hey guys so before the video starts I just have a very quick message so I just wanna let you guys know that I'm working my own bite hazard packets at least going to be done on late Monday but probably out in the weekend here and I'll make a separate deal for that I also want to thank you guys for almost 35 subscribers and I have surpassed now 3500 views means a lot to me and I can see that you guys you know like the concept so yeah be sure to watch to the end of this video because I'm going to creating a pretty cool shirt in this video alone you can follow along and do the same shirt I'll just do any other shirt but when following this tutorial so yeah it's a really good tutorial and you'll be sure to get the best bypass shirt ever so yeah hope you guys are going to enjoy the video and enough of me talking so yeah let's get into it hello Windham will come back soon with a by-passing video so today I'm going to be showing you how to bypass almost all images onto t-shirts now the first thing you'll need is kind of photo editing program you can use Photoshop over the liver if you have that but I prefer paint.net painter that is a free painting program or image manipulation program where you can basically do most of the stuff you can do in Photoshop there's not really like a whole big difference you can get more detailed in Photoshop but you don't really need to be detailed at all in this so if you don't have the money that Photoshop then just down to paint up net now if you guys don't know how to get paint on that because if you just type paint up net and Google you get in a painting website with like actual paints so just type get paint on it or in one word and then just click the first link and you'll be redirected to the side and then up in the right top corner there's a paint get paint on that and then the version so yeah this is where you download it and it doesn't take very long at all so download so yeah okay so first we're going to start off with creating a new canvas now I've learned that the bigger you get the canvas to be the more chance of acceptance there will be in roblox accepting this shirt I normally go over the 2,000 by 2,000 so we have this blank canvas right first of all we'll need to create a new layer so the layer is going to be on top now for this method to work thinking we are going to do is we're going to put an outline of something in front of the image that we want to bypass and then robux will only see the outline and will accept the shirt and everything in the background will also be accepted with it this method it's extremely good because you can get some very clear pictures almost it looks like it's optic ality 1/100 now if you go on Google and just type symbol outline you'll get some pretty good outlines to use now for example I've used this cat one a couple of times and it works great but you can also find some other ones in here now sometimes when using this method of outlining you want to create a new outline or take a new outline every time because sometimes one outline will work with one picture and if you try another outline with it it won't work so I know we'll get to just having quite a few outlines saved up so you can just switch them if you pick two just like it except it the first time another thing that's good is these butterfly outlines this one is not that great we want to have more of these like between lines and that's just a whole black thing in the middle you know needs to be symbol it does need to have quite a few lines to distract they should accept there now I think I'm gonna go with the cat outline I already have a PNG safe stuff of it so I can just quickly put it over an image but I'll show you how to make it PNG so just cover the image and then what you want to do is go on new and when you've covered an image if you go new it will automatically take two dimensions of the new picture so when you click copy and go and paint up there it will automatically have the size of the picture itself so you just want to click OK and then you have the background there you want to create a new layer on top of the background layer and paste the outline in now what you want to do is just remove the background and then you wanna take the magic wand tool and then hold down control and click all the white spots now if you don't hold down control will only select one area as I'm just gonna show you new second so look if I click here and then click here will automatically they select the other one so click control and click all the white areas of the picture ok so now we just grab the eraser tool and just put that quite a dial and there now we have a pretty good template and now you can save this as a picture in your folder or whatever so you can pull it up whenever you need it if you want to make some more t-shirts okay so now we're just want to put that over once a layer to on the eye passing project and now you're gonna find a picture that you want to bypass now this works with most pictures some will not work maybe if it's like too bright or too shiny or to clear it will get denied but yeah this works with like pretty much anything unit all concerned and all of that now I'm gonna be bypassing poor Kermit here so yeah this picture should work it might be a little bit too bright but we'll see I should also say that this method is sometimes really hard to get down I've made this quite a few times so normally I get when I make around like free of the shirts two of the free will get accepted and one will get denied but sometimes none of them will get accepted and sometimes only