Nike Phantom 3 Club FG SKU: 9012484

Nike Phantom 3 Club FG SKU: 9012484

Hey everybody, it’s Clayton here at and today we’re checking out the Phantom 3 Club FG, super cool cleat from Nike got tons of style and you’re really gonna be able to control that ball off that corner kick this outdoor soccer cleat is made with a seamless textured synthetic leather upper just going to give you the ultimate ball control and check it out, that lacing system goes down to the side a little bit so you have that ultimate flat surface to really get the ball control that you’re looking for of course, we’ve got the swoosh on the back of the heel and towards the front with that bright neon yellow surrounding the inside of the heel and those cleats to give you a head-turning look up here near the collar, got some really nice padding same goes for the back of that heel with a minimal Sonnen telling there to give you very great supportive in-shoe feel on the inside there, we’ve got a breathable fabric lining it’s going to give you lots of breathable support and a very comfortable in-shoe-feel and combined with that insole, got tons of nice energizing padding and of course that great pop of neon and all of that good stuff is on top of that full length TPU plate just give me responsive durability and a combination of conical and Chevron studs for speed and traction out on the pitch So whether you’re scoring goals or stopping them, you’re gonna look fresh, these cleats from Nike

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  1. What should I buy?
    Nike phantom 3 clun fg or Nike mercurial vapour 12 club?Please comment fast cuz I want to buy before it over

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