Luxury and Designer Shoe Collection Series | Part 3 | Heels

Luxury and Designer Shoe Collection Series | Part 3 | Heels

Hi, everyone welcome back to my YouTube channel if you’re brand new welcome I’m super glad to have you here today [is] an exciting day because it is the final Installment of my three video series [on] my luxury shoe collection and today is healed finally. I absolutely love heels They are my favorite I think they are feminine and beautiful and they dress up any outfit And I love wearing them to work Especially or special occasions or whatever it might be [so] [I’m] really excited to share them with you today I’m not going to go into the whole intro that I went into in the first two So if you want to see those videos, I will link them down below Please [check] them out if you haven’t watched them already And I just want to quickly mention that all of the information that I have on any of these shoes will be linked down below So go ahead and check [that] out and also I will be telling you the sizes so I want you to know that my typical size of the 5s. Yes I have a very small feet so it’s a five and a half and so you can sort of see if things should be sized up or down [or] If they’re true to size in case you want to order anything online, so without further ado Let’s get started with this heels collection and comment [down] below and tell me which are your [favorite]? So I am starting this collection with my black pumps of which there are very many So these are the overview pumps by stuart Weitzman. They are any size 6 so they could also be in a size This next pair are the black patent [cross] pumps by stuart Weitzman these are in a five and a half and are true to size Nice short heel comfortable for all-day wear these are an older style stuart Weitzman pump They are in a size six and are very comfortable nice taller heel And I love the point of toe these are vintage pair of Sunspot Manolo Blahnik I love the cutout in them and the cap toe these are in a 36 and our true to size so I could also do with the 35 and a half These are an older pair of [Ferragamo] with this nice [little] button detail. They are at 36 in true to size This next pair are the [vlogs] [come] to [write] [in] a quest pat’s letter, [era] size five and a half we can This next pair our pair of vintage Gucci pants pair in a size I am in happen, and I love the little detail on the toes and again Super elegant, and they’re very comfortable These Gucci booties are incredibly comfortable the elastic front leather is really really nice [and] stretches to input The size 36 inches the correct size for these This next pair is the okay Bennett [Alex] wedges these are in a size 36 And they are a bit mega size three and a half [four] space better for these This is the last pair [of] black boots are the war upon by of event These are any size 36 that is the correct time for these 30,000 hassle. It works with 30 pieces very This next there are a dark brown leather with a cute little tassel on the friendlies behind Sam, Edelman And they’re called cody This next pair is a pair of mules by Manolo Blahnik these are in a size 36 and a half I’ve had [two] issues In sizes from 35 to 36 and a half in multiple colors I’ve sold most and I think [I’ll] sell these as well these are these Sabirah pumps by okay bet They’re a little shorter than my other LQ, Bennett up And they’re also in a smaller [sized] is there any 35 and I’m usually a 35? Closest gladiator pumps boat I don’t [know] what they’re called. They are in Asia, so feel a little big business Ugh, oh these are green signs 35 like you probably also vegetarian The snakes they are really [specially] for my wedding she faces stuart life And I love the lace on them because they magic placed in the bottom of my dress solution These next two pairs of both my manolo Blahniks unintentional consequences being obviously in the next This next pair are by theory in the only shoes by theory I own these are the murial pumps in a light Gray [America] nation 35 inches very good This next [pair] is by L k bennet these are the sasha pumps They are am a size 35 and a half in the fawn color. Which is their nude tan color and they are very comfortable This next pair is one of my newest bears And I absolutely adore them because stuart like new meteor pumps and a size [six] There are a little bit big at [5] and 1/2 would have been better But I just love them when they’re still comfortable this next pair are by LK, Bennett. I love these they’re really special I don’t [know] the name [of] them if you do please comment down below [they’re] in a size 36 and a 35 and a half would have been better This is another pair of the sasha pumps by lk bennett again 5.5 a half which [is] very suitable Next there are such a fun color these are student website [holder] pair of BB compasses are six and five we have work incentives [like] Now we’re getting into the red shoes. So these are the stuart Weitzman’s linda comes to make size six They are a little bit big of five and a half with work all of my red shoes my three pairs are also Riflemen these are also six they are a or vintage pair so I can’t find them and with them I’m not super fan of either of these two pairs and will probably replace them at some [point] and The last pair is a nice sweet platform pair I don’t love free But I do really like these either the strong smooth comfortable short weapon also in a size six five and a [half] would be [okay] with physical Because then you start the pink shoes which are the last color of shoes, we’ll be covering in this collection These are by cochise these are a size six which are a little bit big this next, Era absolutely adore They’re the only pair about retail in this collection, and I love them [stand] the LP Advantage Betty pump and a five Thirty five Thirty five and a half would also have course what [Thirty-five] is comfortable This last year are my new love. They are my newest shoe, and I absolutely adore them [using] Ferragamo [form] [of] [hump] They are any size [thirty] [five] wide I’m not usually [arrived] if they’re very comfortable for these shoes Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like a thumbs up and subscribe to see future videos I will be doing many major videos talking about Luxury Goods Especially bought on the premotor market and giving tips and tricks for that or whatever it might be but if you love you all So much, and i – I will be showing more yield in the future and now that you don’t know my collection I may be showing some new ones that I’m bringing in or ones that I’m selling if you’re interested in seeing that let me know But thank you again so much for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day

10 thoughts on “Luxury and Designer Shoe Collection Series | Part 3 | Heels”

  1. Gorgeous shoes! I really enjoyed watching your shoe collection series. And I love your style. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so jealous of your small feet.
    Those vintage Gucci pumps are everything, and the gold Jimmy Choo I will be keeping an eye out for those in a size 40.

  3. Those gold Jimmy Choo strappy shoes are very pretty and. my favourite. Also love a purple/burgundy red shoe. Great collection 👍🏼

  4. Amazing you have a great high heel collection love the pointy toe heels they look gorgeous on you those heels so cute I love all the shoes you have such a great collection you have I love high heels to they go with a lot of outfits. Thanks for a gorgeous video Jessica you are a classy lady. Love

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