Nike air precision | Unboxing and Review

Namaste Friends! Today we are going to review- Nike air precision shoes. I got these shoes from for around 4500 Rs I recorded this video and then after 2 weeks I added the audio, so that i can give you a fresh unboxing with a well tested review. Let’s put this box aside and.. This is how shoe look from different angle (music) First of all we will talk about the Design, Personally I am Impressed with the design of the shoes. It has nice quality double layered mesh in front, we got this glossy Nike logo on the side of the shoe as always We got the same in the other side of the shoe. Air is printed of the back side and.. nice highlight on the corner of ankle support, Plus we get Air precision printed on the tongue as well and as you can see the partially white sole. Let’s talk about cushioning and comfort- This is the section where these shoes are far ahead of any other shoes in this price range.. Very soft outsole is worth mentioning And Air technology is added to the heel of this shoes Which make these more cushiony and enhance the heel comfort, Insole of the shoe is decent I have tested these shoes in enough dusty and slippery conditions were shoes perform very well. We get cushion on the tongue and bit more cushion on the ankle support So shoes provide comfy ankle support But one should lace them properly to get optimum ankle support. One more thing i would like to mention about design is that the height of heel Counter is designed small Which make it easy to wear and take off these shoes. Material Quality is very nice in these shoes Mesh is provided in double layer one layer connects the tongue to sole of the shoe and the second one is upper layer which you can see on the upper of the shoe As a result we get proper thickness and comfort on the toecap Few more things i liked about the design of the shoes like this material used on different place on mesh Slightly thick material is used in place of rivets for laces. Opposite colored design is used very cleverly on the back of the shoes. These shoes are also available in different color combinations- you can check them online I personally think that these shoes define their price point very well. and they are worth spending 4500 Rs on them. So, thank you so much for watching this video If you like this video please press the like button, if not then press the dislike button I will be more than happy to read/answer your suggestion/question In the comment box….

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