Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you what I’m packing for a three week trip to England and Spain. Several month ago, I made a video on how I pack my backpack for shorter trips. And I’ll put that up in the cards if you haven’t had a chance to see it. But this video is going to be how I pack my carry-on suitcase for much longer trips. I’m also going to show you how I pack my travel clutch, which is something I only use at the airport and on the plane. We’re heading to England this year to spend Christmas with my husband’s family. So I’m really excited about that! And then afterwards, for a few nights were going to stop in Barcelona just to have some fun and practice our Spanish. So I’m excited for that too. Alright, so now that you know the plan let’s check out my suitcase. Alright, in here we have five tops In here we have two heat techs and this is something I use when I take a shower to keep my hair dry. We also have four pieces of loungewear / pyjamas, and my sunglasses This is my purse. I won’t be using this at the airport and I’ll also keep a canvas bag inside in case I want to buy something or I need to take anything out. This is a clear bag which I’ll use for toiletries. I will put my toner in there, some apple cider vinegar which I use as a conditioner. This is Shampoo, which is in a silicon container, my deodorant and my facial cleanser. This is OraWellness tooth oil, which I use to brush my teeth. This is a small jar of jojoba oil, which I use for under my eyes. It just helps my concealer to go on easier. And this is tea tree oil, which I use in case I get a blemish. This is a packing cube where I have my hat, my mittens, my underwear and some socks. These are my black ankle boots. I’ll be wearing my tan boots on the plane. This is my hair straightener. It does have a pocket on the back where you can put the cord, but I want it to lie flat. So I’m just going to put the cord here on the side. This is the cord for my camera charger And in this space, I’m going to put my camera, this is my small camera. I’m also going to put my phone charger, as well as the battery pack for my camera and the charger. This is all of my makeup, along with a couple hair ties. I’m going to add a lotion bar which I can use for moisturizing the rest of my body, as well as a toothbrush and a tongue scraper. Nail clippers and tweezers. This is my floss, Diva cup and ayate washcloth. And that’s a razor. I’ll put my Lady Comp here, and my hairbrush. So that’s pretty much it for the suitcase. Let’s get it all zipped up. This ended up weighing just over 9 kilos. This is my travel clutch, and I use this at the airport and on the plane. I already have my passport inside, so I’m just going to put in my Oyster card and some other credit cards and I.D. This is also the space where I’ll put my boarding pass. Then in the first pocket here, I’m going to put in some lip balm as well as some earplugs. And a pen and my headphones. Then on the other side in the last pocket I’m going to put some travel socks. These are socks that I’m only going to wear on the plane, as well as a reusable hankie, my face mask, and an eye mask. So let’s get this zipped up. This is just something I carry around at the airport and then it’s thin enough that it can slide into the seat in front of me while I’m on the plane in case I need anything. These are the clothes I’m wearing on my travel day: Black pants, belt, gray flannel shirt and some socks. I’ll also have this ultralight down jacket on the plane, and I’ll be wearing my wool jacket too, but that’ll probably go in the overhead bin while I’m flying.

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  1. No casual shoes, no pants except for loungewear, no q-tips, no journal or anything to write on, not even one aspirin much less anything else, there were SO many things missing, and yes, I am an experienced traveler, and I travel with one carry on. I think this was more about how the suitcase "looked" than how traveling really functions.

  2. Great video! Did you have any issues taking your makeup in a separate container (as in not following the liquid rule)–I think I saw a mascara? although I'm not sure what kind of liquid makeup you had. Thanks!

  3. awesome…just a little tip…try to keep the passport and cards in a ziploc bag so nothing leaks or spills on it…once my friend's pen leaked and all documents got ink on it…:)

  4. i finally found the little bag online. I will be using it this year for travel. You have great ideas and good travel advice.

  5. Awesome video! You dress more casually like me, so this would work. For someone who dresses more fancy, it would drive them crazy to bring such little stuff. At times I pack less then my husband. I always make sure our destination has a washer/dryer so I can pack small.

  6. i used the little bag on my last trip to Amsterdam. it saved my trip! everything I needed was put in that little bag, which I used everyday! thank you so much for the info!

  7. Hi Tara, found your video and thought it was really insightful! Saw some good products I want to add to my travel pack. I have some questions I hope you can answer:
    1) Is the Clear Toiletries Bag leak proof? I have had a few accidents with my toiletries bags…and it was not fun at all!!
    2) I really like your Travel Clutch but the link doesn't work (might have been discontinued). Doing some investigation, I found the Smateria Macro, which looks similar to yours. Can you tell the dimension of your clutch? The Macro has 2 sizes – S: L20 x H12 cm / L: L24 x H14 cm

  8. How do you only wear one pair of jeans for 3 weeks? How often do you wash them? Jeans take a lot of space and I'd like to know how you do it so I can implement this in my travels. Thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for this video! I've always been a heavy packer and it added a lot of stress on trips. I didn't know there was another way. It's really satisfying and calming seeing how organized and light packing can be. I'll be using this strategy for my upcoming trip!

