Shoe Haul for Wide Feet | Big & Flat Feet | US 10/UK 8 | Summer Shoe Collection

Shoe Haul for Wide Feet | Big & Flat Feet | US 10/UK 8 | Summer Shoe Collection

hey this is chanel so better known as shegella thank you guys so much for tuning in today I'm going to show you some sandals that I picked up from Sibley beat this video is not sponsored I repeat this video is not sponsored I purchased all of these sandals with my own money but I really loved how they fit I love how they they really come accommodating from my wife's lat and big feet I just wanted to share this video for you I know my channel for darling for plus-sized women a plus-size fashion but this video is for everybody because not only do plus-sized women have big wide flat see someone with are smaller some straight size or maybe average-sized women have big flat or yc2 so I wanted to do this video I think simply be has to fit they have Y and then they have a double wide I'm wearing the double wide I'll include the link to all these shoes as well as the link to the sizing chart is like cameras definitely the website but I'm pretty sure they have to fits the wives extra wide and I got them an extra wide because my feet are huge it's their size 10 they're super wide and they're also super flat so let me just get into my favorite pair probably which is the gold gladiators I want them today for the first time I wore them to arms just to do some shopping with my mom I got these in a size 10 I got all these in a size 10 which is an 8 in the UK size it's a size 8 UK or 10 US this is what they look like of course I'll help to try on they have a knife um all gold color and they go back into the brown one because they come in multiple colors again it just really accommodates my wife sees the shipping from simply be is pretty fast the Virgin Islands I think it takes sometimes a week or two which is kind of standard sometimes I can take more if you live in the u.s. AFD sure it will come in just a few days but it's going to say that this is what these look they're really cute they have shoes or boots flat heels whatever but these are just the ones that I bought again there's they have a whole bunch of stuff the next two are these heels again as I said beginning I don't wear heels because because they're chunky and as well as they are why I feel like they accommodate my foot more than any other sharpie here that I've ever had and look how long the strap is so it really accommodates a wide ankle I also have wide angle like a lot of big women do or tend to have so this is what these look like it's a pretty boot I think the blue is sold out in the size 10 u.s. but they have other colors and they may restock them I'm not sure but this is what these look like it's a suede material I think the heel is about two and a half inches but they're not super tall so it's a really good height for those of us who don't really wear heels we want to have some really cute you know a really cute often when I'm just you know go outside our comfort zones I think this will look really nice with jeans but also look really nice with an off-the-shoulder Sloane stress I have an orange one that I hauled recently you can definitely click right here to see that dress where I'm going to wear that dress with these shoes I don't want to says I have a previous video on where you can get shoes for wide feet I did not exclusively be in that video because I wasn't aware of thing creepy I've only know about them to be really for the last year so I wouldn't come a link to that video and tells you about other stores where I get my shoes next up is another pair of heels because I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and if these wrap around healed they will definitely look better on they have a chunky here because I need a chunky heel I mean I am I am a big gal so I need to have a chunky heel but they also have to let open all types us up in the website but this is just these are just the shoes that I chose again they're a 10 or 8 UK at 10 USA and it's a pretty round I think a little bit with a lot of things again they wrap around and they're just really cute I don't feel wobbly there they're about 25 inches again so not super super high just enough for me I know some people for them not to be healed but for me nothing of my way of living these are perfect height for me another pair is these I don't know the name of these with their rust color it's what they look like again it kind of straps we look with that thin strap at the front usually I don't like these because they all make my feet look wide because it's a bit thicker and the widest of the shoe is also wider I also have a pretty when I tried all these shoes for like you know average sized feet every size width I thought I always look crazy but though these look great on me I think they're just a nice height for walking around the summertime you know these to me are more like dress-up I'll wear these for nice outing swabbies are more like everyday he'll for me so I'm super cool it's a rough color which is really unique so I really like those so the next pair of shoes actually almost sold out maybe they're not completely sold out so I'll definitely submit them below by guppies a while ago and I didn't have you know other things to halt I didn't want to just haul two shoes but if these gladiators and they have studs on them they're super cute this is what they look like I've worn these before I taught them for a few months at this point this is what they look like I also got them in the last for these are those of the nudes but I also got them in the black and this is what the black looks like the black is definitely guy more worn I will include pictures of me wearing the black ones because I've worn them you can also of course see the hall but I love these I love that they're super wide on my feet they don't miss my feet look like they're just like you know coming out of that because they're so big I definitely recommend simply be and I recommend I wish these were not sold out because they're super cute but if you can get your hands on something similar I would definitely recommend it I'll try and find a similar pair put it in the description box I think simply be just a really good place to find shoes again if you're if you don't have supervise you like I do they have shoes for just regular white feet and you don't have to be plus-sized to shelf assembly be you can shop simply for the shoes if you just have white feet is it nothing to be phenomenally for plus-sized women is a good place for anybody to go and they just have different colors if I styled different bits or whips or whatever like I just love simply be I got all of these shoes for $25 each they always have coupons all the top sales and that's when I shop so I definitely recommend checking it out again this is not sponsored I could just really enjoy mushrooms and I can't wait to buy more I'm definitely I definitely have my eye on a few more that I want to pick up so that's it let me know where you shop for your white shoes if you have a place that you recommend definitely leave it in the description box and we will all appreciate it if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up so I can know you like this video if you want to see more shoe hauls let me know I need your feedback that's the only way I'm gonna give you videos that you want to see that's it for now and you guys supposed to watch it and I love you bye guys

