42 thoughts on “My ENTIRE Shoe Collection – Sean Wotherspoon 1/97, Yeezy 350, Adidas Continental 80s”

  1. Yo adidas stansmith primknit!!!!!What! I didn’t even know these existed I’m definitely getting those as part of my sneaker collection

  2. Hey Nic, love the videos. Not trying to trash, just some insight that the Sean Wotherspoons that you have are indeed fake. the panels and tongue are easy tells. Regardless, wearing a shoe that's fake is fine and if it looks stylish, then all power to you. Keep up the great vids!

  3. I totally respect that you are collecting shoes, but you don't need that many and they are not all must-haves. You honestly can live comfortably on 3 pairs of shoes.

    Love your vids💞

  4. The continentals are super slept on. I got a fake supreme hockey pullover, no fucks given. You literally can’t tell the difference and i always get compliments when I wear it

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