend Julio, I hope he likes it! it’s a sofubi and it’s rather scary! “look up my story on Google, my name is Oiwa” but he loves all this stuff and I really want to give him some hunter love! this was today’s hunt! a spinner, an african doll some Kamen Rider made of a very hard plastic but I think the coolest piece is this Kappa Kappa means “a child from the river” it’s a demon of a Japanese folk tale and in Buddhism they’re considered to be hungry ogres any figure of this Yokai is rather pricey in Mandarake they’re rather expensive and here it was around $8usd! it’s possible to hit the jackpot in Japan! We’re nervous! for this is a rather scary moment, if you like! even the “faceless woman” is here with us today! for we’re risking our lives, literally! you couldn’t put it better! we’re here to eat fugu! puffer fish! if the chef doesn’t do his job properly, something can go wrong today but we are committed to be fugu brothers today! so we’ll go through this together! let’s hold hands together! he wants to take advantage of me! we’re at a puffer fish restaurant anything can happen here! it’s lunch time, so let’s enjoy together! “he was not ready for that” Sake with puffer fish tail! cool! I’m terrified! please explain that to me! my English is terrible! alright, it’s me who will sacrifice for the team and I’ll be the first to try fugu! those are the instructions on how you’re supposed to die! it was a pleasure! I think the meat is rather rubbery! it’s hard to chew! How long does it take for you to die? you should be on the floor by now! last words please! “Hunters, I love you so! you’ve made my life so special! I want my wife and my kid to make a museum out of my collection” the sentimental moment! he’s suddenly got the courage after my first attempt! but perhaps I should wait one more minute! and that’s it! it’s rubbery! is everything alright? Are you feeling well? I think we latin americans have a hard stomach statistics say that the fugu kills around 20 Japanese per year! Are you serious? faceless woman, what do you reckon? I like it, it’s tasty! the best is yet to come! the whole thing together! it’s still moving! this is definitely lethal! it’s still moving, look! this is the sake that’s the tail! it’s still moving! that one is jumping! fried fugu! yummy! it’s like fried chicken! KFC! this is really good! our soup is really taking shape! I’m reading that according to law it’s forbidden to serve the toxic parts of the fish which are the liver, eggs, and skin however, in some establishments they’re served illegally if the customer demands it in order to have an extreme experience! the skin? indeed! but we’ve already eaten it! well mate, it’s been a pleasure! I’ve got a bit of everything on this plate! delicious! I would definitely suggest this fish well cooked it’s got a strong flavour but in sashimi it’s too rubbery! Japanese style! but they didn’t even notice it! we’re in our third stop, Supreme store a rather strange phenomenon that is going on with this brand! let’s see what this is about ’cause I’ve only seen things in resale What can you tell us about this store Gemu? since I only visit second hand shops in search of video games the only thing I can say is it’s the worst brand to buy in the second hand market if you want to buy something, you’ve got to visit this store! this is the worst store I have visited for the first time in Japan I experienced the worst service towards the customer a girl wanted to take a look at a T-shirt but the bloke told her she couldn’t even touch it you can only touch what’s on display it’s not expensive at all the problem is resale! besides, it’s forbidden to buy several pieces of the same item we just came out of Supreme and what a terrible service they provide! all the people working there have the worst attitude ever and honestly it is rather sad ’cause… look how they get close to the glass so you can’t record, did you see that? look at that! he came to put his ass at the window on purpose! it’s the first time you’ve got that strange feeling! but this is not unusual for I’ve visited other Supreme stores and the salespeople are usually very unfriendly it’s a rather weird phenomena what’s going on with Supreme! people buy interior T-shirts without any logo, just because the bag has the Supreme logo printed on it, and people leave very happily! people are just excited, aren’t they? indeed! as you noticed, they don’t sell items with the classic Supreme logo on them the bloke told me that the so called box logo is impossible to get! people line up for days to get them you won’t find anything here some artists get some promotionals and that’s it! the good thing is that K-cho made them work I tried a bit of everything although I’ll never buy any of that! but… but it’s not that expensive, mate, T-shirts were around $50usd! Spider-Man, Spider-Man! this is another suggestion, now that we’re