RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 11: The Lady in the Shoe

RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 11: The Lady in the Shoe

♫ [Rising by Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams] ♫ ♫ Stay close, move fast ♫ ♪ The darkness cannot last ♪ ♪ No hope, no path ♪ ♪ But we’ve got a dream to catch! ♪ ♪ And we cannot wait ♪ ♪ Trust the way we’re made ♪ ♪ The sparrow’s born to fly ♪ ♪ The mountains ♪ ♪ Tower ♪ ♪ The river knows to reach the sea ♪ ♪ The rain will help the flowers be ♪ ♪ We’re the same, you and me ♪ ♪ The lightning doesn’t take advice from anyone ♪ ♪ The willow doesn’t need to learn to stand ♪ ♪ As sun seeks day ♪ ♪ We’ll find our way ♪ ♪ And we’ll catch that dream together someday soon ♪ ♪ We’re rising like the moon ♪ ♫ [engine hums] [Weiss on comm]: You’re joking, right?
You want to fight this thing? We’ve fought giant monsters before,
this is just a tiny old lady. With one very big robot. [Cordovin]: You little spider-roaches thought you could creep your way into Atlas? Well, let’s see how your resolve holds out against the might of the Atlesian military. [whirring] [Cordovin growls] So be it! [whirring] Dive! [Oscar]: That was close. We need to figure out how to stop Cordovin, and protect the airship until we do. Then let’s give her more targets to focus on. You mean us, don’t you? Look at that thing, its not designed for small enemies. Its probably meant for giant Grimm that come in from deeper waters. We can turn our size into an advantage. We just have to be smart. Maria, can you keep the ship out of harm’s way? They can take my driver’s license,
but I won’t let them take this ship. [Ren]: Very reassuring. I’ll be more useful if I go with her. From up high I can try and spot a weakness. He’s not the only one who can grab a bird’s eye view. You said you needed me on the ground? Not exactly. [gunshot] [growls] Let’s go! [Jaune]: Hey, over here! [Cordovin]: What?! And you said it wasn’t beach season. [Cordovin laughs] Surely you knew Atlas was the father of hard-light dust? Or do lesser kingdoms simply lack proper education? Cordo just activated shields. Saw that. We need to find whatever’s generating it. [Ruby]: You know, in video games, the weak spot’s usually on the back of the giant boss. [Wiess]: Ruby, this isn’t a game. [Ruby]: I’m just trying to– Look out! [Cordovin]: You are ants! You are lower than ants! What was that?! Until the shield’s down, we’re gonna have to get
up close and personal with this thing. [gunshots] [gasp] [Ren]: That’s easier said than done! [Ruby]: Weiss and I are on it. Hold on! [Cordovin yells] Wait, that’s it, when she… [gasp] Ruby, move! [cheering] [Cordovin screams] [Jaune]: Go! Get off of me! [gasp] [Ruby screams] Ha. -What if I hadn’t caught you? -I knew you would. [sighs] Huh? [screams] Gotcha. What’d you find? Well, alright then. [gunshots] No, no no! You get back here with MY man! Jump on. [Cordovin]: I’ve had enough of you ingrates. [Jaune grunts] [gasping] No! [all scream] [Ruby screams] [Cordovin]: This is what happens when you think you know better than those rightfully in charge. We gotta do something. Hmm. Calavera. [blades clanging] [distant explosion] Can you do anything besides run? [gasps] I wouldn’t have to be doing this if you’d just behave! But you’re selfish! You’re a coward! -You’re delusional. People hurt me long before we met. All sorts of people In all sorts of ways. But no one hurt me quite like you. You didn’t leave scars You just left me alone. [revving] [Adam]: So, tell me Blake How does it feel to be alone? [yells] I’m not alone. You. [cocks] Yang.. [groans] Its okay. Catch your breath for a second. I can hold him off. [Adam]: She’s right, Blake, its okay. We have, unfinished business. [gasp] His Semblance is like yours He absorbs energy through his sword, stores it up and then sends it back when hes ready. He gets to dish out damage without having to feel it? That’s just cheap. [growls] YANG! [Yang]: Leave. Us. Alone. This is your last chance. [rattling] [chuckles] Do you really believe that? Or are you just trying to scare me away so you won’t have to die trying to protect her? [Blake]: She’s not protecting me, Adam. And I’m not protecting her. We’re protecting each other. Thanks for watching that awesome episode of RWBY If you’re all caught up you can watch the latest season on There’s also a ton of great content on this The RT animation Youtube channel go ahead and click this video Over here to watch more. And subscribe so you can keep being updated on all the new RT animation stuff coming out And if you wanna make sure you get all the information go ahead and ring that bell

