Printing  T shirts using Vinyl Transfers

Printing T shirts using Vinyl Transfers

thank you for tuning in to another one of my videos today I'm making a t-shirt using a vinyl transfer right now I'm reading out the design as you can see some parts have small detail right here I accidentally ripped off one of the letters but no worries it's fixable I always use a bounding box to separate the design from the rest of the vinyl and to make reading easier I accidentally snatched this AOL but I'm gonna make it work though I'm gonna make it work and Here I am folding the vinyl transfer in half to make a center line to make it easier to see in her own friends I use my t-square it to help Center the image and line it up correctly on the shirt I should have zoomed in on this part so you guys could see it better but all I did was use tweezers to place the a that I slashed off into the correct position beneath the transfer you can see how that a stuck on there the one that I had peeled off now here is stuck on there in the correct place the finish result thank you for watching

14 thoughts on “Printing T shirts using Vinyl Transfers”

  1. informative thanks for posting sweetheart my name is
    Joquan Da Hooligan I sell CDs on the streets of Detroit my music of course I'm looking to begin selling my own clothes as well thanks for posting this it is very helpful

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  3. This was great. Can you do a screen printing tutorial for beginners with the hinges instead of the big 6 color print that you have? I want to learn lol

  4. vinly transfer or screen printing which one you like working with more and do vinly transfer last a long time after a lot of washing of the shirt

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