Jablonski how much better do s are for you laces make your touch it's like having a glue covered boot just without the stickiness what somebody want to use that what's going on guys Josh from soccer reviews for you comm bringing you another SR for you QA your football boot related questions and my answers to them all pulled from my Instagram SR for you underscore Josh which you see on screen right now it is also linked down below so if you have a question that you'd like me to answer in an upcoming QA make sure you follow me there if you haven't already also if you guys enjoy the Q&A series on channel and want to see it continue don't forget to support this one with like and if you're new here watching for the first time and on to miss out on daily content for me make sure you hit that subscribe button along with a little bail notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live Jablonski if nike had to get rid of either the tiempo or mercurial which one would you rather they keep maybe this is a surprising answer given the fact that i have been such a fan of the tiempo line on this channel but honestly i'd rather than kill off the tiempo line than the mercurial line and the reason why i say that is because it does feel like Nikes going to take the tiempo line in a direction that a classic style football boot maybe shouldn't really go and you have other options out there if you're on the market for a kangaroo leather boot made in Japan Mizuno Copa 19 plus is really good the new Puma king platinum I think is really good there's lots of options if you want good leather boots at least as of right now or the mercurial line I think is the most important line of football boots in the industry period and it seems like every time a new mercurial comes out nike introduces something that we've never seen before it really does kind of set the bar every time a new one comes out on what the latest and greatest tech is in a pair of football boots and like it or not that has had a huge impact on the industry obviously everyone's gonna have their own opinions on each generation of mercurial which one is better which one is worse but I think that the mercurial line is something that with that concept Nike has done some of their best work and I wouldn't like to see them get rid of that hey Jabulani does a split soul improve a football boot it definitely doesn't and I'm kind of of the opinion that the logic behind a split sole construction is not very logical at all because you're taking a soleplate that would typically be made out of one piece of plastic given the plastic technology that's out there now with the studs directly attached to that which makes for less layers of material and a lighter overall construction that is kind of what we saw nike introduced with the previous generation of mercurial superfly v and the vapor eleven with its kind of anatomically formed soleplate made out of one single layer of material rather than a bunch of different layers but then come the next generation vapor 12 and Superfly six we now have this split sole construction that still has that anatomic soleplate in there but now there's like 18 other layers of material that adds to the overall weight and stiffness of the soleplate and somehow that's better or at least that's what we're led to believe and that to me is kind of the logic behind split soles it exists almost as hey this is a little bit different you should buy it because it's different and not what we've done before even though it is something that they have done before and again I kind of feel like split souls were introduced in the first place just to be visually different than everyone else and hopefully consumers would kind of buy into that concept of oh these are distinctively different I want those because they look different and that's pretty much all a split soul really has on offer it's not to say that there haven't been great split soul designs on football boots predator has had some of the most amazing foot soles of all time so there's definitely a way of making a split soul great but as an overall concept I don't think that there's really any benefit to it just negatives what is your go-to penalty spot and do you have any tips on how to get better at taking them over the course of my career if you want to call it that I haven't taken a lot of free kicks but I have taken a good amount of penalties and I remember missing one as a kid I was probably like eight or nine years old and I ended up hitting the crossbar going for the top left corner and I was just overconfident I hit the ball way too hard or harder than I needed to and I missed the penalty and then from there I don't think I've ever missed another penalty in a match so for me my opinion on penalties if if the objective is to score is take a shot that you're confident in so what I would personally recommend doing is practicing two different shots meaning two different spots on goal that you feel like you can hit very very consistently for me I will either shoot directly down the middle right along the ground or I'll shoot right along the ground to the right side to my right that's where I feel most comfortable shooting I'll only go down the middle if I'm really really confident that the goalkeeper is going to dive and I'll kind of just wait them out but if I feel like the goalkeeper is probably just going to anticipate my shot I'll shoot really right on the ground nice and hard bottom right corner very difficult to get to so those are gonna be my two spots but again everyone's gonna be a little bit different some guys really like to drive the ball and they feel confident doing that I just don't like doing that I feel like there's too much risk associated to that a penalty should be more of a sure thing obviously there's pressure associated depending on the situation but if you can have two spots that you're confident in hitting that I feel will give you the confidence to be able to score a penalty once the situation comes up ask Jay Mike he knows can a professional player use a takedown model football boot in a professional match absolutely not that's against the rules but more seriously yes they can we just don't see it that often because the big-name Pro is playing for the big-name clubs and the big-name leagues are typically wearing top-end models because they're all endorsed athletes getting free product or paid to wear product from the big brands and the big brands are gonna provide them with the best of the best equipment to wear in the case of examples of pros using takedown models in a match though it has actually happened most recently during the World Cup and I believe to this date Oh Joe ah who was the Mexican goalkeeper was wearing the Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro rather than the flying it vapor 12 elite and as I've said many times on this channel before the vapor 12 Pro is an excellent pair of boots if you're more into classic mercurial with that asian synthetic upper the vapor 12 pro is probably the one you'll prefer over the more expensive elite model so that's one I guess more recent example but I think a really big example would be messy the man himself for the longest time throughout the entire run of the f50 tuna series when he was wearing that particular model he never actually wore the f50 he always wore a modified variation of the takedown model at 30 that has to go down as one of the weirdest professional footballer endorsed deal situations of all time because you have a giant brand like adidas having a huge name like Messi who they're paying tons and tons of money to to basically headline their a 50 line which at the time featured a to knit system that was the whole point of the f50 where you basically had