28 thoughts on “North End – Tee's happy”

  1. I remember this song came out 81-82 and this is two of my favorite female friend so whom are both deceased Sherry Walker and Phyllis Jamila Richardson I miss both of you all dearly I dedicate this song to you both, rest in peace!

  2. OMG, what a flashback! I'm getting chills. I can still remember dancing at BD's sliding across the floor that's been sprinkled with baby powder! THANK YOU for posting this hot song!!! R.I.P. Tee Scott…

  3. Paul Jacobs sampled the hell out of this track and called it Happy Days. 95 North did a rmx of it and so did Barry Harris which are both good.

  4. OK… last time I'm gonna say it…no one is taking anything away from TEE…he did a great mix…but… if Russ, Arthur and myself (Tony Carbone) didn't write and produce this track… it never would have been a track that Tee would have had the chance to mix… Creating a track like this is a collaboration of creative people and energy with all parties bringing their ideas to the table… which we all did… and Tee's mix is nothing short of great… I was very proud to have his name on the record…and still feel the same way….So… I hope this explains my feelings…Cheers to Tee and Russ (fantastic drumming by the way) who have both passed on to a better place and to my remaining partner on this track, Arthur Baker…. And to Sergio Cossa and Curtis Urbina from Emergency Records who had the foresight to sign this track….They were Happy Days…. Best to you all- Tony Carbone

  5. so glad to hear the instrumental side! dont know why so many d.j's dont play this anymore!!…..we grew up on this stuff

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