Salewa Men’s Alp Flow Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Salewa Men’s Alp Flow Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Offering flexibility, support and an innovative
Gore-Tex surround technology, the Salewa men’s Alp Flow Mid GTX is a trail worthy option
for hikers and backpackers. Let’s take a look at its features. Starting with the upper we have got a hybrid
nubuck leather and ballistic mesh design. So you have got nice durability with the nubuck
on the top and it is stitched in to this ballis-tic mesh and rubber bottom here. You can see there
is really nice perforation along the bottom. It is going to allow for really good breathability.
And even some of that nubuck leather is perforated as well. We have got an asymmetric to the toe lacing
system to really dial in the fit. It is going to provide multiple options for different
types of feet. So no matter if you are narrow or wide footed, if you have high volume or
low volume, you will get a really nice fit with these laces. Under this material there is a Gore-Tex surround
technology and that is kind of the big story with this boot. The Gore-Tex surround is a
fully waterproof, breathable membrane that is a 360 degree system. So it provides breathability
throughout the entire foot, not just the top, but also the bottom. This venting on the side
here kind of acts like a bellows system. So every time you step it is going to force warm
air out of these ports here. So it is a really nice system. There is actually a spacer underneath
that allows for that warm air to escape the bottom of the foot as well as the top and
the sides and pretty much 360 de-grees of breathability. So these shoes and this Gore-Tex
surround are going to offer a much better breathability than some other types of waterproof
footwear you might find. Some other features on the upper here are
a 3F anatomical shaping. It is designed to work with the asymmetry of the foot to provide
an optimum fit. It is going to reduce movement and reduce rubbing so there is less of a chance
that you will get a blister while wearing the Salewa shoes here. There is also a Y shaped wire that is integrated
into the heel and up into the lacing system of this boot. So when you tie up and snug
the laces, you are going to really lock in the heel and it is going to provide a really
nice, sturdy hold in the boot. You have also got some nice ankle support here. It is also
somewhat flexible. So it is going to offer you freedom of movement, but it is going to
keep your foot nicely supported when you are on those really rocky or really off camber
trails. So you will feel nice and supported and comfortable without your movement being
restricted. So nice features going on in the upper of the Alp Flow. Moving down to the midsole we have got a mid-stiff
midsole. So in the heel we have got a nice cushioned feel here. So it is going to offer
a lot of shock absorption and just overall comfort. And we have got some nylon inside
the midsole which is going to provide some stiffness, protection from rocks and sharp
objects, but also flexibility where you need it. So really good midsole there that is going
to provide good cushion, but also good sup-port. And going down to the bottom we have got our
Vibram outsole. It is a Vibram hiking out sole with a Megagrip compound. So it is going
to give you an optimum mix of flexibility and durability and traction on the trails.
And you can see there are some nice lugs there. It has got really good grip, you know, directional
traction. And there is a nice little climbing zone in the front. So in the event that you
get off trail and you are scrambling over rocks or talus fields, you have got a nice
toe portion there that is going to allow for good grip on smoother rock surfaces. So there you have it. It is the Salewa men’s
Alp Flow Mid GTX, a durable, highly breathable piece of footwear for hiking and backpacking.

9 thoughts on “Salewa Men’s Alp Flow Mid GTX Hiking Boot”

  1. opinions on these vs the Mountain Trainers? Pros and cons…I just ordered the Mountain Trainers..just curious to hear your opinions…I have the Alpine Trainers and I love them…I wear them in Iraq…and they breath really well..have had them for 2 years now and still looking good….Just wondering if I should have bought these vice the Mountain Trainers….any input is greatly appreciated.

  2. The breathability on these is untouchable. These are my daily boots. If they were a touch wider in the toe box, they'd be a 10/10.

  3. Just ordered these – Not impressed….. Being over 200# will make you feel every little rock whatsoever. The soles flex in every direction including downward like a water sandal.. The soles also make a squishy noise.. Not much support in the ankle area & the heel feels like its short in height for cupping your heel & but,,,, The upper fits nice however it flexes / stretches outward with each step.

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