100 thoughts on “RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 11: The Lady in the Shoe”

  1. 14:10
    Blake: she's not protecting me, Adam and I'm not protecting her. We'll protect each other.
    Me: hmmmm yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

  2. Shes not protecting me. And im not protecting her. We are protecting each other!

    Soooo…. you are protecting her and shes protecting you? Wait let me get the chart ill figure this out

  3. "You didn't just leave scars, you just left me alone."

    Wow. Adam really thinks Blake leaving him is justification for trying to kill her here? Blake left him for a reason that he's literally and figuratively half-blind to see.

  4. I like the different fighting styles of Adam here.. when he fights Blake he is not so serious when he fights Yang. As soon as fighting Yang he goes full power and he means it sooooooooo fucking serious to get her down.

    He really really hates Yang and what she means to Blake. 🙂

  5. this is it, this is the episode the series fucking died as a story told by Monty Oum and began being told by horny shit lord fan boys and hack writers.

    and none of you fucking care it got this bad or it bled this long.

    You all sicken me.

  6. I know this sounds dumb but I want a kid in Rwby to have the same powers of the nomad of nowhere or like it actually him And he helps

  7. 13:57 the Yang's hand shaking is a realistic detail that many fights have to include… so amazing

  8. I wonder how Sun will react to the whole Yang and Blake thing. Because if they give him the unrealistic bullshit reaction of "Oh, it no problem, no biggie. I mean it's not like I helped you with your personal biz and shit, not to mention you gave me an exceptional goodbye kiss on the cheek." It better be the, "When did this happen?" Or "So what am I to you? Like I almost lost my life trying to help you and stuff. And all Yang lost was a limb that which was replaced by Atlas tech."

    Also, How, in the name of the God of light, did Yang's robot arm not get blow off from Adam's attack? You know the same attack that cut her real arm off in volume 3.

  9. So… Misappropriation of Atlisian Military property for personal reasons. Opening fire on combined operations personel (Qrow). Utilisation of Letal force (How can that monstrosity be anything but?) against an Atlisian citizen without due cause (Weiss). Cordovin's carrer is over…

  10. Bumblebee just feels dumb. You created bumblebee cause people wanted to ship them… but people want to ship anything. Yang and Blake literally have nothing in common but the struggle to protect others. Blake comes back and feels bad for only leaving Yang. That is not a good relationship drive cause if it was what keeps Weiss from getting with her. you should really just keep her with Son. He was actually there for her and likes her. They have a relationship drive. These two don't whatsoever. Like I said, just cause she was gone and comes back doesn't mean it only affects yang making it a relationship drive… cause then Blake can literally get with heck Jaune, Weiss or literally anyone else… don't continue that relationship. It feels crammed in there for stupid fan fare

  11. It's a great fight. But i'm always annoyed when everyone suddenly puts stuff together and saying they're canon. I mean It looks like they may be building towards Bumbleby but who really knows, But i'm not going to be prepared for How the fandom is going to react if it does. Probably like an explosion. But seriously Is RWBY really being watched just for ships now?

  12. Not really a fan of how they're handling Yang, Blake and Adam's story, but the animation is absolutely insane. I love it!

  13. Everyone: Adam and Blake COULD have been something good, he could have redeemed himself, maybe not dating, but atleast frien-
    This episode: So back to what i was SAYING

  14. You were too good for this world Adam. At least fanfictions and rewrites are your heaven.
    May the high leader of the White Fang Rest in Peace.

  15. First Volume, Chapter 4: "Well, not together together! That would just be weird"
    Sixth Volume, Chapter 11: "YOU GET BACK HERE WITH MY MAN!"

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