Nike Air Max 97 | How a 20 Year Old Shoe Became Cool Again

Nike Air Max 97 | How a 20 Year Old Shoe Became Cool Again

here's a mind-blowing fact 1997 happened over 20 years ago are you feeling old yet let me set the scene for you in 1997 the film Titanic had just released and Whitney Houston's my heart will go on was annoyingly ringing in the ear of everybody and their mom the Teletubbies hit the scene hard and the very first Harry Potter book was just released 1997 also marks the birth year of one of our favorite sneakers the Nike Air Max 97 two years earlier Nike released the Air Max 95 with the intention of shifting to then basketball sneaker dominated market back to performance running shoes the Air Max 95 was a unique approach to runner cushioning by being the first ever shoe to feature the visible air unit in the forefoot it was also the first Air Max model to have a black midsole the shoe became a sensation in Japan and Europe Nike couldn't keep up with the demand perhaps that's one of the reasons why the Air Max 96 is so unpopular all the promotion and advertisement for the 96 was drowned out by the wild success of its predecessor by the time 1997 rolled around both Sergio Lozano and Tinker Hatfield has left the Air Max series to focus on other Nike flagship designs the man they left in charge of our beloved Air Max line was the highly talented young X Reebok employee Christian Tresser in the book lee silver a history of the Air Max 97 treasure talks about the pressure he was honored to deliver a seminal design for Nike when the 97 arrived on my desk it had already been through two designers before me the message I was given was this shoe is going to make a career don't blow it ever since the debut of the Air Max one Nikes legendary lion had raised expectations in more ways than one they had brought the runners category two brand new heights rather than sitting on retail shelves as niche purchases running shoes were absorbed by the general public Nikes marketing showed the world that their shoes were never just shoes they were world Legends war runners were them the celebrities were them too time Nike releasing airmax it was remarkable but they also put a feverish note of anticipation on every release Nike designers weren't just expected to release innovative runners they were expected to outdo their own efforts on a consistent and unending basis with all this pressure that Nike was putting on Christian Tresser he worked hard on the shoe having to work around a brand new total air version of the visible air unit that spanned the length of the entire midsole something completely new and challenging to implement into the design now you have to keep in mind that in 1997 the world was on the verge of entering a new millennium everyone was looking ahead in both technology and design the futuristic sounding year of 2000 was right around the corner this optimistic futurism pervaded both industrial and fashion design with sleek curves and metallic chrome accents dominating everything from cars to CD players mountain bikes and of course sneakers Christian Tresser took all these influences and used them as inspiration treasures genius allowed him to combine the futuristic elements with things in nature like the ripple of waves on a pond or a raindrop when you look at the Air Max 97 the design flows from a seamless yet powerful motion of water a nod to silver bullet trains inspires its beloved metallic finish and conjures up image of the future and the past all of this created a remarkable shoe that resonated with everyone from rappers like Big Pun and everyone's favorite Spice Girl Mel C the Nike Air Max 97 was groundbreaking in many ways it was the first Nike Air Max to be fully foam las' it was the first Nike maybe first sneaker ever to feature the hidden lace-up system and just like today it came at a premium price the Air Max 97 cost more than its predecessors by a substantial margin marking the first time that an Air Max had changed prices between models it may not sound like much but that is the equivalent of $225 and 2019 the price that we still believe is above the average cost of most sneakers would you pay $225 for sneakers leave a comment below the release of the Air Max 90 couldn't have been more timely the hundred and fifty dollar price tag was of no concern to consumers in 1997 the shoe enjoyed wild success but unfortunately for the US market the hype only lasted a year if there is one thing that Nike is known for it is turning out new versions of the same shoe in different colorways with small design tweaks now only did this allow them to always have an exciting new shoe to sell it also allowed them to make tweaks and designs that were noted as undesirable to the public naturally Nike wanted to maximize the profits that were coming in from the airmax boom that was happening in countries like Japan and Italy unfortunately the Air Max 97 was superseded by the Air Max 98 it didn't quite garner the attention of a trend-setting phenomenon though it sold well enough to justify all of the work put into his design and production it just felt like it was missing something if it wasn't for Italy subculture celebrating the shoe the way they did and still do the Air Max 97 could have very well ended up in a much less prominent place in sneaker culture right now luckily like all old Nike favorites he has found its way back to the shelves in different variations thanks to the constant retro ink of classics we can now look forward to new and improved versions of the Air Max 97 thanks to the amazing colors of the shoe the Nike Air Max 90 7 has been rekindled as a favorite among sneaker heads today question for you guys what do you guys think about the gold and silver colorways I think they look so dope if you're thinking about copying a pair of 97's I'll place some links in the description box for you to check out anyways guys thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video please consider subscribing to the channel and again it means the world to me that you took the time out of your 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  2. It never became uncool in the first place it's been a go to for 22 yrs. If something doesnt ever become uncool it doesnt need to become cool again. Duhhhh

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  4. do more of these history-type of videos, graphics and music along with the flow of the video are seamless. keep it up homie

  5. The silver one is dope a'f I beat the fuck out of mine lol. Never had a gold pair though; looks tough to rock

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