a lot of compliments and I wore them all
night until someone said you look like your feet are hurting hi everyone
welcome to my channel if you’re new here my name is Nancy tigress and if you’re
already subscribed to me and you’ve seen me before
thank you for coming back guys make sure you subscribe to my channel make sure
you make sure you subscribe to my channel I want to see you guys we are
growing more and more now and I’m pretty excited so today’s video I am doing a
closet video and I am doing a shoe one I’m gonna show these shoes and if you
haven’t watched my JustFab video just make sure you go check it out because
these are once again JustFab shoes these are probably the last pairs that I’m
going to get for a while because I closed my account so if you guys want to
go check it out do that these shoes are so freaking beautiful these boots I
should say they are so beautiful the only thing I’m not sure about is a peep
toe because when you’re wearing boots for some reason your feet can get kind
of warm and if you have a peep toe and you have to wear no socks so you know
what I mean so it’s like I never know how I feel about these ever the boots
that I have with Peto I don’t wear them that much we have to wear the one it’s
not too cold not too hot and so on so forth
and I don’t know there’s something about wearing no socks in a boot that’s like
weird but they are so beautiful I just have to get them and I guess I will
figure it out I guess now would be a good time because now the temperature is
uhm its automn uh it’s spring right now sorry it’s spring so it’s like hot cool sort
of thing so that would be perfect they are velvet they are black velvet and the
lace is satin. so beautiful look at that they are high I’m wearing yoga
pants so I don’t know how this is gonna look but let’s do it I am going to put
them on the zipper is us there’s a short zipper it’s not a full zipper woo inside
inside okay but it is a soft I mean I’m like whoa it’s very soft inside even
though not when I thought it was I thought at
first it was like the okay let’s see I’m so excited okay oh they’re so comfortable my feet
in there is so comfortable I don’t know why it feels soft
it really feels soft okay this is way too long I don’t know I think I’m gonna
make a knot I don’t want to step on it why are they giving me so much lace like
okay oh my gosh they’re so comfortable holy moly they are high Wow they’re
comfortable um did I get it blink five again I’m gonna check that because I
feel like they are bigger than the usual shows that I got oh my gosh they are so
comfortable these would look so good with jeans so guys make sure you follow
me because I will do a style video coming up for some reason I feel like
they look they are big so I think I might have to type them more to make him
more fitted to my pants I will see when I watch this footage what it looks like
how do you guys like these oh my gosh they are so comfortable and the height
it’s high but it’s not I don’t know I feel like I would be able to walk with
these I would definitely go grocery shopping I would definitely go to the
restaurant to a bar I would definitely walk with these a lot the only thing I
think is maybe the bottom here I think I would try and figure out something to
put on under because although they are comfortable this part right here I
filled with hurt after a while depending I’ll actually know what
they’re better I think it depends how I place my feet yeah I might put something
in the bottom because they are hard in the bottom so what I’m saying about
these boots is I would probably have to wear them I would probably have to wear
them for a little while before I’d be able to yeah cuz I mean right now they
are amazing they feel amazing but I haven’t actually worn them for a long
time make sure you watch my other closet videos ok guys so it’s been
we’re summer right now so it’s been a few months and as promised I’ve put them
on so if you check my Instagram you can see a picture I’m wearing these boots
with a dress and the thing and I’m standing up like this go check my
Instagram so this is what I’ve done with them I’ve actually wrapped the whole
thing around to make it tighter they looked really good like that I’ve got a
lot of compliments at the party where I was wearing them a lot of compliments
and I wore them all night until someone said you look like your feet are hurting
take them off you’re in the house you can stop okay
we’ve seen you we’ve seen it take them off and I did so they were really
comfortable but for some reason I feel like there was something in there let me
just put my hands yeah there you go so I don’t know if you see right here you see
that it’s dark black and then it’s like another color well this here it’s not
how could I say this is the black and then the beige is over like that so when
you spend a whole night on that as much as this thin it hurts okay so yes if you
I love them but after a few hours in them I took them off this here was
painful that thing that I was saying I think it was here yeah and they have
like a little thing in it I mean they were good for a while a long time but I
noticed that they were higher than I thought after a while I was starting to
walk like it tippy toad not as like fancy as like when I started
and I did start to have a little pain under my feet so if you’re going to wear
them for a long time get something under to help with your foot with the pain and
if you’re not wearing them for a long time then they’re perfect so I’m gonna
do my outro from here since like I just did this so thank you guys for watching
I hope you enjoyed my video make sure you hit the subscribe button and the
like button and the Bell notifications make sure you check my patreon and all
my social media will all be linked down below also my eBay store cuz I’m selling
some clothes since Poshmark is not in Canada yet I use eBay I will be adding
more stuff cuz I don’t have that much but anyways I hope to see you in my next
video bye for now alright on the 5


  1. While high heeled boots aren’t my style i love watching your videos because of your excitement about everything you do! Always nice when a new video comes from Ms. Nancy!

  2. Hello Friend how are you? I greet you from Argentina and believe that I like the video of your boots very much, they look very beautiful and you look great! They are also very well combined with the clothes you wear! Friend, I wanted to ask you a question, can those boots be worn without socks? Are you comfortable using them like that? you use them in the video without socks? bone your bare feet? It would be super cool if you made a video tutorial of your boots and shows how you put them on and talk about them, it would be very useful. I hope you like my suggestion and that you take it for good! Greetings and congratulations for everything you do! it's very cool!

  3. Great video…great lady !! I'd love to see you struggle out of those boots. Do you ever use your pretty toes to pry your boots off? Do you have any rubber rain boots? Thanks

  4. It was impressive to hear you say you would go shopping in those high heel boots, I rarely see women doing shopping in boots like those. You wear them well and rock them well, they look very nice on you!

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