Puss in Boots Walkthrough Part 4 (PS3, Wii, XBOX 360) HD

Puss in Boots Walkthrough Part 4 (PS3, Wii, XBOX 360) HD

There was something about the place. There was a distinct sense of anticipation. I came face to face with the
one who had cost me my score. I was ready to fight… Dance Fight! Yeah! Pretty smooth, eh? Oooole! Toot toot! Heeey! I had won the Dance Fight,
this was not a surprise. What happened next however… My rival… a woman. It explained a lots of things. Her name was Kitty, but the
real surprise was still to come. Humpty Alexander Dumpty. He was once my dearest friend,
like a brother to me. Just the sight of him caused me
to have a flashback, like this… I had arrived in the home for lost children,
a kitten– an impossibly cute kitten. On my first day Humpty
stood up for me, and in return… … I decided I would always have his back. Humpty spoke of legends and
inventions beyond my wildest dreams, but most of all he told of the castle in the sky,
and the beans that would take him there. Humpty was the brains, I was the skill. Just a kitten and an egg
in search of magic beans. What could be more natural than that? As time went on, we found
ourselves in trouble. But where I became a hero… … Humpty took a darker path. He tricked me into stealing from the
people of San Ricardo, from our home. Bringing dishonor to both of us. I escaped… my brother did not. We were never to speak
again, until this day. Humpty was still in
search of the beans… … and now he had found them. We would repay our dept
to San Ricardo together. He knew exactly where we could find them,
but Jack and Jill were moving fast. Naturally, he had
a plan for this too… This is not the plan. You are so very aggravating to me… I had missed my ride,
I had to catch up. I had to catch that coach, for
the beans, and for my honor. I was proving once again,
my extreme agility and skill. When do we start the real plan? Shhh! I shall soon catch up, never fear! I’m no expert, but things did not look safe. I found myself thinking that
maybe it would all work out. What is taking you so long? Don’t worry, I’m almost there! Be quiet, they’ll hear you! Now, we have a plan to which we should
stick, and this time I insist that I go first. – Be my guest.
– Thank you. – Did you know about this?
– Of course not! Seriously, thank you! – I suppose you think this is funny.
– Just be careful! #Hush, little piggy, don’t make a sound#
#Or I’ll throw you overboard and you’ll hit the ground# Ahhh, you make such a lovely mother. #Rock-a-by piggy on the tree top#
#You better be quiet, or we will be caught# #This little piggy went to market#
#This little piggy was very very quiet, right?!# You’re a cat of most unexpected strenghts. – Hey, Jill, this is fun, ain’t it?
– It’s nice when you talk! We have some adventures, don’t we? – Where’s Humpty?
– I don’t know. He said he would be here. Hey, guys! What? After you! – No, after–
– No time! We can’t stay here. We’ll have to come back. Jill, pass me my cannon. How do I look? First you steal ma’ beans, and now
you stompin’ on ma’ luggage?! You’d better not be messing with my Jack. Hey, glad I’m not one doing that! How do I look? – I got a treat for you, pussy-cat.
– Uh-oh! You get him, Jack! I can keep playing all day, kitty-cat! Still looking good! I’d love to join you except… you know… Travelling in style. There must be easier ways to travel. Ah-ha! Things were starting to look dangerous. You can do it, Jack! Gotta hang on. I gotta get back for those beans… and stay alive! I never thought I would
spend my day doing this! Doing a great job, Puss. This is one tough piece of luggage! Aren’t you forgetting something? The beans? – I was kind of busy.
– The beans! Fine! I’ll go back with the booms and
the bangs and the everything else. Fine! Are you sure that you’re okay? Oh, don’t worry about me, this is
just a normal everyday activity. You look pretty… comfortable. You may not know this, but
you’re actually not helping. Just grab the beans, he
says… easy job, he says. Do you want me to come and help out? I have it! You know I’d be there myself,
but I’m busy driving! I’m beginning to remember
why I stopped listening to you. How are you, uh, getting on down there? Never fear, I trained my
whole life for these beans. Any closer to finding
those beans, old friend? Maybe just give me
little bit of space, okay. I have the last bean, let’s go. – We’ve done it!
– Not quite. – You have a plan for this?
– Kinda.

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  1. I got stuck on this part when he stopped on the wagon and u have to use the keys the right way I tryed but he didn't move so I got fed up and stopped playing it

  2. Great game. Good storyline,good gameplay. I'm gonna get it for my 360. Though I have a ps4,I still play these old games.

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