Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Making Textured Cake Frosting

Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Making Textured Cake Frosting

Now I’ll show you a technique for giving our
frosting a little bit of texture and making it look like cloth. I have here an embossed
paper towel and all I’m going to do is lay that on the cake and just lightly press it.
Now the cake has dried for a little bit so that it’s not sticky and we’ll just sort of
rub that on there a little bit. Rub a little on the sides and then very carefully pull
it back, so the paper towel puts the texture on the ballet slipper. And then you can again
use the paper towel and lay it on the side of the cake and just gently press. Very gently.
And then gently peel it away to texture the side of the cake. And continue going around
the slipper, like that, and just patting and smoothing the paper towel over the icing to
put that texture all over the whole cake. To get in between that tight spot, you just
use a spatula, like this. Hold the paper towel carefully and just rub along the edge. And
just remove that carefully to cover all sides of our ballet slippers.

4 thoughts on “Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Making Textured Cake Frosting”

  1. Okay this is a good idea but you are not making sure that the patterns are symmetrical, each time you move the papertowel the pattern is starting in a different place. In my opinion this defeats the purpose of doing it at all

  2. Dear "expert village", please get someone who actually knows how to decorate cake and who has actually SEEN a pair of ballet slippers before.

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