  10. I had to google lady comp because I had no idea what it was. You didn't pack entertainment on your carry on. So what do you do for your 18 to 22 hour flights for entertainment?

  11. I didn’t see her pack underwear or bras…..medication (aspirin) bottoms except for pj’s??? Unless I missed something. I love those vacuum bags you can put so much in and shrink everything down….of course you have the watch the weight cause you can get lots more in the suitcase

  12. Please don't make a video called "Minimalist packing" or "Minimal packing" or "Ultra light packing" and then show how you packed your maximum size wheeled hard sided suitcase. You should be aiming for 9 lb total (including the weight of the suitcase) not 9 kilos! Plus the clothes you took are bulky and you have too many clothes to be calling this "Minimalist". Very organized though, and smart of you to utilize packing cubes. I also did love your 'on the plane' little green bag. That thing is genius. What's the difference between your "face mask" and your "eye mask" that was a little confusing. Also love the jackets you took. Perfect for Europe. Also an umbrella for Europe especially UK because it's basically like Seattle weather. I don't remember if you mentioned umbrella. Of course everything can be bought at any destination nowadays. Thanks for your video.

  13. i’m going to greece for 17 days and most likely can’t wash my clothes should i attempt to fit 15 outfits in a carry on or just use a regular luggage

  14. That bag of liquids looks too big for TSA approval. Also, you’d have to open your suitcase to put it in the bin.

  15. I love that little clutch you use. Looks like a Smateria Macro product, which, sadly, one cannot purchase online. Has anyone found an equivalent that you can buy in the U.S.A.?

  16. I don’t consider this as “minimalist” packing at all. I recently travelled 6 weeks through Europe with a 6kg carry on only backpack. You are packing waaaaay too many unnecessary things. Maybe I should record a minimalist packing video…!

  17. Neat. Haha, but by my standards, definitely not minimalist.

    I would just suggest being careful about how many liquids you bring. Even if each is under 100ml, you are often restricted to the airport's standard bag size – one bag per person. If your liquids don't fit in this, you will be asked to dispose of some.

    Also, around Europe I almost always make sure I have a rain jacket or umbrella or both with me.

  18. Hello Tara, just found your channel and loving it. A little of topic but I’m spending 3 weeks in Japan moving around. We are going to cities but mostly to small villages and in nature to hike. I’m wondering what would you recommend packing as you actually live in Japan and know better than me. We are going in October-November period. Also if you could suggest places to stay that are not only traditional but goes with the minimal/conscientious lifestyle. Most of suggestions from friends have been hotels that aren’t either. Thanks in advance for your help.

  19. I know I'm commenting on an old video, but I just had to say I was so tickled to find someone else who also packs things like apple cider vinegar and essential oils in their toiletry bag. 🙂 Nice video; I love how to-the-point you were. 🙂

  20. Am I the only one thinking this is too unrealistic?? Seems you’re going to do laundry every 3 days:/ not enough panties or clothes for 3 weeks!
    I have to pack for the same amount of time and I thought I was a minimalist..

  21. This may be late, but I'm really curious how those liquids are allowed to be carried into cabin since they obviously exceeded 100ml…

  22. Hello Greetings from a tiny Frenchie village in Europe. Thank you for sharing your travel pack tips with us, it was very interesting.

  23. Hi!!! I know it's super late! But what is the blue thing you put on the left side ? Because I didn't understand when you explain what it was 🙂 thank you

  24. Were are your pants or bottoms you might need more than one pair.
    Or you can always go shopping . If need be .

  25. What the heck are the “two heatik” you place on the left pod at the very beginning before talking about the wrap for your hair? I swear, I’ve listened to it 5 times & can’t figure out what you’re saying there!!! 😂

  26. Finally! This is the first one of these types of videos where the toiletry bag is clear! How do other people get through TSA?!

  27. Legitimately (confused) thought 4:49 was a bra… I knew there are traveling socks and outfits, but had never heard of traveling bra… 😅

  28. is that a away brand suite case? sorry the long comment again,
    What your thoughts? Every year i go get chance to go New Jersey from Arizona our flight is 4 hours use be on South West but i think they're going end it by November so I hope i get to go again next Summer anyways I am asking for as a Christmas present i might get same color & as for a carry on, does it fit under the seat? How long before it brake too have you have any dents in it? I already have a hard case from Stein Mart and old duffel bag knot on wood I have both them about 6 or 8 years and I love the hard case from Stein mart better have more room then duffel but i want the carry on size so i dont carry my backpack as much I want one to charge my phone and next year i will leave in presser bag in my dresser for next time too at my family beach house

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