interchangeable studs and uppers and sole plates that they were calling a chassis at the time there were a couple of pros that did wear them but for the most part there weren't too many pros wearing the f50 tunas period but Messi kind of the main face of the line for the sake of advertising never actually wore the f50 tunas with the interchangeable studs he always wore the takedown model at 30 which became very very evident when they transferred to the translucent parts of the uppers of the f50 point 8 as an example that had the translucent heel on the 52 net the f30 version had the translucent material through the mid foot which was the version that messy wore so unlike some of the camouflaged boots that he's had over the years that were always some kind of custom variation versus the ones you could actually buy it was very very clear that Messi was just wearing a takedown model rather than the more expensive one and it obviously worked for him so for those that make the argument that it's the player not the boots there's a perfect example for you arguably the best player of all time played a large chunk of his career in a takedown model granted a custom takedown model rather than a top-end pair of boots JJ what boots are good for high arches or opposite of a flat foot most of you probably already know this by now but if you don't know I used to work at a soccer store selling boots and every once in a while someone would come in with really high arches on their feet and the issue that you'd run into in terms of getting the right fit for them is that the volume of their mid foot because the arch is so high is abnormally big there's a lot of space underneath their arch but because the arch of their foot is so tall it kind of lifts the top of your foot and often football boots have a very kind of slim profile to them with not very much volume through the mid foot so you can run into issues with the boots just not fitting properly based on my experience it's one of those things where you kind of just have to try on a variety of different boots to see what works typically boots that are gonna have more stretch through the mid foot area as well as a more traditional construction with the tongue might be a little bit more for in terms of the amount of volume that you're going to have through the mid-foot but typically if you have a really high arch on your foot as well your feet are gonna be quite narrow so it does there's complications in regards to getting the proper fit there's really nothing that I would say specifically available right now that I think is gonna be really good for you I would say one probably avoid laceless boots I would say if you need a particular type of fit period laceless boots are probably not gonna be a great option for you but other than that I would kind of just make a guess and see how they fit if you're ordering online pretty much every single retailers offers free returns if that's something that you need to do given that they don't fit you properly but it really is a matter of getting to a store or trying everything on and see what fits you best I wish I had a better answer for you but I just don't should you put more money into the football or the boots I'm pretty sure I've definitely answered this question before on the channel but it's an interesting question nonetheless and I'm not sure everyone has heard my answer it might surprise you but I think that the ball is actually more important than the boots and I say that in this particular situation as long as your boots aren't making your feet bleed meaning that it like hurts to wear them then you're perfectly fine with pretty much any boots as long as they're comfortable they fit you properly and you're happy with the way that they feel you don't need top-of-the-line football boots to play well as we talked about with Messi at the start of this video but it is important to note that the ball is really the only thing that is required to play this sport so the logic behind $300 football boots and a 12 dollar Walmart ball I just think is really really dumb because that 12 dollar Walmart ball is basically like kicking around a balloon it's just not that good my recommendation if you are on a budget for your ball and your boots is if you play in a league that uses the same match ball in every single match invest whatever it is to buy that exact same ball and use that to train with because the consistency that you will get from practicing with the ball that you use in a match I think is super super important I didn't play in too many leagues where we had a consistent match ball just because it was always provided by the home team and I thought that that was the dumbest thing ever but when I finally did play in a league where there was a consistent match ball I just really enjoyed that if you notice what fashionable players when they play in the league before they play that league game they train with the league ball and then they go and play in the Champions League before the Champions League match they train with the Champions League ball that's because different balls have a different feel to them and that feel definitely matters in regards to your ability to perform so for me having a good quality ball is more important than a pair of really expensive football boots Jim Bob since you have been talking about how you think the Nike and Adidas duopoly is starting to weaken who do you think are the two smaller brands most likely to challenge Nike and Adidas I appreciate that you've been watching the videos but my conclusion in the specific video that you're referring to I'll leave a little pop-up on screen was actually the exact opposite of what you're saying I think that Nike and Adidas as the two top brands are only kind of making the gap even bigger rather than the gap being closed to the point where it feels like the average consumer doesn't seem to care how good the final product is and I think the laceless stuff from adidas is a great example some of the sloppy design and some of the silly takedown gimmicks that Nike is charging you more money for our great example of this but it almost seems like Nike and Adidas are making football boots to a certain extent for the sake of being different rather than for the sake of being better and even if the product is worse than what we had before just because it's different people seem to be happy with that where are some of the smaller brands that are legitimately proved improving upon their boots year after year they don't really get the credit for it because people are just so fixated on what Nike and Adidas are doing and again don't get me wrong I think that they make some of the best boots that you can buy but they are not the absolute best over everyone else so yeah I think the gap is getting bigger not smaller it's nike adidas on top Puma in a distant third place and then everyone else and I don't see that changing anyways guys that's it for this one hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to support it with 'like again if you have a question that you'd like to ask for the next Q&A video make sure you're following me on instagram sr for you underscore josh it'll be linked in the description if you have any questions regarding anything that i discussed in this video leave it down below in the comments and i'll do my best to get an answer out to you as soon as i possibly can if you're not subscribed already make sure you hit that subscribe button a little bail notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live which happens every single day all my other social media information is also linked down below so be sure to go ahead and check that out no than that guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you


