Hello, this is Sugiura of shoe repair RADIAN of Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. This time is NIKE NIKE sneaker sole custom Using the sole called Vibram9105, we will customize the sole. This sneaker is the base How do you do the sole custom? I would like to make a sneaker custom for NIKE Cortez. So, I would like to begin the NIKE Cortez sole custom. It is from the place where the sole attached now is peeled off Remove the rubber outsole that touches the ground. Heat with heat or melt with thinner Do not damage the shoe upper I will peel off the current sole. It looks like this when you peel off the EVA midsole. I will make a new midsole for custom soles. The material of the midsole is the leather midsole Leather welt This time I will use L-shaped storm welt. The other side is like this. We will assemble so that the other side also looks like this. A line is drawn on leather based on a pattern traced in the shape of the sole. Apply adhesive to both the midsole and the welt. In the shape of the sole that I took earlier I will put an L-shaped welt. Once you have a shape like this, attach it so that your shoes fit inside. Once the upper and midsole are installed, Attaching firmly with crimping, excess leather around First, roughen with a knife, and then sharpen with a grinder. Sharpening has been completed with the grinder. This time is a black rapid manufacturing method We will sew McKay on the soles. When sewing Mackay, keep the sewing thread from popping out Using a tool called a groover, we will dig a thread groove. Then, the in-stitch McKay stitch of the Black Rapid manufacturing method has been completed, so it looks like this. The inside is like this, and it is tightly sewn What looks orange is the new insole If you keep the bottom of the sneakers, they are a little too thin, so they are reinforced with leather. Next, I will put out the stitches I finished sewing like this. Then it is the final process. I will install a new sole. This time, I will use a cushion sole called vibram9105. Apply glue on the midsole side Apply the adhesive to the outsole and attach it. Crimp outsole firmly Cut out and grind with a grinder to complete the custom. We had you see state of sole custom of NIKE Cortez. The atmosphere has changed a lot. As a sole custom way George Cox I just made a video the other day From cemented ones, sew out with Mackay and sew Black rapid manufacturing method and I ’m also doing this sneaker in the same way General custom repair method for leather shoes It means that repair customization can be done with sneakers. This time using vibram9105 sole It is possible by choosing various soles It is possible to make it a more rugged vibram100 sole The flat vibram 4014 sole or 1010 sole with no horizontal breaks It is possible to finish the leather sole with leather sole. Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on how to do this. So let me advertise at the end Our shop is not only a custom reception desk We also accept custom delivery repairs by courier If you want an estimate, call or email line There is also an official account so if you can contact us by registering Although there are places where you cannot understand without actually seeing it, we will give you a simple estimate within the range that you can understand. If you do not need a prior estimate, please send your shoes to our shop. From me or the staff as soon as the shoes arrive It depends on what kind of sole you want to make and what kind of repair method to do. I will contact you. Thank you very much for watching. See you again.

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  1. That's an awesome custom resole! Have you ever handwelted a pair of sneakers?
    Brian the Bootmaker made a video where he does a custom resole on a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. He handwelted those. I'm interested to know.

  2. AJ1のソールが減った時、修理屋で出来ることってありますか? それとも減ったら鑑賞用にする方が良いでしょうか?

  3. 拝見させてもらいました。

  4. Это безумие. Классно получилось, интересно сколько стоит переделать так?

  5. これらのNIKEシューズを注文したいのですが、いくらですか?

    I want to order these NIKE shoes. How much does it cost?

  6. これは格好良いですね。コメント欄を見ると外国の方も多く注目されているようです。(^o^)

  7. え!!!

  8. Just found your channel and this custom is so fire! Your channel will soon explode my good sir.

    New fan and follower from the Philippines!

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