looking for fire! fire it is! look at what they just brought! that’s the creme de la creme $3200usd! this is more than $60,000MXN pesos! and they look like the ones father Smurf would wear! they’re cool and they’re my size! He said he only had two pairs in all the store! What do you think of these? I just wanted to show them to you! If I didn’t know they are rare, perhaps I wouldn’t like them they’re rather simple for its price! I know someone that for the same money would make 100 of the same! What do you reckon? please leave a comment about sneaker collecting! he’s bringing the black Sacai in my size but they’re around $1000usd! this is extreme fire! this is a Japanese design and they mixed two silhouettes this is rather exotic, to me! these are beautiful! it’s crazy to think that these shoes were once around $200usd and today they’re in $1000usd! this shop’s business is about reselling! I’m not sure! they’re beautiful! what is nice about sneakers is that they’re a part of you during the day! and if you see things in that way, it can clearly have a different context! “it’s part of you”, that’s true! it’s very important what you’re wearing when you buy your sneakers I love the black ones today, perhaps because black is my favourite colour! but these are really cool as well! Which do you prefer the most? What do you think K-cho? black or red? black! we can buy both and we can share! cool! I couldn’t help it, they’re going home, this design by Sacai is just amazing! and it’s rather painful not to be able to find them but on resale! sneaker collecting is rather vicious! I think buying one or two pairs a year is rather healthy! What do you think? that’s Japan! I’m incredibly happy! besides, they’ve just told me the good news! I’ve got the chance to win a pair of sneakers in this machine! I can use it three times either side but the sneakers I liked are on the other side but I think the girls ones are easier to get! you can do it, mate! bear in mind it’s gonna open! so… there… let’s see… there… first attempt! let’s check the strenght first! it’s got it there! c’mon! that’s rather loose! these machines are tricked! second attempt! there we go! let’s see! yeah, good! the black is blocking the way! wait, it may be flipped! those arms are rather loose, they don’t grab anything! you should aim the middle of the shoe to pull it towards the hole! good idea, I love it! What have you done? I’m all sad, I might get the box instead! I pushed the wrong button! these machines are tricked ’cause after a certain amount of attempts the clamp gets tight! I thought I would take it! this is another of our favourite stores, BAPE, What do you think, mate? the creme de la creme! next to Dolce and Gabbana that’s true! I’ve got the goose gumps! hashtag! let’s go in! I can’t see anything! I’m trying on these jackets! here at BAPE, sizes are scarse look, this looks taylor made! I’m sure we’ll find something here, ’cause camouflaged designs are their game! Bomber Jacket, isn’t it? How much is it? Rodri, Edgar Davids is assisting you! around $450usd! What’s coming over there? look at this, this is amazing, isn’t it? How much? 32,800 yen, around 300usd! so? I’m really sad ’cause they haven’t got my size here! this is the only one I really liked! this wants to go home with me! I really like this one, I think I could buy it for me! there are rather cool things here! from an umbrella to a pair of Converse here! these Converse by BAPE are really nice! they’re in $136usd! that’s good! $140usd! there are also caps, wallets, watches! we had to record with the mobile phone ’cause it’s actually forbidden to record but they agreed for us to use the phone I don’t understand the difference anyway! but take a look at this room is amazing! this store has got everything, even for kids I’d love to take something for Maximo! What do you think of this? I’m in love with this store, my GOD! but, despite being a bit expensive many people come here and resale these items ’cause not everyone can come to this store so easily! so this jacket would be twice or three time as expensive somewhere else! they’re just excuses to convince myself to buy it! but you’re right, they are sold at higher prices in the resale business! stairway to heaven to the babies area! and also the shoes are here! Thank you so much! this has to stop right now! I feel like Pretty Woman, mate! hey Hunters, this video has come to an end I had fantastic guests Japan Gemu around here and Kolexion K-cho! we had a great time, we had delicious food, we explored almost all Tokyo! and we hit the jackpot! thank you very much, please follow both channels! remember that’s rather important for us who create videos this doesn’t end here, it was a small collaboration but rather important! please, don’t forget to share this video, you’re watching Madhunter Channel!


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