75 thoughts on “Rothy’s Sizing and Review | One Year Later”

  1. I’ve heard that these are perfect for photographers but thank you for sharing your thoughts! Man these would have been perfect for when I used to do trade shows with my old corporate job! Might have to just go ahead and get me a pair too because I’m in need of a good pair of flats!

  2. Great video. I never heard of rothys before but I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the tip about ordering a half size above your regular size definitely helpful!

  3. I am so not a shoes person. I have one pair of dress shoes and another that's about 10 years old. But you know what – this is really an awesome video and I love your shoes. So as much as I don't wear dress shoes, these would last me for a lifetime. I love the rounded ones. I'll check your link! 🙂

  4. ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ Go half size up ✅ I’d like to get some of these for my wife. Thank you. Namaste 🙏 ☮️

  5. Interesting! I find many flats quite uncomfortable and prefer heels in many cases. I'll have to research further!

  6. I have don't have a pair but after watching your video I am going to get a pair! My feet will appreciate it:). Thank you for sharing and great video!

  7. OMG! I love this! I'm actually getting ready to plan our wedding in Los Cabos and wouldn't even think about how flexible and comfortable our photographer should be. Such great insights. Thank you!

  8. Love seeing a fellow photographer!! I know my page isn’t based around photography but I am a full time photographer from where I’m from 🤩

  9. Great video💓I really enjoyed it👍영상대박🎉🇰🇷Stay connected (💎218/71)🌷😗Let's support each other😄Have a nice day^^

  10. Love the rothys! I have 3 pairs of the points and now I’m interested in other styles. I usually wear a 8.5-9 and I got a 9 in my first pair of points. The 9 fits but was slightly snug in the toes. I can still wear them but i wish i had exchanged them. My other two pairs are a 9.5 and those are better – slightly big but not a problem at all. My feet are on the wide side. So if you are between sizes and have wide a feet, size up 1/2 a size from the bigger size you normally wear. If you have narrower feet and are between sizes, you might be fine with your regular bigger size. However don’t wear them outside until you are sure you got the sizing right or you can’t exchange them.

  11. I've actually never heard of these shoes but they really look comfortable and your review makes me want a pair 🙂

  12. Do you have the loafer? I saw on your thumbnail you had the zodiac ones! I wear a 6 across the board for any shoe brand. I've never had to size up or down so I bought a 6 in the zodiac loafers and I was a bit weary when I put them on as they were snug (not tight but just snug). I wore them all week at work and they're the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. I want to really try the flat but I'm not sure if I should size up to 6.5 now!!

  13. I have an issue where flats always slip on the back of my heel. Anyone else have this issue and any comment on how rothys handle this?

  14. I have 2 pair of points and I ordered my regular size. They stretched just enough to loosen to perfection, but I have narrow feet and I think that is the reason I didn't require a half size adjustment. Just a tip for the narrow footed ladies out there!

  15. Persimmon pointy…my first pair…sized 1/2 up perfect! I’ve tried Teiks, we’re ok and wanted to love them but sold them…weren’t my go to. These are unbelievable light and comfy…saving for another pair

  16. Thanks for the review. I rather have quality than quantity. I've been on the fence about getting them because of the price but now I got to get some.

  17. How does the insole part of the shoe support your feet? I'm getting the consensus that the fabric is comfortable to slip on, but do they have enough heel/arch support to prevent that foot pain in your opinion?

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