REUNION ⁄⁄ CatCreature

REUNION ⁄⁄ CatCreature

the very nice lady at the store gave me a wine box* cus they had no boxes, so I had to chop it down, but then i realized- when I was done, that this flap literally says “contains alcohol” it would really give it away.. I have 2 min before I have to leave for class. SO, I’m using my sneaker box, but it’s very discreet, and I had tissue paper that matches the color, so it’s very cohesive, and babam. this should surprise him! and I hope it does. nothing that a sticker can’t fix. okay it’s a white cat almost there! *gasp* screams* hi! oh my gosh -bob? -I’m so tired, but we’re finally here. -pod. yay -please don’t -I wanna get in here
-what’s so bad about sharing?? -it’s hard -bar is closed guys, sorry. -you have the keys, right? yeah, why don’t you take it for me mmhmm -yeet wow it’s tiny yeah we are gonna be dorm buddies, we’ll have the experience of being DORM MATES this is what you get -so happy -I like that TV haha oh yeah so, so many things to ask. yes? oh, may I speak- -im SO hungry so I got myself an impossible whopper, it’s gonna be my first time eating at burger king, at all, I’ve actually never had burger king. -everything is surprisingly closed, and there’s not a lot of options. the other places are just busy cus it’s halloween. -facts I always have to preface my gifts.. *GASP* -oh! -ketchup. it’s okay. it’s dark wash. -and it would be even better if… you know, their values align with yours, so I don’t know how… socially aware they are, and how much their work is, but she does do a LITTLE bit of philanthropy. …for rich people *laughs* anyway, this is what I got you. !!! do you know this brand? Ive heard of them. but I don’t know, I haven’t seen their line. okay, well. Please open it, and.. tell me what you think
-okay oh it doesn’t untie- awkward yeah, just pull it off -yank it off
-okay let’s just pretend I didn’t that didn’t happen. ok, ready? CUT THAT OUT ahhaah *gasp* !!! ooh it’s getting smaller and smaller. I think it’s jewelry, yes. cus it IS a jewelry designer.. oh my gosh!!! they’re pearly earrings! thank you so much! -I think… gold… it’s mother of pearl, yeah you’ve given me so many… nice presents over the years.. -oh aw like the macarons, and stuff so I can only hope that my gift for you is what… you… .. didn’t know you were missing… *laughs* okay! oh! and sit here fantastic lettering by me… graphic design! may I open it? mmhmm okay? so scary.. it’s like something’s gonna pop out GASP *screaming* wow! oh my goooo I know that you appreciate bourbon you mentioned it, but then the name just comes out and escapes me BUT I didn’t wanna text you, or ask what did you get that last time, cus it’s so obvious…
-yeah so I went to the store, and I was asking- I have no idea about anything, but.. the person I’m shopping for- -omg I… I’m like speechless cus I was not expecting this and this is like so unique I told her that visually, the bottle needs to look good. and hopefully after, its empty, it will look really nice as a vase. oh yes it didn’t come with a box or anything, but then because I had this, it would mislead you right? -yeah I was
-shoes? kinda too small for shoes, that’s what I thought first, but too small! I was thinking, a sweater? but… in a box..? BAM you really surprised me yay! and I love it. just an overlook of this room! we’re gonna get ready for bed. ah! see I was hoping it would be yellow, but it’s white. I guess that’s more true to tone. -yeah for makeup and stuff do you need towels? -no, just for tomorrow but you’re not gonna sleep, right? -yeah, I’m just gonna -so, I will use my hair dryer yeah yeah! I never know how to use these are you still awake? yeah mkay, I’m about to blow dry. oh hello you light yourself up *laughing* -yeah your shirt says… eat, sleep, … economics. you’ll have all your life to do that. -that’s true. you’re still on your phone, arent’ you -yeah why? you should sleep! -cus I… I needa… omg… *laughs* like it tomorrow! -I can’t! I’ll forget! good morning tyler flew in, oh- someone’s coming shh! good morning! we are all ready to go now, Tyler flew in early, and we have a nice afternoon, checkout is at noon, so..that’s literally right now, Tyler had lunch with his old college buddy, and William and I got thai, walked over to the hotel, where we can drop off our quite heavy things, I don’t know much about- anything, this weekend, because I wanted Tyler to book it, and it’s so lovely. I feel like my sister would appreciate this detail right here. yes I think she would love that. I think in this case, it goes nice with the beard for once. -yeah that’s what I was saying we’re getting ready for tonight’s.. 30’s themed venue, he’s gonna have a mustache
-yup I’m gonna undergo a transformation -it was annabelle’s idea for the record, to do the 30’s themed mustache. which at first… I was… yeah, he wasn’t gonna do it at all, but like… I don’t know, it’s fun. and now.. -to finish it off.. *gasp* what? I’m so excited that you found it again!
-are you happy? *meow* so tonight, I am taking Annabelle to this theatrical experience that is 30’s themed we are very extra, we love dressing up, this is really a chance for us to get- babe this is diagonal. -oh okay.
-sorry so this is really a chance for us to- I’m really glad I ended up making Tyler grow out the mustache because he was just gonna do the hair, but I wanted it to go a little more… into that era and my dad lent him his London Fog coat ? -exactly, yeah so this is his from years and years ago. this is a trench. mhmm and yeah, we’re gonna go now.
-we are off! we’re leaving the event now, it was really nice, we will explain later, but now we’re en route to meet William at a jazz bar? -yeah, Terra Blues. and it’s to celebrate his belated birthday, and
