100 thoughts on “Non-Sneakerheads Guess Sneaker Prices”

  1. This video is annoying me… All these shoes are horrible! The black ones with a pink line look like they're melting.

  2. You can buy the red and orange yeezys in store in Ireland for the equivalent of $200 ? Resale $1000 ? Just buy them from the uk

  3. Non Sneaker-Head Guy- "I am so confused!!! I feel like I know less about shoes than I knew coming in…"
    If you need it explained to you then you'll never understand my guy

  4. I disagree with the girl, you’re not broke just because you don’t spend a ton of money on shoes or another accessory thing like that.

  5. i need to see more sneakerhead related vidoes like this. love to see people of differnt cultures somewhat immerse in the shoe game

  6. I like that they are open minded and gave respect on why sneakerheads would buy this expensive shoes, especially the two girls.

  7. Lmao waverunners for 1k gtfo. Should have got the off white aj1 Chicago's but I don't think buzz feed got the budget for that

  8. I’m a sneakerhead but i would never buy a shoe worth more then $300 simply put I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them cause all I will worry about is damaging them so what’s the point😂😂

  9. I'm turn off whenever see girl wearing those chunky sneakers, maybe not my cup a tea😂😂😂😂😂
    I'm in to simple shoes and flat

  10. I thought autumn was attractive until I watched the video and heard her speak 😵 so cringe and tries to act like she knows what she’s talking about 😂

  11. This gives a pretty bad insight into the sneakermarket. All the resale prices just show the highest price the shoes have ever sold for (in most instances these prices were paid right after the initial first release). For example, the Yeezy 700 wave runner now goes for around 400 USD depending on your size. This is because the same colorway has been brought out multiple times by Kanye which is part of his brand philosophy. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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