41 thoughts on “Shoe Haul for Wide Feet | Big & Flat Feet | US 10/UK 8 | Summer Shoe Collection”

  1. Hey… I stay in india and its very difficult to get weeding footwear… That's y i never attended weddings. Thanks to u… Now i can

  2. Everything you wear compliments your beautiful wife feet. Your feet are perfect I'd kiss em if you were my girlfriend or wife.

  3. Torrid has some good options that fit me well. Or Ferresi if you want a high end pair of shoes in wide width

  4. I wish the website included bigger sizes. I’m a big girl with huge feet and it is hard to find women’s shoes bigger that 11. These shoes look so good on you and I checked the website, the shoes are also affordable. Too bad I can’t wear any of the shoes because my feet are too big

  5. At nearly the middle of the video (4:28), you are wearing a relatively light brown sandals with straps around your ankles. The sandals make the meaty feet, specially the bottom (the heels) stand out. As you raise your right meaty heel, an indescribable, adorable, cute, beautiful and very interesting circular shape can be seen on your meaty heel. Your meaty heels must be wet, slippery and very sticky, along with the rest of the bottom of your feet. It seems like you must have just come out of the shower. It absolutely and greatly brings an indescribable feeling all over you. It makes you feel like you want to just touch them and just feel them. Without a doubt, one would most certainly love to touch the bottom of your feet and feel the wetness, slipperiness & stickiness (specially the meaty heels and the circular shape). The question is has that ever happened, with or without permission, or when can that ever happen, or may anyone just do it? Would you allow anyone to do it even once or would it be alright for anyone to do it even once in a very surprising way, as your right or left meaty heel is raised or both meaty heels are raised? Also, the meaty bottom of your feet (heels) probably even make a relatively loud or big sound, specially when they completely stick to your sandals (as you take a step forward). The sound cannot be heard in the video; although, the meaty sound would have been indescribable, adorable, cute, beautiful and very interesting.

  6. Thank you for sharing have wanted shoes with ankle strap have big legs and was afraid they would not fit, now i might try a pair

  7. Very glad I’m not along! I wear a very wide women’s size 12, such a nightmare buying shoes, I end up just buying men’s shoes 😭. Just to ad to the challenge I’ve had ankle reconstruction surgery on both

  8. +SheRea DelSol what is your exact size in the shoes? Like are you a 10 E, a 10 EE? I’m trying to compare sizes

  9. U displayed some very nice shoes. The best 1's I like on your feet, are the gladiators! Plus size women, always turned on the lights inside me from love 2 fetishes! Do you like foot attention? I would like 2 see more videos of you trying on more shoes, swim suits, and dresses. Oh, I do like your wide feet!

  10. Are your feet in pain after wearing those shoes ? I have no arch so it’s murderation and bad mindedness when I wear the wrong shoes .

  11. Thank you for this video…Ive tried pinterest, google, insta, you name it….finally a place for these 11Wide with cankles lol …thanks girl, you are beautiful!  Any suggestions for a dressy shoe style worn with a pencil skirt???

  12. Merci, j'adore.
    Houaaa,les pieds des Black, quelle pieds.
    Lâche rien.
    Tes pieds sont très sexy.💋
    C'EST comme ceux de mon cœur d'amour…
    Vive les rondeurs,et la différence

  13. Thank you so much for this video and information. This is a life struggle that I've had. Please keep sharing this type of info.

  14. My feet wide I can't wear shoes that I want to get my big toe like they sitting on 24's 😂😂😂but thank u for ur channel I'm going to subscribe to ur channel 👏👏👍

  15. Thanks for doing this, my feet looks exactly like this and even longer cause i am 11-12 wide width. I have hell finding shoes here in the Caribbean and I am scared to order

  16. Can you do a video on how you dyed your hair. Or anything you can share about your new hair color?. Btw, it is BOMB! I ❤❤❤❤❤❤IT!

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