one it really just comes down to you know what image you choose to bypass because some images is just much harder to bypass and you're just gonna have to deal with that and find a new image if it's too hard so yeah select the background layer and paste the image in and then just make it the right size and you might be wondering well how is roebucks going to accept this is so clear well you just have to stay in the background layer and go into layers and from there properties and then I found a pretty golden number which is 95 another cavity most of this time it will get accepted here you can turn it down a little bit 95 is like the strongest up psychology but some images will not get accept it with us so you can just turn it down a bit this egg if this video I'm just going to take it up 95 and if the shirts get denied I'll make some more and you know keep recording until I succeed with at least one shirt alright and that's pretty much it that's all they're going to need and you're just gonna save this picture as a PNG remember that save it as a PNG because all the up to ecology thing won't work and then just save it in whatever folder you want to save it in then you try to save it it will just ask you for these things you just wanna click OK and not just have it on also detects and then you want to flatten the picture and yeah that's it so let's move on to the second part which is uploading to shred now you want to create a fresh account because you don't want your main account to be banned if you said just not get through now Arlis recommend using a VPN to do any of this stuff I just want to be here to take the extra steps of safety and make sure that you know it does not affect my main account in any way I'm using this Sun Siffin it's a free VPN and then it works great it's just the best I've found so far but you can use like not VPN or whatever if you have to actually think I have and I count on that that I won but I'm I'll just be using a set phone today I just click connect and then we'll open a new page where it says yeah you know your fake IP address you can close this you don't even need to just open just some extra information now what I wanted to do is just create a new account you can you're not gonna be revisiting this account so don't even need to remember the password and now that we're in roblox you just want to go to the crater manage my games t-shirts and now you just want to select the image that we've just made now you can call it whatever it's just really matter because they don't really look at the name it's only the picture itself so just click upload and I'm gonna spin upload it you just want to wait this process can say just just one minute to around 3 minutes it's normally quite fast so yeah I'll cut back when either this gets accepted or denied all right and it was a full chart I was pretty lucky to get this on my first try so yeah it's just equipping and see how it looks now when equipping the shirt you want to have the torso to be a black color all stay won't be as good right and now you're ready for the final very boom look how clear that is it's you can see right through the outline and just see the picture so yeah let's go in the game and test us out all right we're in the streets right now and as you can see it's getting a bit dark outside here so you know not going to be able to see it securely but if we just stand on the straight line here you can see that pictures that's clearest and if you don't know like a really bright game the shirts are going to be even better and I play in like games where it's like pretty dark and you won't be able to see it as much but yeah hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial know I don't know how long it will be before this gets patched because I am sharing this and it was kind of a thing I've shared it with a few people and some guys in this courtroom that's pretty much it but yeah that's pretty much it but I'm not how long it will be before it gets punched or if it even gets popped yeah if you like the video and if you're going to be using this method I would really appreciate like because this is kind of like a semi rare thing I guess and I am sharing this to all of you guys and you know if you want more videos like this also do X exploiting videos and I will be doing more bypassing videos properly then you can subscribe and be sure to get the latest videos on how you can bypass or maybe in a new script showcase I'm showing you how to get all the levels and booga-booga so yeah again I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you another time bye bye


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8VmiF0Woyg&t=2s Check out the new way i found on how to bypass images!

  2. new way:
    use paint.net

    1. make the pixels 500 x 500
    2. fill in the background black
    3. make a new layer saying a filtered word and make it almost transparent (i use 37)
    4. make another layer [ 3 layers in total] and move 3rd layer under 2nd and design it
    5. on the 3rd layer make its transparency about 246 (make sure you dont design over the filtered word)
    6. save it as a png, not pdn
    7. upload to roblox and wait for acceptance

    if you didnt do it right you'll probably get a warning, ban, or termination. upload the bypassed tshirt on your alt. the only exception is that you cant upload it as a decal or you get a warning.

  3. I bypassed a t-shirt with no distracting image, all I did was type a lot of F-bombs in white text on a transparent background.

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