-and ours! oh that’s true.. -yeah that’s true. so… yeah -bleh! no I’m kidding, it’s good! so good! woah! -I know how to play this! -you do? -yeah, somehow nice! kind of- it’s like.. pretty easy.. ah~ -bon apetit are you ready? -oh! happy birthday, cheers to… our 21! right -tell me how it tastes oh wow mmm WOW, it’s very full bodied yup, I feel it fragrant. it’s good though haha this is exactly what I was looking for oh nice! Tyler is walking william out, and i just realized that during this event, I got some fake blood on me cus I walked past a table, or a prop, and I felt something really cold and I thought it was something metal, or… water? but it turns out as I see now, it’s very sticky. my stocking is stuck to my leg. eh my dress is vintage, and I got it on depop in highschool, and it’s not meant to be … I don’t know, like for running around for hours in, and during the event, I went to the bathroom, and very haphazardly, I was trying to make it quick, so instead of zipping it down, I try to pull it up, and when I yanked it, I ripped maybe 10 inches of the back middle seam so close to exposing my bum, but I have stockings, and it was SO dark in there, so at least I wasn’t too worried about that, and I was asking the staff, they were very nice and managed to find me one saftey pin. and I will say, during the interactive… basically, this event is almost like an immersive play, in a performing arts center, but you are SO immersed, I can’t.. I can’t explain how immersive it is, and it’s so HUGE and expansive, that I probably did not see nearly half of the things that is actually there, but anyway, in one of the rooms, that I was wandering into, I opened this wicker box, and my hand felt something prickly and something that was a very familiar feeling, and it’s because… as a textiles student, I have a lot of needles and pins laying around, my studio or my room, and I’m very used to getting pricked by needles and I remember having this epiphany- wait… is that… thread? and needles? so I found a black spool, and I kind of smuggled it up to the bathroom, and I literally sewed my dress in the stall. and by sew- it’s not… not anything permanent, I kind of basted it, and it worked fine, and then I went back to the room and replaced the needle and thread, like nothing happened, so, it was really funny we came back here, so that William can sip the bourbon that I got for him, and it was really good, I just had one sip of it. as I was just trying to take a photo with him, I sat up on my knees and I ripped.. the dress right up again everything that I sewed I will sew it properly when I get home and I will not be wearing it to such an event in the future. overall, thank you so much to Tyler it was a big surprise to me, as well as this hotel, because you know, we always stay in air bnbs, and also budget hotels, so I feel completely.. I’m very grateful, and also- pleasantly surprised about the ring! if you remember this from year ago, I had this citrine gemstone ring that I got and I I lost it/I think somebody stole it, in my building thank you thank you Tyler. goodnight, I will catch up with you in the morning. -goodbye, room all ready to check out! is that good? we had a slow morning, breakfast at the hotel, and we’re gonna meet up with William again. So we’re walking over to his place, to drop off our stuff -ah, the sounds of the city. happy birthday! -happy birthday. to us! and Tyler! ah! so good okay, let’s go inside and play games!
-let’s go like tossing a salad. am I right? do you think I shuffled them? -yes -good?
-yes. and now, how do I deal? I know that.. Claire, …you’re hurting inside. FUUUUUUCK WHYYY -I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose though, so.. -I lost. -it’s okay brother, you rock at bananagrams. oh yes good job! bed time. the state of my bed head. I slept a total of 10 or 11 hours, thankfully, with the daylight savings, time change, it’s not terribly late. but it’s like… almost 11 now. our entire weekend has been a lot of quality time, talking and chilling, so as you saw, we kind of well- I haven’t vlogged a lot, of us walking around, but.. for example, yesterday we probably walked around on 2nd avenue for… like a good hour, this time is really just to hang out with them, and I haven’t seen Tyler in 2 months. today’s gonna be a little bit more of that my samosa! should be good now. we ordered in and got indian food. so I saved a samosa for the morning. our bnb is on the top floor, I splurged because this was one of my birthday gifts, to William, as well as Tyler, because all of our birthdays are in october. I wanted a really nice apartment and it was quite out of the way, but they have a hot tub, which is the reason I wanted this place but unfortunately, the owners weren’t organized, and they didn’t heat it up for us in time, so it was 60 degrees, yesterday- the water. and this morning, it’s still 80 degrees and we have to check out, so, I was very disappointed and the owners were at least considerate enough to refund me half the reservation. overall, we still had fun. because good company, you know playing games. they wanted us to leave all the lenins on the floor when we checked out? nice day yeah it’s great time to check out! yeah gonna soak in the last of this weekend with them, and gotta get back into school zone, but I’m gonna tell myself to not do that until late night, or at least tomorrow morning on the way back to school, and.. ugh and it’ll be another 2 months before I see tyler again. and william is here, Tyler is letting him up, he’s meeting us, he has a gift for tyler, we’re all gonna go to a bar that William made reservations at, I have to change because there’s a dress code, so that’s why we checked into the hotel first, and dropped off our bags, and things like that. and then, afterwards, tyler and I are gonna stroll Soho a bit. I’m really tired, I think because I overslept, which is so dumb. ugh just waiting on them this room is really pleasant. as you see, it sort of has a mandarin theme I believe this is supposed to be a madarin orange. oh it definitely fits. -okay it’s a large. and I thought about sustainability, you know, of course -oh thank you -and now I’m getting into it, so -wow, thank you so much, feel the inside -in honor of what you have accomplished -YES, it’s a nice fleece I think it’ll keep you warm in the norcal winters, you know when you’re commuting, getting into your car, getting out of your car yeah.. thank you! yeah, of course! this is great! it’s time that I check out, Tyler’s already gone, he left around 5 in the morning, and my train is in an hour now, so, goodbye room

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