Nike Arrowz SKU:8869431

Nike Arrowz SKU:8869431

Hey everybody. My name is Richard And this is Arrowz with a Z at the end. From Nike These have a knit-inspired upper that’s going to create an amazingly comfortable, flexible and soft design for the top of your foot Once you slide your foot in, you lace up, got those little panels here on the side that look really cool It’s also going to help lock your foot into place. Then you’re good to go Got lots of shock absorption and comfort out of that midsole. Also really good flex And those grooves throughout the bottom here, keep your feet moving and feeling energized So don’t miss out on these super cool shoes. From Nike

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  1. Can you wear this causally? By causally i mean, can I wear these for running and walking?

    Btw i have obsidian colored ones

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