  1. Jartin juther jing, now that the tiempos have released do you think we’ll be seeing what we speculate to be the mercurial 13 to release soon

  2. i have got some high arched feet. Most of the time the laces hurt because the top part of my feet are bulkie. I now wear the future netfit. Stretch in the upper is great and the laces I place in a way so the bulkie parts of my feet are free. Really my favorite boot of all time.

  3. Hi jiddle, im on a £200 to £250 budget and need two pairs of boots, one sg and one fg, i have narrow feet with low volume what boots do you suggest? Thanks.

  4. Perhaps Messi likes his boots a bit padded so he chose F30, and then leather variation of f50. that's perhaps also why messi 15.1 16.1 and nemeziz are more padded than X.

  5. Wow Josh it's been a while since I've seen a video from you but wow your camera quality has improved, keep it up, great content!!

  6. How do you rate all the new leather boots released this year now that the Tiempo 8 is officially unveiled?

  7. Hey Josh. How do you det. If a boots offers an AG/FG studd pattern? Do majority of the boots offer the AG/FG studd pattern nowadays?

  8. You don’t get the respect you deserve. Been watching you since I was in 8th grade. I’m a sophomore in college now. Keep up the great work you put on. This is my go to review channel !

  9. Your name isn't Josh, so why does your instagram have josh in it? In fact i don't care this question is not on instagram. You HAVE TO answer this the next time you make a q&a video.

  10. I have very high arches. The problem is that to have sufficient volume (height) in the midfoot you need to go up half a size if it’s a one piece construction. The exceptions to this are Vapor 12s, Hypervenoms, and Puma Ones. The other solution is just getting a boot with a classic tongue— Morelia Neo 2s Mij and Tiempo legends pros are great. There’s zero cramping due to lack of room and you can go true to size. The Neos are well worth if you can get them on sale. Good luck.


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