pepper chicken dry recipe in tamil/pepper chicken/milagu chicken chukka varuval/

pepper chicken dry recipe in tamil/pepper chicken/milagu chicken chukka varuval/

hallo friends,welcome to secret of samayal today we are going to make a very very simple chicken recipe pepper chicken dry this can be made easily even by bachelors only with 4 ingredients you can make this within mins simple yet very tasty you can have this as a snack or with chapathi and roti let’s see how to make this pepper chicken dry now 250 grams of chicken preboiled with some turmeric powder and salt 1 onion roughly chopped 5 to 6 dry red chillies slitted 8 pods of garlic crushed lightly curry leaves pepper 1 and a 1/2 tsp or as per your taste add 2 tsp oil in a pan add the garlic,dry red chillies add curry leaves fry well garlic fried,now add the onions fry lightly this much frying is enough add the boiled chicken with stock add pepper powder i have added little salt while boiling the chicken,it won’t be enough add required salt now mix well stock water will help everything to get together fry till it gets dry fried well and it is dry now,add some fresh curry leaves easy and tasty pepper chicken is ready now switch off the stove and serve hot try this at home and give me feedback if you like this video,please subscribe my channel

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  1. Good morning friends.
    Have a great day.

    Today's quote:

    It doesn't matter…
    Where you are..
    Coming from,
    All that..matters is..
    Where you are going .

    Thank you!!!

    இனிய காலை வணக்கம்..
    இன்றைய நாள் இனிதே அமைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

    இன்றைய சிந்தனை :

    நீங்கள் எங்கிருந்து..
    வருகிறீர்கள் என்பது..
    முக்கியம் அல்ல…
    எதை நோக்கிப் பயணிக்கிறீர்கள்..
    என்பதே முக்கியம்.

    நன்றி !!!

  2. Akka puratasi completed so no problem non veg recipes podunga but na innaiku non veg sapada mattan reason: thambi palani Malai ku poi irukanga akka

  3. Very good Recipe thanks for sharing 🍅🍇🍇♥️♥️😀🍎🍎🔔🔔👍👍

  4. ஆகா…. அருமையான மிகவும் சுவையான மிளகு கோழி சுக்கா வறுவல் செய்த விதத்திலேயே அதன் சுவையும் மணமும் நன்கு தெரிகிறது.செய்முறை விளக்கம் சூப்பர் சிஸ் 👏👏👏👌👌👌

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