Nike Metcon 5 AMP Revealed!   What’s Underneath?  Watch and find out! (in 4K)

Nike Metcon 5 AMP Revealed! What’s Underneath? Watch and find out! (in 4K)

Hi! This is Tim from and today i’ve got the newest colorway of the Nike Metcon 5 AMP. This is black/ laser crimson/oracle aqua/black. But this is also the newest colorway of the Nike Metcon 5 AMP. So how did we get from here to here? Stick around and find out alright let’s take an up-close look at the Nike Metcon 5 AMP in black / laser crimson / oracle aqua / black so when I first looked at this shoe on the Nike .com website it was like wow that that’s an AMP colorway that that looks pretty cool it looks good but AMP is normally used for kind of their more exciting more creative designs and you know quite frankly this is not really that much of a standout right it’s got some really high contrast colors it looks good the drop in midsole is kind of wildly colored but there’s really sort of more than meets the eye here and it’s odd because Nike on the website doesn’t really even describe it or explain it very much they just simply have a picture that kind of shows the shoe in the upper and you can kind of see some bright yellow colors underneath but it doesn’t really explain the whole deal with these and I believe these are called the met con we test or I guess I could be Metcon wettest but that makes no sense whatsoever so what’s underneath here it is so you can see it’s a bright orange yellow maybe a slight tinge of green a little bit there that lies underneath and that’s what it looks like when it is fully exposed now you’re probably wondering how long will this take when does the top layer wear off it’s hard to say I can tell you that getting from here to here was a lot of work my first attempt I used sandpaper and a butter knife to kind of scrape the material off this is this is really tough stuff it’s not breathable at all it’s very tough it’s not like a scratch-off ticket but if you really kind of picket it you can you can kind of pull some off there you can see if I if I pull on that a bit you can see where you can start to see I’ve already made a made a start on it there but so what what the winning formula was to be able to expose these entirely was heated up with a hairdryer to pretty warm almost to the point where you can’t touch it and then use that butter knife to kind of peel the stuff off and it comes off a lot easier then the other thing you’ll have to do you’ll if you saw my earlier video the front was really smudged up especially where I used the sandpaper but if you take some nail polish remover or acetone rub that with a rag the the black gooey stuff comes off you can see there’s still some where as to do there I got tired of cleaning them and that’s how I got from here to here in about I don’t know this took call it an hour an hour or so again with a hairdryer acetone and a butter knife you do have to be careful I did melt slightly this portion of the shoe so don’t let it get too hot it doesn’t need to be crazy hot it doesn’t have to be so hot you can’t touch it that should just be very very warm and then the material comes off quite easily and so that’s the Nike Metcon 5 AMP revealed that’s what it looks like What do you think? Does it look good? Does it look bad? Os it another crazy Nike marketing gimmick? That’s probably for you to decide. Thanks have a good day

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